Saturday, April 30, 2011

Near Richardson Grove in Humboldt County, California

It's been a nice day driving up Hwy 101.  Windy and chilly, but very beautiful.

We're in Bigfoot Country!

Eagle's nest on a Redwood stump

A fun gift shop along the Highway

Yeah.  Big Feet

A California Redwood Logger. 

Chainsaw art.  These figures are made right here while people watch.

Not much room to park!

Needed to keep an eye out for Bigfoot crossing

Eureka, California.  All the stations were right in this area of gas prices.  We waited until we got to Brooking, OR to fill up.  Cost $117 and we weren't even empty!  It was an expensive trip home!

That's my yellow Deuce at the Hwy 101 HD shop on Saturday morning. Cold and windy, and a few sprinkles.  The owner is leading a ride , little over a hundred miles total, and is paying for lunch in a Pizza parlor up in Florence, OR

The Elk viewing parking lot on Hwy 38 just East of Reedsport.  There were over 70 bikes total that made the ride, and around 100 people. Free food will bring them out, even when it's in the 40 degree range.  Actually, got up to 54 by mid afternoon

The little group of Retreads I rode with today.  Ralph, Claude, Paul, and Jerry.

Inside Abby's Pizza.  Everyone had plenty to eat and drink, all on Al, the owner of the local Harley Shop

I almost didn't make the ride.  The Deuce has a factory security system, and, it's been 6 months since I've seen the bike.  Couldn't remember how to disarm the alarm.  Finally got it by accident using the key fob.

Paul Anderson.  Our "token" vroc member and Vulcan rider.

The oil dipstick and cap on my bike.  Looks "retro" HD. :-)

Ralph's Sportster.  This bike has a lot of good miles on it!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The road to Coos Bay

 28 April 11.  Howard Sublow.  We just had a fine meal at the Black Bear Diner in Rohnert Park, CA.  And, a good visit.

 Howard just graduatied from the "Skid School of Motorcycle Detailing"  :-)
Pretty flower outside the Diner.  Now it's time to get back to Santa Rosa and load up the XT behind the Minnie, we'll be heading home tomorrow.

 April 26th.  The Easter Bunny got lost on the way home.  He spent the night in the same RV park with us.

 Bill "Cranky" Snodgrass rode his bike over to Los Banos to join us for lunch.  Good seeing Bill!

Pat, Linda, Cranky and VSP.  Linda and Don have been friends since grammar school.  I think she started school when she was about 3 years old, and Don was a teenager :-)

 Don has eaten here many times, he knows the system real well.  You don't go hungry in the Wool Growers!

 Lunch comes with a "bottomless" jug of wine.  Very tasty stuff.  Linda thought it may have been made in the bathtub in the kitchen.

 Sort of like Sturgis, you have to be here to really experience it.  Description doesn't do it justice.

Yikes!  This looks like a pigs foot!

These are  our left over lamb chops.  The meal started with fresh bread, then homemade soup, some Basque beans, a nice lettuce salad with excellent dressing.. and a platter of French fries.  Soon came out 2 different flavors of tender pigs feet.  Then a large bowl of Lamb stew.  All this was followed by the entrees.  Pat and I both had the lamb chops.  Cranky had pork chops.  Linda had the lamb chops too, and Don had half a chicken.  Along with all the wine you wanted, they had ice cream for dessert.  Not a bad snack of lunch :-)

Packing up the left over entrees to take with us.  You weren't allowed to take the "all you can eat" sides.

Pat's mother, Pauline.  We're here in Santa Rosa for a couple days to visit with her.  She looks the same as she did on her 100th birthday!  We surprised her, she didn't know we were coming.  She had just polished of a large dinner.

Easter Sunday 2011.   We didn't take many pictures today.  Had a terrible head wind, was all over the highway.  Peggy Sue's is on The Mother Road, Route 66 in Daggett, California.  We went on by and spent the night in a flying J at Barstow.  It was a good evening and  really a good day.  Just too much wind. :-)

California doesn't have a lot of Rest Area's still open, but the ones they do have are spotlessly clean!  Was impressed with this one on I-5 heading North

Phones and GOOD water at the Rest Area

Nice Green lawns too!  They have several picnic tables that no one was using

Most of them have free dump stations

And nice trees

Skid's new Class A, pulling a Esclade pickup

Our home for the night in Santa Nella.  A nice little RV park

There's a McDonalds over there across the street!  We did move to this spot, since the WiFi was better over there
This grove of Eucalyptus would make a Panda Bear very happy!
Several trunks grew together, making this a very big tree.

Julie enjoyed having her own lawn

This McDonalds is one of VSP's destinations when he rides the back roads down here for his early morning "Senior" coffee

The picture doesn't really do it justice, but this is one HUGE Eucalyptus tree!

 This Hotel  Del Oro used to be a Ramada Inn.  I've stayed here several times on bike trips, about 600 miles from Coos Bay, so it was a good first night stop.  Now that I've discovered VSP's couch, I haven't been here at the motel

This is the Park we're in tonight.  A very nice place!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Almost Ghost town, Chloride

"Yeller Rose of Texas" at the Kingman house

My destination, as well as the Cliff Murals.

One of the Gift shops in Chloride, AZ

This used to be the only gas station in town.  Did a booming business with the miners.

The Old Red House

All you need to know about directions

Pat and I ate Christmas diner here once.  When we came out, it was dark and there was an inch of snow on the ground!

The Desert Riders had brunch at Yesterday's Today.  

One of the volunteers at the old town.  Nice guy!

You can buy stuff here, just not a lot of stuff 

Where the action is!

Empty street at Old Town

Inside one of the old houses...This was the living room

Family/Dining room


The one bedrooom

Where the bad guys stay

Ladies of the Day...and Night


Kirk Slack.  We met Kirk at Hackberry store a couple days ago.  He's the proprietor of the Old Town. A motorcycle rider, and all round nice guy.  He also does video documentaries among other things.

Kick back on this porch and enjoy the buys city

Sign point to the murals.  The road is to steep and rough for a car.  But, the dirt bike did fine.

Just starting to look.   Here's a link to the artist.  Roy painted the murals in 1966.  There is a long story behind them.  He came back in 2006 for the 40th anniversary and renewed the paint.  They look great now!  If anyone is really interested, contact me and I'll have more information to add then. 

The painting cover a large area.  And, about a hundred or so yards away, there are some real ancient hieroglyphs.

Didn't have any trouble riding up the snarly road, but while walking around I lost my balance and fell down.  Didn't want to hurt the camera, so landed pretty hard.  Sore leg and arm now, but I'll live.  These are about 40 or so miles from Kingman.

There are places in town that can give you a lot of information about the paintings, but I was sort of in a hurry today, and will need to go back again to hear the story.  It's been a few years since I was told about this place, so don't want to give out facts that I may not remember correctly.

One of them most predominant paintings

Weather was perfect here today. Not to hot, like it can be, but around 76 degrees

Roy Purcell married a local girl from Chloride.  Her father drove school bus, and her mother was the Post Mistress.

This may be  Roy's wife, but I'm not sure...

I didn't climb around to get them all, just the easy ones to see

Some of the highest ones

An All Seeing Eye

From a different angle

Would be interesting to talk to Roy about his reasons for the paintings.  You can see him in his gallery, down near Tucson.

A chicken foot?


Looks like some of the real ones!

Almost done.. There are more, but I didn't post them all.  (I know, you're thinking, Thank Goodness!)

The little bike got me here in good shape.  It's fun to ride..Steep rocky road with lots of ruts and loose sand and gravel too.  I did good until I stopped to walk. :-)

I know, this is a repeat, but I'll leave it anyway

Was hard to decide which to post here

Up close to the rocks

This is what it looks like on the other side of the rock bluff where the paintings are

When I got back to Chloride the Wild Roses were in the middle of a shoot out

Not a big crowd, but they put on a good show anyway

A dead tourist that was used in the show

Hey!  Fall down, you're suppose to be dead..This lady was hollering at one of the other ladies :-)

So, this one turned around and shot her!

The cast of the Gun Fight

The red lady hugs one of the Harley riders for helping with the shoot out

I've been to a LOT of shoot outs in old western town, but this one had a lot of humor and was one of the best I've seen

Inside the Dead Ass Saloon

Not to be outdone, this is the Raggedy Ass Saloon

This modern day post office is still in business.  It's Saturday, and they were open!

At one time, this was THE bank in Chloride.  The walls are thick

Back on Highway 93, this is Grass Hopper Junction.  We're about 50 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada here.

Back in Kingman, Pat took a picture of our Little Julie resting while we watched the Nationwide Race from Lebanon, Tennessee.  It was another good day to ride!