Thursday, January 29, 2015

29 July

Jim & Katie's beautiful new Black Beauty.  

Jim like to see over the windshield, so out comes the saw and file and various other tools

While Jim was cutting his windshield, Pat cooked me this wonderful Breakfast/Dinner.  She made the hot cornbread muffins, and the still warm pudding laced with pecans.

The cutting is over.  Now comes the smoothing and polishing.  They did a perfect job.  Turned out exactly they way they wanted it.

Off to Solano's Homemade Ice Cream Parlor

Marlys is leaving in the morning to fly to Houston, TX.  So we had a send off for her.  Joe and Suasn would be here, but they are recuperating from a cold bug.  We'll get them up here ncxt time.

My favorite is the Bacon Maple Ice cream, with the home made blueberry topping.  It's really delicious!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Janet's Jam, etc.

Jamin' just down the street at Winter Garden

Susan's Birthday shirt from Algodnes, Mexico

Joe and Susan at Stone Cabin. Gold was discovered here by a couple of Frenchmen back in the late 1700's 

An old gas station that closed down in the 1950's.  Originally a stage stop, and a stop off place for the heavy wagons that were on the way from Castle Dome mines to the Colorado river to load on barges.  The ore eventually ended up in a San Francisco smelter.

Now the home of Randy's Hamburgers, and other goodies.

Ice creem and waffles.  Hmmm, maybe you could get chicken and waffles?

All the way from Florida for a "Randy Burger"

Jalapenos,  Jack cheese onions and bacon.  Good smelling burger

And a diet 7 please

A special Coast Guard corner just for me :-)

Many people take various items to Mexico to have them painted.  These of a few things you can buy there already painted.

There's an Ol' piano and they play it HOT behind the Green door.  Not one of my hang outs, but a popular place just the same

Bangladesh has just opened this new small stand for fish tacos, and other delightful taste treats.  She's already taking orders to go.

Bob Shortt in concert at Mesa Verde.  What a show!

Friday night in Winterhaven. Another  "Sing"

Does anyone else see a face in Debbie's hair?  Look just above her left hand.

Amber is back at the Copper Miner's Kitchen.  Good to have her back.

OSHA would be proud of Bob.  He put a cone over an upright sprinkler.

Noon Sunday.  Getting all set up for Janet's Jam

I think there was about 15 musicians there

No wind and 76 degrees today.  Nice weather to sit outside

Rod on the lead guitar and Jim on the keyboard

Janet.  Organizer and MC

Jan and Dan doing a duet

Sweet Bonnie.  She sings like an angel

Bob is making a pitch for coffee and donuts this Tuesday.  He will unveil the new 30 year cup for Lynda Vista. I think we'll have record attendance

We had a good crowd at the Jam today

Even some 4 legged friends

For a dollar, Alston will tell you how to get back home

Beautiful hair in the afternoon sunshine

Bob Rolle, Owner of Lynda Vista. Those are his nice palm trees in the background. Bob, and his wife Lynda, are the perfect hosts and hostess.  Here, he's having a picture with Janet, and one of the singers that came from another park. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Susan's Birthday, etc.

January 15.  I rode to Mexico early in the morning to get a hair cut.  This is some of the morning crowd at one of the outside bars.

The Kick off night for Villiage Jazz.  We'll be going every Thursday night until April.  Pat is bundling up Marlys in her old Alaskan Parka. It got down to 66 degrees by the time we left.

To start off the year, we had a Big Band.  Lots of 40's and 50's music.  Taped by a local TV station, as well as public radio, which broadcasts it later in the week.  The music was good.  And, since it's right in the center of a food court, the air smelled quite good too.

January 16.  Susan's Birthday is today.  Katie's will be tomorrow. We doing a joint breakfast at Molca's Tacos the Los Algodones this morning.  Filling up with gas in Yuma.

Warming up.  78 degrees by the time we got home.  We parked in this alley, a good location.

If they had hung out here very long, someone may have thought they were Pinata's and bought them.

They were surprised with a treat from Georgia. Good job, Blondy!

A somewhat different sort of One Man Mariachi band, sang "Happy Birthday" and did a fine job.

Chicken hot off the grill in front of the Cafe, mixed with some good cheese and crammed inside this tortilla made for a good Burrito.  With all the trimmings.  We were filled with Hor D' oeuvres and coffee by the time the food came out.

Huevos Rancheros

Salsas, guacamole, white sauce, limes, etc.

Katie, Jose (our host) and Susan

Katie, Pau Mtz (a friend) & Susan

Zmean1, Badger, Wrong Turn, and KT.  All we need is DD and Pebbles to make it a great VROC Day!

We thought about using a fenced parking lot.  But, with a little creative exploring, we found this very nice alley to park in.  The lead bike is the only one that doesn't qualify to make this a true Vulcan Ride. :-)

Yesterday morning on I-8, headed for for Mexico and a visit to my barber shop

This was the entertainer that sang Happy Birthday to Susan and Katie

Last evening, the high tech riders, returning from a long ride.

In about 10 more years, Joe is going to have trouble keeping up with this "picture of health" young lady! :-)

On Joe and Susans house. This is a Roadrunner, disguised as a quail.  Keeps Brother Coyote away.

Our fried Redd dropped by just before we left this morning.  He brought over some homemade salsa his neighbor gave him.

The people in the park park are getting used to these funny girls.  The people in Mexico thought is was GREAT!

Short skirt, but long underwear

Our motto for the Sonora Chapter of VROC

Ohhhh, I ate too much!

Shirts for the farmers.  I like Juan's Deer the best :-)

Katie and Jim going for a hair cut,   This is where I left the others to head home.  It was a perfect morning.  Well, as perfect as it gets without Dave and Romy.  You guys need to retire!