Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb 28 and 29th

Feb 28.  Getting warm.  The sender is inside a housing for the anemometer.  It's inside, not the direct sun light.

Lots of Orange and other Citrus blossoms. There are still a lot of edible oranges on the trees.  If not picked soon, they will fall off. By this time of year, most people are full of oranges and by juice :-)

Our park has several groups of chickens that run wild. And, some feral kitty cats too.  They are pretty tame.

We have a lot of grass and trees in our little Oasis in the desert.

Dave and Romy had us down for smoked ribs with all the trimmings tonight. As usual, it was delicious.

Romy enjoying a Jector's (pronounced Hector's) burrito.

Their last day in Yuma until April.  It's always fun when Dave and Romy are here.

My "free burrito".  It's the Ultimate.  All the burritos are the same size and same price, just have different fillings.  This one has Bacon, ham, sausage, potatoes, eggs,  and cheese.  It's really good.

Badger was sent a little something extra in a vroc pin order, from John Davies.  With instructions to buy me a burrito for encouragement to keep up the blog :-)  John, I really appreciated the Burrito, and thanks for the nice comment about the blog.  

We rode here on VULCANS, so this was a Sonoran vroc event.

Not a 5 start atmosphere, but a 5 star Burrito!

Open for breakfast and lunch, Jector does a LOT of business!

Friend Redd, and a Mama Dove living in his window box. She's sitting some eggs.

She's not afraid, at least she seems to be happy enough

She found this bowl and made use of it.  She filled it with twigs for her nest.

Redd has lived here 4 years now. These are all plants he's planted.

There will be a big crop of figs again this year

Daddy Dove?  No, just someone to keep Mama company

This was how the mail used to be delivered

Food at Camacho's Place.  We have to get back here soon

Best Menudo in San Luis.

Jerry hosted the annual Pig roast on Saturday.  He does a lot of work to make it a success every year


Hurray!  The music is over, now we can eat!

It takes team effort to get the pig ready, and the large rotisserie ready to cook it.  

Lainie and Jim

Betty and Don

The Blues Brothers.  Jerry and Mickey

Park people

Pete puts in a lot of time and work helping with the piggy

The music was excellent this year.  People can enjoy it and visit, while waiting for the Grand Finale...Pig!

Most of the ladies spent some time in the kitchen, supplying lots of great side dishes.

The pink pig


another park activity is the off road crowd.  They have a large group that really enjoy exploring the desert in their 4 wheel vehicles.

Ladies of the fire!  It's been a pretty busy couple of days. March is always "bitter sweet"  Lots of fun activities, but each day we will be losing some of the park residents.  Oh, Well...there's always next year.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Julian ride Feb 27, 2016

Getting ready to ride.  Going to Julian, CA, for some lunch and pie.

Gas stop at Westmoreland, CA Taking off morning warmer clothes

At 4226 feet elevation, it was nice up here.  About 20 degrees cooler than Yuma.

Romy looks like an Alberta Cowgirl, but really, she's a motorcycle rider.

Lots of "apple everything" up here.  Lots of orchards.

Weekends are always busy up here.  Lots of people from the Southern California cities come up here to get out of the heat and smog.

Snuffy Smith, the Julian t-shirt

We had lunch here.  Everyone was very pleased with what they had.

The gang.  Dave and Romy, Jim and Katie, Joe and Susan, and Jim Sigelaar.

No shortage of places to eat

There are several Bakeries here.  We usually end up here at Mom's.

A whole apple, cored, then filled with cheese and cinnamon, covered with a light flaky crust.  Served with Cinnamon-Honey Ice Cream.  Yummy. 

Joe taking a little rest

These cute dogs were in one of the many stores.  This was a dress shop. Very cute little ones.

An old prospector

This is a pretty place to stop.  There are some walking trails, and some caves near by.

It's close to an old Butterfield Stage station

Tough looking charactors

Mountains in the background.  San Diego isn't too far from the other side of those hills

Joe snapped this on the way up the hill.  It climbs from Sea Level to over 4200 feet

Going up this morning, while we were still on Interstate 8.