Monday, November 30, 2015

Wind up November 2015

A visit to the Swapmeet at the old Grayhound track. There are MANY vendors, and some very interesting items.  Some new, some used things.

Lots of booths selling intimate clothing and just plain old socks and underwear.  All have a line up of manakins

Hip pockets?

Only open on the weekends, Sundays are the big day.  We were here early, some of the booths weren't open yet.  They have a huge food court too!

Our first "Jam" of the season.  Sunday evening at Mesa Verde.  Some pretty good musicians.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Post Thanksgiving 2015

Today some of us had come small cement jobs completed.  This is a good way to move from one job to another

A few of us had Thanksgiving dinner at "The Landing" in Yuma.  A nice time and the food was good.

Pat and I needed to go check on our house up in Kingman, so left Friday afternoon to take some things up there we didin't need in Yuma.  This is out on the HALT property, where Pat volunteers during the summer. Help Animals Lives Today.

She had to take time to give her friends a treat. 

There are several buildings, each has it's own use.  Dogs of different sizes , some kitty cats too.

This is one of the Kennels that Pat keeps up.  Mostly small dogs, that are ready for adoption.  This is a "no kill" facility.

This girl got out of the fence, tipped over the feed barrel, and got her head stuck in a feed sack.  She was patient while I rescued her :-)  I didn't take any pictures of the dogs.  Pat made the rounds to greet them all, then we left to get back to Yuma before dark on Saturday.

Friday, November 20, 2015

20 Nov Parade in Mexico

Doug is having a 100 gallon propane tank set at his place.  Ruth is there to check it out, The Walkers have a little excitement too.  Another nice morning in Lynda Vista.  Going to be in the 80's this afternoon 

A 2 hour plus Parade in down town Algodones.  I watch about 30 minutes, then had breakfast.

Most of the entries I was was school kids,  All the groups were good!

Was impressed with the precision of the marchers and drill teams.  Good Bands too, but didn't get a picture of them. 

Some of these kids were a couple of feet off the ground. Was also some gymnasts flying around. but too quick for me to get a shot 

Toss 'em high!

Several blocks of marching

Not sure what the topic was.  Maybe a sports event

Nice morning.  But...they all are :-)

The parade goes on and on

Just a few more pictures

I didn't take picture of all the entries, and missed a lot of the parade.

Even a Suzuki (delivery bike)

Only one more

One I missed was a volleyball team.  they were carrying a net. Every time there was a pause in the advance, they held up the new and had a few shots. They were VERY good too!

Some pretty cool bicycles in this group

Very snappy marching

Ran into the Honey guy this morning.  Picked up a 40 ounce bottle.  Wild and Raw, and tastes wonderful. We usually buy or two each Winter to last us all year.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mexico 18 Nov 15

Live music.  And good shrimp cocktails.  Another month, and it will be hard to find a place to sit in here.

Inside La Bonita Spa.  Remodeled, new paint and decorations.

Nayeli does it all.  She's so friendly to everyone, she brings in a lot of business.  Men and ladies.

Music, Vendors, Tourists and good food at Molcas Tacos

Just a couple fish tacos today.  With all the sides, it's a meal

Pau Mtz.  She will be opening her own place in a week or so.  She helps her Dad here when she's not working down the street.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 15

Borrowed this nice truck, and trailer so I can deliver the Mule to Calexico.  It's new home will be a farm South of Mexicalli, Mexico.

Ruth and Frank, eating with Jackie, Doug and Tom

Scotty caught the Salmon for the dinner, and did a lot of the cooking

Pat checking out the desserts

2 PM

A watch bird.  Taken from our porch.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Up date November 12th

Pat cleaned up the back of our unit, then moved on down to work on Jim and Katie's place.  She enjoys working outside. And inside :-)

From the Stage end of the old Historic Yuma Theater looking toward the Balcony.

Some of the original wall paintings

The Manhattan Dolls

Each sang a solo, but most of the numbers were all of them in perfect harmony

There are several different groups of "The Dolls".  They are all very good and very popular, so they are performing in various cities at the same time.

We had the bumpers painted on this used Lexis. This one had a hole in it, looked like the backed into a trailer hitch or something.  The body shop we went to did an outstanding job of repair, for a VERY reasonable price.

Pat sold her bicycle to Romy.  Dave is out this morning cruising the park. Showing off his Canadian tan.