Friday, July 29, 2011

5030 College Trail

Held the camera over the block fence to take this.  A wash. with mounta
ins in the backround, and natural desert for a long ways.  Off to the right is the Hualapai mountains, you can see them from the patio.
This tree will come down, and a 20 x 20 motorcycle garage/shop will go in the corner, will have a paved driveway from the street back to it.
Drive way to the back yard, and RV parking
The hot tub stays, ans well as most of the outside furniture.  The patio has a "mister" just like the Broken Spoke in Sturgis!
This street and the homes were built in 2004-2006.  Nice neighborhood 2 blocks from the College.  This house is 1747 sq. ft.  Not my "dream house", but Pat likes it.  Will be easy to heat and cool, low maintenance, and I think it will be a nice place to live. It's in perfect condition, and the price was right! :-)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Drift Creek ride, farmers mkt & BAAC

16' flatbed with some work benches and boxes of chemicals and some other stuff the movers don't want to carry without special permits, which equals $$$. So, I'll haul this down myself next week and put it in storage in Kingman. We'll also leave our Kia Sedona down there. Then next trip, will drive the Minnie Winnie, the pickup, and haul the 2 bikes.

A Wilderness lunch stop. Pretty peaceful and quiet up here in the woods. If we'd gone about 6 more miles, we would have had a picnic table, but.......the mosquitoes were thick down there!
Drift Creek Falls. 4 venturesome riders walked the approx. 3 miles round trip to see this. Going down was all right, but coming back up was a killer. I sacrificed the scenery to stay back and guard the bikes with Bob and Bob.
Preston's first ride in a few years. He rode the JS Mean Streak, and did real well. More Ride pictures a little farther down.

Gonna miss the morning "coffee and social time" before we get into the pool. The class varies, but is down to around 10 or so, depending on the day.

Herb and Barbara at Bay Area Athletic Club

Local Blue Berries are in full season
Every Wednesday vendors set up in down town Coos Bay with things to sell and services to offer.

Nice large Raspberries, Blue, and Marion Berries
Beef Jerky if you want it
3 or 4 booths had good bread of all kinds for sale.
Sugar Free fudge!
Not a large selection, but some nice shirts.

Redneck Wind chimes.
Parking lot in Florence, OR. Our local Retread chapter went on a ride today, and invited Florence. We only had one taker, but had a very good ride!
Cherries are ripe, there were stands along the highway selling them
Lunch was "Brown Bag:. Bob won the prize for having the largest sandwich!
Bob & Bonnie didn't bring a "brown bag", but they had some nice lunch kits!
Everyone had a nice snack. In a beautiful location
Nice to have Preston back in the saddle again. He had a little problem reading the metric Speedometer, but he guessed pretty well :-)
Another lunch spot picture. Remember you can click on any picture to see it better
Preston, Bonnie, Jerry, and Ralph. This was a couple hundred yards down the trail. It was getting damp and steep, so I headed back to guard duty for the bikes
Beautiful path in the woods
This has already been logged off once or twice. this is the new crop of trees

Just as we were finishing lunch, was surprised to have my daughter Angie, drive up. She knew we were going to be somewhere on this road, so she found us and visited for a few minutes

The Salmon berries are still a little sour. I ate my share anyway, but had to keep swatting mosquitoes
Sort of a ways from any where
What's left of a Chocolate Lava cake, with a little extra stuff. One of the cookies was "no sugar added"
Bright sunshine in the forrest
Stopped in Newport, OR, at Izzy's Buffet for dinner. Excellent food. Ralph had to work at it, but he finally got his money's worth! :-)
Good people to share a meal with! I still have a card that says I'm a lifetime member of the Retreads Motorcycle Club, but I never got around to joining the local Chapter. Now it too late, I'll be leaving town in about a month. Hope it's not the last I see of these people, and the others in the chapter. Finally getting acquainted, and it's time to leave.
There were 6 bikes and 7 people
Getting ready to saddle up. Probably a little over 250 miles for the day
The view from our table in Izzy's. Don't get much better than this! (except for some nice Saguaro Cactus in the background) :-)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

3 really baaad guys! Biglefti, Tony D., and Slick. Getting ready to polish off some waffles and fried chicken. The Good ol' Days! I think this was in 2006.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Coos Bay related pictures

 Rabbi's "The Sentinels".  Rabbi from VROC donated this painting to a silent auction for the Solvang VROC rally.  I was the lucky winner!

 Heceta Head Light House in the background.  On Hwy 101.  July 5th, on the way to Lincoln City.

 Guy & Victoria Mobbley in Sherm's Cycle Products shop.  A hard working couple!