Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Eve

Janet, Sue and Vicki put this beautiful bouquet together for Marlys.  Roses from Pete and Vicki's garden in the park. 

Nayelli, Manager of La Bonita

Lanny enjoying some of Jose's fine dining

Janet, Sue and Lanny. Enjoying Pedicures.

Lanny is using Jim and Katies carport to park the beautiful Wing while he's visiting here.

My new favorite!

Lanny and Pat at Solano's Home made ice cream parlor.

It's called "The Champion"..  Bacon/Maple ice cream, home made blueberry sauce, whipped cream and a cherry.  Deeelicious!

Marlys moved from the hospital today to Life Care Center here in Yuma.  This is one of the visiting rooms.

Redd.  This is Thanksgiving morning.  He'll be going to El Centro soon for a visit with his Mom and Dad.  Lanny and I visited the Official Center of the World, and the Granite Museum today.  Very interesting!

There are several buildings like this.  They are for rent.  It's about 10 miles from here to Yuma, AZ.

A stairway from the Eiffel Tower was moved here.  See the description below.

Makes you think!

The restaurant, Museum, Gift shop, Post Office and Visitor center at Felicity.

A large complex of interesting historical facts

Michael Angelo's "Arm of God".  It's a sundial, pointing to the Pyramid and the Church on the Hill.  The clock is reset every year at noon on Christmas Day.

It was about 20 minutes off :-)

Downtown Felicity

Inside these doors is the Official Center of the World

There is a 7 minute video of the history of Felicity

Lanny is standing on the Center of the World

Sherm waiting for the tour guide to open the door for us.

These Granite blocks are anchored into tons of concrete and steel.  They will be here for  a long time!

We owe our Winter home to Mr. Gadsden!  Without his incite, we'd still be in Mexico.

It even has a crack in it!

Lanny just HAD to ring the bell :-)

The mind of one man came up with all this!

There are several arms of facts.  It would talk many hours to read all the granite plates.

An example

This church was just completed in 2008.  VERY solid, it will be around for a long time.

Pilot Knob behind Lanny.  this is close to the Colorado River.  The little rock mountain was a navigational Aide for the boats coming up the River from the Sea of Cortez .

Simple, but clean and nice.

The ceiling

Lanny snapping away

A small cemetery behind the church

Texting in Church?

Doesn't look very high, but it's a LONG climb up to the church.

Makes you feel like He's pointing to YOU!

Guess I'll have to buy the book

With these feet

The lady that a City was named for. Felicity still works in the visitor center.  

This cool little camper pulled in just as we were leaving

A chilly Thanksgiving morning. This poor little 11 month old puppy!  I've always called her Rosie.  Pat calls her Baby. Redd calls her Blondy. She answers to all of them :-)

Sue liked her Thanksgiving Pedicure!

Friday, November 7, 2014

November 7, 2014

Moon over Lynda Vista

George likes his nice Kuryakyn Pet Carrier

We had a visit ths morning!  Little Rosie came to see us.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This is Nayelli, she's the manager of La Bonita Spa.  In my opinion, the best place for a Pedicure in Algodones.

First one of the Season!

Moon rise over the Nazarene Church in Yuma

Redd with little Rosita.

Moon lighting up our Tangerine tree

It's ALWAYS harvest time in Yuma!