Monday, April 20, 2015

VROC visitors

Rosie's Den.  Stewey and I had breakfast here today

Stewey brought a nice surprise!  One for his new bike, and one for me to put on a bike of my choice

Cranky rode in too.  He's been making a lot of miles since the Texas Rally

We rode out Route 66 on the way to Oatman

Unusual to find a parking place 

Stewey thinks Burro poop stinks

Size 60!

One of only 2

Big Bubba getting his afternoon snack

And the little sister.

Ummm.  Road Apples

A happy new Gold Wing owner

Cool place

Ride to eat, Eat to Ride

Gold Wing, Vulcan,, Kawasali, Harley

This little one wanted food

We left Cranky here.  He needed to go on trough Needles, heading for Barstow for the night.  We had a fun ride up over Sitgreaves Pass today.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Texas 2015 wrap up

A long day, and very cold the last hour.  Lanny was freezing by the time we got to a motel. Came here for a good dinner, then called it a day.  A little bit of "Rally let down".  It's always sad when you have to leave good friends.

Stopped for gas and some pepper cashews.  It was 20 degrees when we got up, 24 when we left.  Ran into snow, then some light rain.  Lanny was in his electric clothing, so didn't do too bad.  I was fine in the truck :-)

Snow....Ice....rain.  Can mess up a motorcycle

We took a detour off I-40 to Route 66.  This is the Musical Road   or, Google Musical road Route 66 for a lot of information.  

Lanny liked it so much he rode it 4 times.  Even if it was freezing cold!

I got it right the first time, so waited for him.  It was well worth the time it took.  America The Beautiful played by your wheels.  At 45 mph.

Not an unusual sight in Albuquerque.  We saw a dozen or more in the sky this morning

It's a busy city

Always fun to take the "Mother Road" through Gallup

Less than 3 hours from home

It's all down hill from here!
When I got in the door, I met our 2 new temporary family members.  Pat is raising two motherless puppies.  It's good to be home.  It was a fine trip, really enjoyed some fine folks to ride and visit with.  

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Texas..a few more pictures

Ryan and Shannon.  New Gold Wing owners!
My good friend Blondy picked my up a thick piece of apple pie, no sugar added!

Shannon put on her orange safety shoes, they are ready to leave

Lot of goodies at the Wildseed Darm. This is a tiny example, there are many shelves of similar items.

A couple of cute well groomed Pomeranians 

Pretty Poppys

My last flower pictures of this Hill Country ride

They have been pretty this year

This bike will be blasting down the highways to East Texas tomorrow

Vickie, Kay, and Debbie are packed and ready to roll

The last check over

Good Byes

Both these bikes are packed to the max. And Vickie is riding 2 up

This is what you would see if you were following them down the road

Debbie is riding by her self, but is still packing a lot of stuff

Debbie, Sherm, Vickie and Kay.  Good friends for about 25 years.

A very fun place to visit


Cactus aren't quite this nice in Arizona

We see a lot of these in the wild back home

A herd of Texas Short Horns

Welcome to the Hill Country

I like this planters

Like these too

Blondy getting on Lanny's bike, headed to Albert, TX

Good thing Lanny is such a safe rider

Off they go!

The last ride of the Rally...they go, out through the tunnel