Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday riding

Nice morning.  Went out to Hackberry for a cup of good coffee.  Enjoying the Concours.

Need a tow?

The Burro shed back there. I won't visit him today, didn't bring any snack for him

Lots of old cars scattered around the property at the Store

Bubblegum cop car

The old Indian

No Tye Dye shirts allowed

Late evening.  This business was booming today.  Many of the people that are at the River Run down in Laughlin come up here to pick up their Mother Road Route 66 t-shirts

The local shop always has vendors. Bikes, accessories, food and apparel..

Interesting Trike that's the owner in the chair

Ramp drops so the driver can roll his chair up to the driving position

New and used bikes

Sew it on?  We were going to get some junk food, but most of the vendors were closed for the evening.  All the activities take place down on the River.
Since the vendors were shutting down, we went to In and Out for a Double Double Animalized.  Very good.  And much less money than the food vendors.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

23 April. Misc. photos

Dave Waugh and I rode out to the Wild House Market for a little shake down cruise on the Connie.  He rode the Harley.

After the Texas trip it was time for some Wing maintenance.  Check valves, change oil and filter, renew sparkplugs, and changed out air filter.  Will also change the rear tire soon.

Having a hoist makes the job easier

Wanna go for a ride?

Made a quick trip down to Sun City West.  Lanny is going to do some modifications to my trailer.  EVERY where you look in their house, Jeannie has Easter flowers or figures.  All very pretty. This is the kitchen table.

Fresh roses

The entry way

Hanging outside the door

Front of the house

Lanny  (Biglefti) lives on Bonanza street.  In a nice neighborhood

After deciding what and how to do the job, Lanny got busy

The project was to install a Rocking Wheel Chock for the front wheel, and change the rail so the wide tire on the Goldwing would fit better.  It had to come apart some to do it.

I brought the wheel chock down with me. Relatively inexpensive one from Harbor Freight 

This is what came on the trailer.  It's gone now

Cut and bend

Wanted to leave the rail on for strength, but needed to cut and flatten the sides.  Big tools for the project

Takes skill to keep it even and avoid cracking

Pat and Jeannie.  Sidewalk Superintendants

Knocking out the old rivits

Lanny did 90% of the work, but I did some drilling, lifting and holding.  You know, the hard part :-)

Finished and ready for the test

Getting dark, but Lanny loaded his bike on the trailer.  Works perfect!.  Will make loading by myself a lot easier now.

We've all seen disguised cell phone towers, but this is sort of "overkill"  Near Wickenburg this morning 

We spent the night in the Phoenix area, and are on our way home.  This will part of I-11 someday very soon.  They have been working on it for some time now

These rocks always make me think of our friend, and many of yours, Chunk.  We stopped here a couple of time so he could take pictures.  R.I.P. my friend

Even though it's been an exceptionally dry year, Springtime brings on a verdant desert.

Wikiup is slowly turning into a Ghost town.  There are fewer businesses every year. But..a few news ones too. 

Important Post Office.  Yesterday we stopped here to mail off our Passports for renewal.  Had my first one in 1964, they last 10 years, so this is the 5th time I've had it renewed.  They won't let me use the picture I had taken for the first one when I was 24 years old.  And, also had to return a form to the AZ District Court.  I was summoned for Jury Duty for the whole month of June.  I sent in a request to be excused.  Would have to travel from Kingman to Prescot for duty.

Nice Cactus

Dave and Romy's trailer in from of our house.  Nice little King Ranch Ford pulling it.

The garage is too full.  Taxes and insurance is killing me. This will have to go, but I'll probably take of the Givi trunk to install on the Burgman.  Unless it's a deal breaker, then I'd probably leave it on.  Nice bike. 8300 miles on it, Runs like new!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pictures from recovered camera

Little Rose.  Licking her lips after cleaning out the sugar free French vanilla in the cup.
The Quail Hotel. Lined with sheet metal to keep the Coyotes out.  Lots of quail have lived here over the years.  This was the last picture I took before losing my little red Sony camera.  Thanks to Jeannie, I have it back.

The tune up.  Removed Seat, valve covers, side covers and top shelter.  Changed spark plugs and air filter. Checked valve clearance and got it all back together

The crankshaft has to be rotated 6 times in order to check all the valves.  I used the rear wheel to line up the timing marks.  Also changed oil and filter

Lots of parts have to come off to get to the air filter.  Some mechanical, mostly electrical.  And about a dozen wiring harness connectors.

The new filter is in, it's going back together. The last thing will be to replace the rear tire, will do that in a couple of days.

A Friendly Welcome

A Gila Bend landmark

Lunch stop

Highway 85

Next door to Biglefti's in Sun City West.  Beautiful Ocotillo

Lanny will be riding this bike to Alaska next Summer.  Big Beemer Adventure Touring bike.