Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 2016 Misc

Rode with Ed and Carl out to Meadview

Goodies and coffee

Will finish all the comments when we get back to Kingman.  Now in Prescott for a VA appt.  No mouse, making it harder to blog.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Calico Ghost Town May 2016

Inside Terribles Casino in Searchlight, NV.  We left kingman just before 11 AM.  Looks like we just missed some rain back there.

The gas is Terrible

Tonight Miranda will be down on the River.  We'll miss it :-)

The Casino is Terrible

A "Hide away" spot.  Oasis in the Desert


A good place to cool off on a hot day. Which, today isn't.


We looked at the rocks.  Definitely Leaverites 

Famous Baker, CA Thermometer.  Recorded 134 degrees, it's near Death Valley.  Today, only 81 pleasant degrees

The Mad Greek.  No relation to the one in Yuma

After checking out Calico Ghost Town, our destination for tomorrow, we looked at some BLM and private camping areas.

Ghost town camping was $180 for a 2 night stay during the  Bluegrass festival.  With a 2 night minimum.  So....went on into Barstow.  Nice quiet corner, level pavement, Gas, Food, and restroom facilities available.  All Free.  At the good old Flying J.  Maybe not the most romantic camping place, but it works for us.  We'll go back to Calico in the morning and spend the day at the Festival. 
Starting the day with breakfast at one of our favorite diners!

This place really does take you back to the 50's

Home made pie, anyone?

This waiter is about as old as some of our friends

Guarding the men's room

Betty is a greeter

Marilyn, Bogie, James and The King

A little later

Elvis moonlighting as a fortune teller

Petroglyph cactus

The Anasazi used these for tabloids

HillBillyz.  This lady played the Hammer Dulcimer, Accordion, and Mandolin.  All VERY well. 

We arrived early, not much of a crowd yet, and good seating for all the music.  We wandered from one group to the other all day

Didn't try to get pictures of them all.  Not one was a disappointment 

Funnel Cake for Karen

My mom used to plant flowers in my Dad's old logging boots

One of our favorite groups

A VERY elderly lady. You're never too old for Bling!

Good music and comedy. This was my favorite group,  The Hillbillyz

I think we'll do this again next year

Not only music, but lots of interesting shops

3 races a dat

A peaceful place

For Calico High..well, maybe not.

I think we made it into almost every store there

Thyme?  It fits

Warming up

Family atmosphere.  This was a popular place to listen, because of the seating

Rooms were cheap

The camera doesn't do justice to the colorful hills.  They look almost like....Calico?


Lone Palm

There were several prints by this artist.  I liked them all

Route 66?

This is the only thing I was tempted to buy.  Because it looks like one of my present bikes.  But I didn't.  $59 will buy a lot of gas to put in a real one.

One of 3 eating establishments.  All have a very limited menu.  Mostly burgers and fries

Maybe I'll post this blog address here.

Cloggers from San Diego.  the Man on the right spent 5 years as a young man on the Hee Haw show.  He was an amazingly good dancer.

Obviously, the young lady isn't a "loose woman" or she couldn't be inside the bar.

These ladies, The Lilies of the West,  have been performing together for 36 years.  They just about have it right. Interesting selections of foot wear.

Another elderly lady that still likes ankle jewelry. 

Thank you, Calico Ghost Town.  We'll be back

Waaay up Mule Canyon.  The road was getting narrow and steep.  Found this wash to turn around in.  It's almost level, so we decide to spend the night right here.

Solitude.  Very quiet.  Wind came up for awhile, didn't last long.  A good place to camp.
Sundown.  From our window.  If we get a hard rain we could be in trouble!

We made it through the night.  Sunshine!  We'll be pulling out soon, and hope to be back in Kingman by noon on Mother's Day.  This has been a good weekend!