Sunday, July 28, 2013

New camera

First "food" picture with the new Sony.  This is the El Mexicana breakfast at El Rancho.  About a half mile from the house.

We ran into this couple at the cafe.  They are also Yuma Winter Visitors, and participate in several of the Musical Jams around the city.

A nice afternoon ride out to Crazy Horse Store.  My usual, a Spicy V8.

Kenny and I both rode the XT's

It's an interesting place. There are chairs outside to sit and visit

I'm surprised someone hasn't stolen this old phone sign

Herdin' rattlesnakes!  Did a little dirt riding on the way home.  From here we made a 9 mile detour through a very nice residential area, then a small dirt road that came out just North of the street we live on.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Last Solvang and some Kingman

Zaki, from Switzerland.  A volleyball player and coach. Cousin of Petar, a new vroc member that lives in Santa Barbara, CA

Zakispeaks no English, but it was fun to have her and Petar at the Solvang rally

Saturday afternoon.  Ray and Sue from San Diego.  Some are packing up to head home in the morning

Home now, in Kingman.  Federico's, a mexican cafe near our house had this facebook special.  Anything you wanted stuffed to make a 14 inch taco!  Cost was $4.50.  Not a bad deal of the day

Carl's new 4 seater quad.  He picked us up at 6:45 AM and we headed for the desert for a shake down ride.  It's a lot of fun!

After owning this beautiful '52 Chevy truck for the last 3 months, I decided I'd rather have the room in my garage, and less worry about owning a show vehicle. So, this is the new owner.

Nice to see the back garage ready to be reorganized into a Motorcycle Vault again!

There she goes!  On the way to Casa Grande, AZ

The bikes can breathe easy again

Sunday, July 21, 2013

21 July Solvang to Kingman

The pool and hot tub at the Solvang Inn and Cottages where we stayed

The stork brings good luck.  The wood on the roof is similar construction that you would see in Denmark

This has been the Kaw Pasture for the last 3 years. We hope to be here again next year

They don't open until 7 AM on Sundays.  We'll wait

Next door is a good place to eat. But, the motel gives us free coffee, milk and pastries at Olsens Danish Bakery

We usually eat here at least once during the rally

Skid and Sandy are anxious to get on the road. But we wait patiently for 7 o'clock

There is a couple that attended the rally that will know exactly where this is!  :-)

Last picture of the trip.  This is North of Los Angeles.  Not far from Fillmore where James and Cat live.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday at the Solvang rally

Was blown away by all the changes in this little beach town that I lived in 50 years ago!  I was the Eng. Petty Officer out at San Luis Obispo Light Station.  This is how a busy tourist town, with all the modern things.  Half a Century can sure make a difference.

Motorcycle parking didn't hole all of us, but we managed to get the others close.  After Bill and Ray rode around the block several times.

Madonna Inn.  A nice waterfall in the men's room.  The water starts flowing when you stand close enough to trigger the switch with a photocell.

Large shells are used for the sinks.  I first saw this facility back in 1962.  It was very elegant then, and hasn't changed much inside.

Lots of dark wood carvings throughout the place

Several dining areas, this is a dance floor

Because of the bright light from outside sunshine, pictures were hard to take

Cozy little fireplace for Winter days

Surprisingly, it's been a long time since that sign has been upgraded

Now we're on the edge between Pismo Beach and Grover City Beach.  Cat and Jim chose Mongo's for the Saturday night clam chowder feed.  Since we were all seeing different things, it ended up being 3 different groups eating a different times. The food was GREAT!  A good plan that worked out for everyone.

A warm day, but the Marine Layer hung close to the beach most of the day,

Mongo's is a large club.  3 dining areas, big dance floor and stage.  The bar is separate, but adjoins  one of the dining areas.  The service was good and friendly

Skid with ONE QUARTER of his sandwich.  Portions were generous!

Different camera.  Back at Avila Beach.  When I lived here, there was just a one lane road, a few bars, one grocery store, and that was about it.

In 1962 if there was 5 or 6 people on the beach, it was a crowd

I waxed nostalgic all morning after seeing this

If only the old 4 man crew from the Light House back in 1962 could see this!  And some of the shop keepers from back then................
The town is only about 3 long blocks long, but they have packed a lot of things into it

In door and out door artisan shops. This design is in the wide sidewalk

Somewhere in this block, is where the "nice" bar used to be.  It was called "Barbara's By the Sea".  Long gone

This used to be a small market with wooden floors. In the back corner was the Post office, where us Locals came to get out mail out of little "cubby holes".  Since we were a Government agency, our box was on the bottom shelf and was a little larger than the other private ones :-)

On this corner, was a small wooden house that had been converted into a Beach Bar and grill.  Only sat about 10 people total.  It was called Frenchy's.  That was sometimes the lunch stop for which ever one of the 4 men that lived at the lighthouse came to get our mail.  It was a family station.  2 very comfortable Duplex homes housed our families out at Point San Luis Obispo, just to the North of town.  There was no road.  You walked,  or for household items and groceries, we had a boat that we took from the 3rd pier

Prices were high!   But.  We're in California, EVERYTHING is expensive!

Jonee, this one's for you :-)

I'm wondering if any of our old crew has come back to see this.  

Old VROC riders look a little out of place among the the upscale young yuppies!

Except for Sandy, she fits right in

Russ and Ray

The line up.  We walked out a ways on on the first pier

I'll finish this when we get back to Kingman.  We're ready to go for the fresh Danish and coffees to go.  Skid and Sandy will be heading back to Canada, after a night with us and a visit with the Forees in Holbrook.
The 3rd pier.  This used to be a fish buying location, the fish were iced down and left out of here on trucks several times a day to a processing plant down near Santa Barbara

Now a restaurant, and some vendors inside, this was pretty much open, and is where we parked our private vehicles.  Thee was an apartment with a big kitchen where the person in charge out here lived.  It was mostly a party and eating place for the fisherman

This side was open, and where the restaurant is was the parking lot inside the building

There is some construction workin going on now, probably will look different again soon

That's Coast Guard Beach over there.  When the Light House was manned, thee was a pier that went out far enough to deep water to lower a boat. Thee was a crane powered by a small Buda Diesel that we used to lower and raise the boat.  It's how we got groceries, household items and families back and forth.  There was no road, only a narrrow, steep, walking trail to get out to the lighthouse

End of the 3rd pier

This is as far as Skid and Sandy got, then they turned around to get back to the parking lot.  I had to spend some time letting this all soak in ard recall old memories

There are stairs there that go down to a small landing.  It's where we left our boat when we went to town for mail or groceries.

different camera.  Inside the Madonna Inn

Ray Mitchell.  We're taking a wlld down to the Beach in Grover City

Captain Hook......he lost it!

This smelled wonderful!  A large catered dinner for some group or family

Skid getting some pictures

California Ice Plant

Skid, Sandy and Ray

Zate, Petar, James and Cat arrive

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Ed was with them too

A geranium next to where we were loading the bikes into Skids Trailer