Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mostly May 2015

Carl's nice quad.  We're doing some target practice.  The phone works even out here in the desert!

Facebook friends have seen most of these, but..for the blog watchers....:-) A traffic jam on the way back to Kingman.

This bike is for sale!  a nice oldie, but goodie.  Anyone interested, contact me.

The little girl.  We fostered from birth 2 puppies from a large litter that didn't have a mom available. They are ready to find homes now. Out of a litter of 11, 4 were kept locally, the rest went to a "no kill" shelter over near San Diego where they will find homes.

The big Kaw is an enjoyable ride. But, I'd like to sell it.

Check the feet.  Her babies stay very close to Pat

A "spur of the moment" trip to Gilbert, Arizona. Lanny rode over from Sun City West to be there for the big moment.  

Thanks to Tony D. for turning over his Arizona plate to me, and thanks to Stewey for the cool frame!

The Gas 'n Grub  in Truxton.  Hi Zack and Crystal!

Of course, a picture at Hackberry Store

Daughter Angie sent Mom's Day flowers.

A lazy old Turtle

Some SW art, a GPS, and the 34 oz. Mug are the first of several accessories to go on the CTX

Little Lulu.  We're fostering her at home until she finds a Forever Home.  6 years old.  A very quiet, sweet little girl.

Ed, Carl and I rode out to the West end of the Grand Canyon, then went down to a boat ramp on Lake Mead

Lulu's first bike ride,  Since this was taken, she has about  40 miles on the bike.

Out at the HALT (Help Animals Lives Today) property.  Pat feeding some old goats.

Lulu having a little nap in the truck

Thelma and Kenny. Getting a little bored waiting for food at the Luau in Golden Valley. It was worth the wait!  Great food and entertainment!  We'll go again next year if they put it on again.

These 5 houses are not far from where we live.   There was a new sub-division going in. Some utilities in, lots plotted. The models average around 2500 sq feet.  Then came 2008.  Probably never will be finished.

25 yards.  Standing (off hand) rapid fire. Glock 19, Gen 4. That's a 6 inch bullseye.

Another day, going to a different place to shoot

It's pretty out here

Saw my first Gila Monster in the wild out here today. About a foot long, maybe more. Very bright colored. Wanted a picture, but by the time we got stopped and I got the phone/camera out, he had hidden in the bushes

Lot of cactus flowers this year

Our good friend and riding companion Lanny.  He's on his big Beemer, headed for Alaska.  He left his home near Phoenix this morning early.  Gassed up and stopped in for a little snack.

Lanny bought this bike especially for the trip North..  He's done a LOT of personal modifications to make it better for a 2 month trip through some rough country. Even a special container for Bear Spray!

Our neighbor Kenny came over to say hello and goodbye.  We're rode out with him awhile.

I brought Lanny out to Crazy Horse Store, one of my favorite rides.  He's Headed toward the Lake Mead Recreational area to keep out of the Las Vegas traffic.

That is a HEAVY load.  If it ever falls over, he'll need 16 big truck drivers to help him get it up.  Keep your eyes open Roxy!

He's rollin'

North, to Alaska!

Dave and Romy drove down in the big Ford to Las Vegas to pick up his sister and her husband. They  are showing them some of the sites on Route 66.  Dave is checking out the CTX

The red and white corvette usually sits here.  The owner, John, is doing a little work on it, so they parked this old Studebaker here today.

Land Locked Salmon here in the desert

Dave, and his pretty sister Jill.

And his lovely wife Romy.  Just last week, they flew in to Palm Springs, rented a car and drove to Yuma. They got their motorcycles out of the 43 foot toy hauler, and rode them back all the way to Airdrie, Alberta.  Rained a large part of the trip, and they made it home from the Mexican border in  3 days and a few hours. Tough Lady.  She's enjoying this trip more in the Big King Ranch toy truck.

Just a couple weeks ago, I was very tempted to buy this Colorful Road Glide. Later the same day, I found the very little used Honda CTX.  Bought it from an engineer that works for Nissan. I think I made a good decision.

Our "long time" bike. This 650 Burgman Scooter has been in the stable since 2007.  Only about 30K miles on it. We still enjoy riding on it, and have no plans to sell it soon.

But.....this one IS for sale :-)