Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lanny trip 30 May 17

Straightened up the garage to make room for Lanny to park.

Obviously we needed a few things at Walmart for our trip.  Lanny is admiring this scooter we saw in the parking lot

A little unusual :-)

Our first stop was at Giganticus Headicus

We had to stop at Hackberry for some good coffee

We waited for the bus, but finally gave up

Rat Rod drove up

Lanny looking for a rusty coke

Always a few new items for sale in the store

A new girl!

Rest stop at the Gas 'n Grub in Truxton

Breakfast stop in Seligman

Lanny feeling it's time to eat

Not our place of choice today

This is a good place to eat

Dessert if you want any

Nice Elk

Lanny had the omlette.  I just had soft scrambled eggs with salsa

We're both eating low carb

Seligman is deep into the Route 66 items

Lots of interesting places

There was an Edsel parked out front of this place for a few years.  Elvis used to sit on the rear bumper to have his picture taken with the tourists.  Someone ran into it a couple years ago and totaled the Edsel

Outside El Charro Norte.  A fine place to eat

Biglefti and Duck.  Another VROC'er that has moved part time to Chino Valley. We met up for dinner

Duck (Jim McCaw) recommended this place.  We enjoyed it

Out in the country.  I had an excellent view and saw a lot of quail and other birds out the window

Chili rellenos.  Mighty good

Store in Ashfork

The Flagstone Capital of the USA.

Hundreds of pallets of flagstone, all graded and measured for shipping out by rail and trucks.

Dozens of these Burma Shave signs along the highway.  I took 4 or 5 of them today

This train is going West.  I took this picture in my rear view mirror.  It was going down hill and soon passed me.  I was going 65 mph.

Angel Delgado's Gift shop and Barber shop

Next few are all in Seligman

This place is getting more popular.  They have large caverns that you can go down into.  Also a restaurant, motel and live entertainment on occasion.

I think this is Barney's cousin.  He lived in the Cavern, and was green because he didn't get much light

Passed a lot of cows and horses today

The Highway is Indian 18.  It leaves old Route 66 about 5 miles East of Peach Springs and goes 60 miles to the lookout and trailhead down to the Supai Village in the West End of the Grand Canyon.  7 mile trail by foot horse or mule.

Gas station and garage in Peach Springs.  I heard this was going to be an Artisan mall soon

New Tribal Store in Peach Springs

Down Town

A school that serves a large area

Years ago, Truxon was a booming town on Route 66.
  I-40 put them out of business.  There are no open stores or restaurants here any more

Falling down in the desert

Someone was going to open this cafe and motel a few years ago, but it hasn't happened yet

Looks well kept, but hasn't been opened for several years

Mom and Pop

Verde River

After heavy rain and Spring run off of snow in the mountains, the river can get high. This spill was is to protect some of the property down stream 

Dragon Teeth to break up the flow and prevent more erosion 

The Duck and Biglefti.