Friday, June 28, 2013

June 28 through the end of month

Saw this big turtle up on the Hualapai Mountain Road.

5 PM on the 28th of June.  Up in "Cool" Kingman.  Hit 120 down by the river today. Suppose to be hotter tomorrow.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dirt ride and Pool Birthdays June 20.

82 mile ride on Monday, more than half on dirt trails. Resting up at Hackberry store. We ended up doing the same route again on Thursday, looking for Kenny's lost license plate.  We didn't fine it.

Mango, Avacado, chili and Cilantro covered Tilapia.  With some fresh Broccoli.  Last dinner at Chili's before going on a juice diet.

0 Calories, 0 Carbs.  Karen would like this!  At Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Once a month the ladies in the Aquarobic class in the pool get together to celebrate anyone that had a birthday. This month it was  Lynell's turn.  So, she has to cut the cakes.

This is about half of the "Mermaids" that are normally in the class

Leonard is the only other regular attending male in our class.  

A stop for a sip of water.  It's a hot afternoon out here in the mountains

We've been on some pavement, and mostly dirt.  Here is the start of Hackberry Road where it takes off of Hwy 93.  This is the intersection of OLD Hwy 93 which we just came down.  It's not maintained and full of sand and broken out pavement.  This road is 25 miles of farm land and just desert.

The next 24 miles to the house is all pavement.  The bikes got a little dirty.

Ed, Carl and Kenny.  3 Harleys and a Half-a-Busa.  Wednesday morning we rode down to Wikieup to stop here, have a water and ride back to Kingman.  About 120 miles round trip. Since we're all on a diet, we don't get breakfast stops anymore.

Sunday, June 16, 2013  We went to Metcalf park today in Kingman.  Great Rock-a-Billy band

Several peole got up to dance.  We even had some line dancing

About a hundred plus people there.  95 degrees, but nice shade and a breeze.  It was very comfortable

Can you find Pat in the audience?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013

Plaza Bonita.  Had lunch here last Sunday in Kingman

Reminds me of a story about a Cafe near a Bull Ring in Mexico

Kenny and I had a nice relaxing ride out to the Hackberry Store this afternoon

New stock of nice shirts.  Too bad most of the good ones are for the Ladies! :-)

I never get tired of looking at this picture.  Thought provoking

Another German tour group on rented Harleys.  The little "half a busa" was the only metric bike in the lot.

Been by The Outpost MANY times, but never stopped until today

Occasionally have Bike events here.  Food, music, bikini bike wash, etc.
In yesterday's Kingman's Daily Miner newspaper the Health Dept. inspection results for several local eating establishments were posted. The Outpost was rated Excelent.  So, wanted to stop and take a look.

Interesting decor. and the place was spotless

A new Maveric Gas Station/Deli on Route 66.  Very nicely done, witha good selection of food and drinks.  Large, very clean restrooms too.  

Saturday, June 8, 2013

La Mesa June 8

Saturday morning.  I-8, 3 passes over 4000 feet between Yuma and San Diego.  I'm on the way to La Mesa to visit my daughter Debra and her family.

The camera didn't do justise to this beautiful Jacaranda tree next door to Debra's house

This bowl was on the front steps.  I thought it was lunch, but she said it's going into the compost barrel.

6 Beautiful 4 week old puppies.  This and another were my favorites.  This will be a long haired Chihuahua mix.

Totally a sweet little one!

We played with all 6 until they needed a little rest.  The small one in the middle is the other one I wanted.  Although they are all cuties.

Deb and her husband Jim have a lot of nice flowers and plants.  He's now in the process of re-landscaping the front yard.

All 6 telling me to take them home :-)

Sausage and cheese stuffed peppers.  Debra is a professionally trained certainly shows.  We had a scrumptious lunch

Son-in Law Jim.

Both smoked and slow-cooked brisket, stuffed jalapenos, a very delicious, think maybe ginger flavored cabbage with other veggies in it, A could kinds of squash blended with spices and I don't know what else.  Hot home made dinner rolls and Watermelon cake that Gran daughter Robinette made.

The two favorites.  I want them both!

Last puppy picture.  I only posted a few of the dozens I took :-)
Jeff is my Grandson-in-law.  Robinette had to work today so I missed her.  Debra and Jim. This is the "clean up" after lunch.  First time I've met Jeff, a fine young man.  He's a senior Petty Officer in the Coast Guard.

Friday, June 7, 2013

June 6 Yuma

Pat and I usually eat here on Friday nights during the winter.  Name recently changed from "The Mad Chef" to "The Copper Miner Kitchen"

Amber hamming it up.  She's our favorite waitress

Same owner, same menu, same people, different sign.

This was a planned motorcycle trip...but, since it was 116 degrees today, and tomorrow in Barstow 113, I decided to take the truck with the A/C this time.

Mario is the park handiman, gardiner, and all 'round good guy.  As soon as he saw a strange truck drive in he made a "bee line" to see who it was.  There is a slight language barrier, but we get around it :-)

Jim & KT's and ours next to it.  The park it almost empty, but it well kept up during the summer.

Our Tangelo tree is looking healthy again.  Had a couple of bad years, although it had good fruit.  Now a good balance of water and fertilizer and it's looking real good.

Our back yard.  There is a well kept putting green (not in the picture) 

105 a little before 11 AM.  Got to 116 by 2 PM.  That was from a digital sign in town, don't know what this one was reading.  Probably higher since it picks up heat from the tin roof by afternoon

We're fortunate to have two paved parking spots.  The carport is covered on the other side.  Looks pretty bare without our "beach" decorations.  We put them in the storage room while we're gone for the summer.

Our friend Redd just painted out the entire inside of his apartment.  He has it looking nice.

Redd is an OLD batchelor, but he takes pride in his apartment

Went to Mexico.  Sure looks different without all the snowbirds over here.

Algodones is continually being upgraded.  Every year it's more modern.  I liked it the old way better.

At my friend Jose's.  These people are enjoying shrimp cocktails

White cheese smoothering a burrito.  Nice lunch.

Mid summer temperatures and it's only early June

Since Jose has a lot of local customers, he's able to stay open all year.  Many of the places close in the Summer when all the tourists leave.  Had a nice time "South of the Border" today.