Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last morning and home

Julie inside a Shark Jaw.  These teeth are REALLY sharp!  The mouth would be large enough to swallow her right up!  The shark was brought up in a fishing net.

 Heceta Head Light house.  One of the most photographed on the West Coast.  Just North of the Sea Lion Caves near Florence, OR.

Soldier getting ready to attack Olsen's Bakery
Makes almost a whole army!
This was the Breakfast place! The owners of this Bakery also own the motel we stayed in, so got coupons for pastry and beverages every morning
VSP isn't exactly ready to go out in public. He's giving me his left over pastry from yesterday. I ate it, of course.
Some nice goodies at Granzelli's in Williams, CA. I stopped to buy a round loaf of extra sour bread.
First view of Mount Shasta on the way home. Snow level is very low for this time of year. The end of June. Also, the water level in Lake Shasta is as high as I've ever seen it. NO dirt showing, the water is right up to the trees
June 29th. Took the Harley out for a spin
Had just finished installing the new "Ed" pipes on it. Got home just in time to miss the shower that came by. Been raining on and off every since I was 30 miles from Coos Bay.
Teri and Sandy are checking themselves out in a mirror.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Ride, Banquet, wrap up

This was Friday evening.  Linda and Howard had the ticket sales going.  Cat and Jim are helping

Teir, Sandy, Slots and Skid at a Vista Point

Teri and Sandy climb up on a rock for a better view.

It was a LONG way down, but they got some good pictures

California Valley.  Pastures, Vinyards, and a lake out there

Slots int he parking lot.  There was a sport bike rider here that was out of gas.  Cranky offered him some that he carries for emergencys.  The guy wouldn't take it, because it was regular.  He called road service so he could get some supreme.  He was only about 5 miles or less from town!  (he wasn't riding a Kawasaki)

Biglefti with his nice White Wing

The BBQ pit at the Cold Springs Tavern.  This is a popular spot for bikes out of the Santa Barbara Area

Parking us usually hard to find, but we were early enough to get good paces today

This place has been in business for a long time

Very interesting building

An old building next to the Tavern.  It looks like someone was living in it not too long ago

Slots and Skid kicking back.

Sandy, Skid, Cranky and Biglefti

Sandy in the little gift shop.  They didn't have much for sale, and there was no one inside the store to sell what they did have :-)

There were a lot of bikes there, mostly Harleys.

Cranky, Skid, Teri, Sandy, Slots, Biglefti, and Sherm.

A leaning group of VROC people.

This looked like a rose, but not sure what kind.

Crank is "Priming the Pump"!

We went back to the Lavender Farm.  Different lady working there today. Sandy wanted to buy some to make up some packets to use and for gifts.

Lanny and Sherm, gettin some Aroma Therapy.

Teri, The Thinker.  She loves the smell of Lavender.

Some pretty deep stems!

Ta Da!  Look what popped out of the Lavender!

A good place to rest up and tell stories

A little "Streak" between two large Wings.

Sure was nice to have this bike to make several fun group rides on.  It's a pleasure to ride.

Statue of Liberty.

Cranky, Skid and Slots.

We were told that by some sort of Scientific testing, it was determined that this old Live Oak is around 350 years old!  Pretty amazing.

Some of the larger limbs of the old Oak.

Lavender Fields forever.  

Lavender Blue.  Dilly, dilly.

Skid wanted a picture of this winery, he and Sandy saw the movie they made here.

It's a beautiful place.

The grape vines are very tall.

The Quicksilver Ranch.  Breeders of miniature horses.

There were LOTS of babies.  And all very cute.  I took about a zillion pictures, but will only post a few.

This little filly was just tiny.  And very pretty.

Teri petting one of the little guys.  They were friendly, and the Mama's didn't seem to care.

OK.  The last horse picture.

Just ONE more.  This little white one had been laying down, just flat on it's side.  Was very happy to see it move and stand up!

Cat and Jim picked an ideal spot for tghe Saturday BBQ and door prize drawings.  And, they provided some nice snacks for us that were waiting for the catered food to show up.  Slots is sampling a few grapes.

Linda and Howard did an EXCELLENT job of acquiring and bringing the door prizes.  They have done this for years at the High Sierra Rally that Don retired from putting on. Their daughter Laura always is a big help too.

B from E is buying some last minute tickets for the drawings.

Linda displays a very nice leather jacket that was donated by Kawasaki.  Lanny looks it over.
It was won by Kasey from Washington State. They will send them the correct size.

Several VERY talented vroc members sent Howard some nice art work for a silent auction. It was all exceptionally nice works.

Bob is checking out the goodies to see if he wants more tickets.

Biglefti, Mongrel, Phil, VSP, Skid, Jim, Chuck (Mac Guy) and not sure who the black shirt is

Sandy, Sweet T, and Einstein.

Teri is modeling the Kawasaki leather lacket. Fit's her well.

The red bike is a loaner from the Factory.  She rode it to Deadwood from LA, then back to Maggie Valley for a Kaw Now rally, then back to Solvang.  Long ride on the new Vulcan Vaquero.

A very nice park where we had the BBQ

Linda is helping with the food

Some of the Santa Maria Tri-tip.  Very tender and seasoned well.  There was lots left over, so Cat decided to give it to the people that manage the motel we're in.

Don and B from E.  I think this wasn't their first plate :-)

Laura waited and helped serve before eating.  Don just ate. :-)

Jim, Cat, and Linda Sublow. (Mrs. Nitelite)

The chicken was also good.  VERY tender, with lots of good seasonings.

Teresa and Phil,  Their tummys are full.  This couple came from Arizona!

Laura, Sweet T. Einstein, and Howard.  Einstein is amazed!!

Chuck (Mac Guy) has the "Deer in the headlight" look.  I surprised him as he was enjoying his dinner.

Cranky, Teri, Carl and Sandy

Sandy, Teri, Carl, Cranky and Ed.

Linda and Howard.  This family always works VERY hard most of the year to gather the door prizes.  They are experts as holding the raffle.

These blue flowers were all around the motel, and also this campground.  Don't know what they are, but they sure look nice.

Saturday evening, people are starting to pack up,

The motel had this nice area for us to hang out in.

Sandy and Teri enjoying the last night at the rally.

The tall tales have begun!  Instead of a campfire, there is a tub if ice to sit around.

"The Girls".  Teresa, Sandy, CAt, Laura, and Linda.

All tied down for the trip to Coos Bay.  Will be a good test of the new trailer.

This was taken by VSP.  Our Breakfast Bunch.
Thanks to Jim and Cat for the organization and all the work to make this such a  fine rally. And to Howard and Linda for the door prizes.  To Teri Conrad from ROC that provided support from Kawasaki.  And to my good friends and traveling companions Skid and Sandy for putting up with me and sharing their RV and motel.  Every rally I attend, I think is the best ever.  No exception here!  Hope to repeat it next year!