Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 4th 2016

The dining room inside the Humblodt Club

Loggers and Fisherman

Karen and Pat

Back room

Nice old ceiling

Hibiscus at the entry of Pony Village Mall in North Bend

Same ladies different place. This was a very nice coffee shop in the mall

Mid day in the mall.  Not exactly busy

Stuff boxes in Ross

Bennetti's Italian Restaurant 

Nice ambiance, good food

Wine fountain

Kay Caton with Hope and Faith

Our friend Karen

On the way south, we stopped to pick Blue berries.  5600 plants.  Even though the season is nearing the end, the plants were loaded.  We were just going to get a few, ended up with almost 5 pounds in a very short time of picking.

The Cabin.  Friends Rita and Jim use this for themselves and also as a rental 

Rita and Jim have done the remodel them selves

Lots of seating room for guests

Bunk beds made from an Alder Tree that was on their property

Designed and installed by them

This is another rental on the river.  They rent this  mostly to fishermen

The Elk River in the back yard

Deck almost over the river

Port Orford Harbor

Nice beach in the Port Orford Bay

A Stallion with trailer

A Minnie waiting to take us home

There was construction going on at this bridge. 

Near Brookings, Oregon 

King Salmon Harbor in Eureka.  this is  Marina and RV park is operated by Pat's son and his wife Judy.  Judy's mom and dad built and operated it for years. 


We have a new Daughter in Law.  Yuan married Pat's oldest son Larry.  she's been doing a lot of painting

One of Yuan's

Kitchen flowers

Larry, Pat and Yuan

The Newlyweds

More of Yuan's (and other) pictures

Monday, August 1, 2016

To the end of July

Outside the Coach House Bar and Grill in Coos Bay

Washed ashore in Bandon by the Sea

All the displays are made from things that wash up on the beach

The blue capped plastic bottle were made for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.  They recently washed up on this Oregon Beach 

Nice eye

She washed up in Bandon on the Beach

Love Pink Flamingos!

This artist was painting inside the shop

We did a lot of tasking inside here, and bought cheese and bread

Preston and Karen's home on Bunker Hill

The Cutter Orcas is home ported here, but this 110  foot Cutter is taking it's place for a few days

New attraction in Charleston Harbor

This building used to be a Cafe.  The Business was owned and operated by my daughter Angie and her family.  Now it sells Marijuana.  Probably does a lot more business than they did selling food.