Thursday, June 29, 2017

29 June. Last riding day in Solvang 2017

Was glad to see Olsen's back to the old normal look.  New floor, all new cases, new paint, and a nice fresh look.  But, most of the familiar pictures and decorations were replaced.

Waiting for our Motel provided continental breakfast.  One fresh pastry of your choice.  A warm roll, (several kinds to choose from),  home made jams and creamery butter, and Havarti Cheese.  With coffee, tea, whole or chocolate milk.  

Another corner

Lingonberry Jam

Back to the motel to plan the days rides and lunch
Jack setting up his GPS

Ostrich Farm

Back to the Quick Silver horse farm.  Barb scratching a back

They really are cute

Ready to ride!

These are all signs directing you to wineries

Which way?

All operating vineyards.  And, there are MANY more here in the valley.

Road side Lavender

The Lavender Farm

It's a comfortable place to visit

Old Live Oak Trees

Old Telephone/power pole being engulfed into a growing limb

Ooops!  We're in Kansas!

The California Drought wasn't kind to the Lavender.  But, it's all coming back now

My annual picture for Romy

Inside the gift shop.  The lady that owns the Farm moved from South Africa to Toronto, Canada, when she was 17.  And ended up here with this farm

Lots of interesting products for sale

Hard to get up and moving

Ferrari parked at Cold Springs Tavern.  Nice car!

A jewerly maker

A Barbara

A door handle

One of 52 springs on the property. There are 2 Blue Jays in this picture.

Low Carb Tavern Burger.  It was very good

One of several dining rooms here

Original building and fixtures from the Mid 1800's

Even a Cholula bottle hiding back there

The Sample tree seem to be a retired Coastie

Firm Foundation

Maybe not the safest place to park my bike

Jack and Barb are leaving from here.  Their next stop will be Barstow in the Mojave Desert.

Wed 28 June. San Luis Obispo light house, etc

First morning with the new remodeled Olsen's Bakery. They served us, but the dining room is still under construction
Barb trying out the new mirror.  It seems to have a problem

One of the many pastries in the glass cabinet

We ate out on the sidewalk

Back in the room I made a green smoothie,  Had passed on the wonderful pastry

On our way to Avila Beach, we stopped for a look around this interesting Farmers Market

11 of us are on our way to Point San Luis Obispo Light House

Tiny bottle of water.  Just the right size for VSP

A Deere running

It's corn season, and readily available

It's also Ice Cream season.  I say Cranky devouring a large cone

Bread baked here

And Pies

Pat's favorite Cherry



Berries picked here this morning

Good Grub

This is the kind of things I've been living on lately

Phil found some BBQ sauce.  He bought a bottle.

Salsa looks good too.

Ohh Kay!

This is every day for me

From local bees

Grown here on the farm

Taffy and stuff

A mother with her 2 girls.  Getting into the corn

They had several fun little animals and chickens running around

Ready to get back on the road

This is the parking lot where we formed up to get on the trolley

Spent 2 years of my life living at this lighthouse.  1962 to 1964

There was no road in then. We walked the 2 mile trail or took a boat

Don showing Jack something

The 3rd Pier. This is where we parked out personal vehicles and where the boat landed 
Taken from the second story North Window from a bedroom in the light house

Jack, our tour guide, did an excellent job. Most of the information is what the Historical Society has gathered about the light house before it became a US Coast Guard station around 1939.

Elaine has been our contact.  A very dedicated member of the Lighthouse Historical Society.  She was a big help in our group having this tour.

This was the last "Keepers" daughter's room,  Jack is showing us some of her things

This Franel Lens was set up in the tower on the top of the lighthouse building.  I've spent many hours cleaning and maintaining this light

There are 2 Duplex housing buildings that the Coast Guard up for the 4 families that manned the station.  I lived in both of them, each for about a year.  This was the Officer-in-Charge and Senior Enginman unit.  My home was the one on the right or South end.

There used to be more grass and California Ice Plant than there is now

Our VROC group. We were in the Area for a "get-together"  down in Solvang, CA

Same group, different camera

Barb found a swing

Kids at Play

In the "back of the bus" going back down the hill

The trail you see in the picture was our only way to get to town or back.  Unless you were able to use the boad

Our bikes with a special rider on the silver Gold Wing.  Elaine got on the the picture. She's a good sport!

The Trolley driver, Jake, wanted us us on the other side because of the Sun, but since it was a challenge herding these vroc riders this far, we let well enough alone and took it from there :-)

Next to the Rose Garden Inn, we found Rosies  50's diner

This is ONE- HALF a chef salad

Cranky's  Club sandwich

All potion sizes were huge

The Madonna Inn

The Gardens around the Inn are  fabulous!

The Cranky one smelling the Roses

California Poppies

Dining room

Fire Place

One of many Stained Glass Windows

It's a good thing we were full from our Maggies meal!

Jack and Barb.  Honeymooners.

The famous shower in the Men's room.  You have to stand close enough to trip a lazer to start the water

Sandy, Barb, and a couple other ladies checking out the mens room

They don't get it.  You're suppose to face the other way

These are the sinks.  Real shells

There was another running waterfall out in the hall way.  Jack thought this was the one everyone was talking about

Susan would love the pick theme of the whole Inn.  Even their own wine lables

In one of the gift shops, there are large post cards of most of the room. Each is different, all very nice.

Back at the Solvang Inn and Cottages

Cranky's Voyager 1200.  He's a dedicated Patriot Guard Rider back in the San Francisco Bay Area.