Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Don's "stable" had gone from 7 down to 4 bikes. They are all well equipped, and high quality rides.

This was our Thursday night dinner place, Plo's Lucky Vietnamese Restaurant in East Stockton.

A rare flank steak noodle soup, with the raw condiments. They had an 8 page menu, it was hard to choose. After loading this up with hot Asian pepper sauce, it was very good. Don had a brisket noodle soup. I'd go back.

Saturday, October 3rd. The last picture for this trip. These balloon were just south of the turn off to Highway 42, the Coast Route. It was 40 degrees when I left the motel in Medford, then down to 37 over the 4 mountains on I-5, then it warmed up. Beautiful day, and the bike is running flawlessly! It was a good trip.

Don (VSP)'s first attempt at pickling peppers. I tasted some, they are very good! There are some pictures of last nights dinner in the camera, but I can't get them out until I get home and use the USB cable to take them out.

We left at a time to miss most of the early commuter traffic getting into Sacramento, and timed it just right for a breakfast at the Market Club.

I had the breaded pork steak this morning. The picture doesn't do it justice, that's a mighty large platter. I only ate about half of it.

The kitchen. There are no exterior markings or signs advertising this place. And, the windows are dark, so it always looks closed. It's been here since the early 1900's, so those that know about it continue to eat here.

VSP leaving with a full tummy of waffles, eggs potatoes and I don't know what all.

The loading docks where the trucks bring in produce every day to be distributed. The door on the left is the cafe.

There are 3 long rows of these cubicles that sort and move out the fruits and vegetables.

They have made some progress on the Gold Wing frame swap. He finished my bike early and went back to work on this one.

Some day soon, this will be a Tupperware covered motorcycle.

The Traxxion is all tuned, front and rear. They had it finished before noon. Don drove me up the 60 some miles from his house, so I could pick it up and head home.

Granzelli's bread. I usually stop here if I can. Pat likes the extra sour dough, so there's one of these round loaves in my trunk right now.

The olive tasting bar. I went light today, was still full from breakfast.

The Gelato bar..This stuff is real yummy, but I passed on it today too.

The Deli, bakery, gift shop and restaurant in Williams, CA.

The Phoenix patiently waiting for me to jump on and hear home.

Downtown, Williams.

My cockpit..the Wing is a real pleasure to ride..

I never get tired of seeing the Pinacle Peaks, it means I'm getting close to the Oregon Border.

First sight of a bare Mount Shasta.

Won't be long, in fact I bet it gets some snow tonight.

Black Butte. I'm up around 4000 feet and it's getting chilly

A nice little California city.

The hay barn in the State of Jefferson.

A friendly Dragon, just North of Yreka. That's all I took today. Oct 2, 2009

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Yep! Must be in California! :-)

This Gold Wing just came in for an oil change..They get real serious in here! Actually, an insurance job. It was hit by a car and bent the frame pretty bad. They is a new frame sitting behind it ready for the install. This is a MONSTROUS job! But, the mechanic is very competent. He's have to be to undertake this project.

Throttleworx shop. What a difference!!!! The original Traxxion system was installed by WingWorx, which is now out of business. The owner and the head mechanic now own this shop. Very friendly, offered to show me around the shop, put the bike up on the rack check everything out and possible start the job a day early. A totally different experience than the other place. They even gave me a written estimate, with everything listed that they plan on doing to it. So far, I couldn't be happier!

A wholesale meat market where VSP buys his good steaks and other meat.

Our lunch stop. Don's mother, Leona, is with us. This place was featured on the Food Channel a while back.

You can pick out your shrimp, Salmon (fresh, lox, or smoked) in the case. Note the poster signed by the Food Guy behind the counter.

This is a Succulent tender prawn, marinated in Olive oil, garlic and herbs, and served warm on a baguette with dill creme fraiche dipping sauce. We were served 6 of these,

This is my Croque Monsieur. A warm ham and melted Gruyere cheese, with dill mayo. Served on a warm, crispy baguette.

Don had a salmon sandwich, I don't remember the fance description.

Chef William Rolle, in his kitchen.

You can watch them do most of the cooking and food preparation.

This is the European Bakery where Cafe Rolle gets their bread supplies. They have some nice things in the case. Looks like a Mexican bakery, but these folks use real cream and sugar!

Truffle anyone?

A cake for the "lemon drop" ladies.

This was a real beauty!

Don and Leona make their purchases

These dogs were HUGE! The two of them took up the whole pickup bed.

Cool looking shop next to the European Bakery

In California, they tell you how to get to the "Hammer Lane" You may have to click on the picture to read it.

Leona raises roses, African Violets and orchaids. I this is one of here beautiful roses

She said this African violot color is very rare.

Can you guess who this cute little guy is? :-)

9/30/09. Wet pavement, I'm leaving between rain showers. Going to Sacramento to have the Traxxion fork seals replaced.

Just West of Camas Valley. This is one of the horses I thought about taking a picture of, and is the last think I remember before having a wreck 10 miles farther down the road!

Mount Shasta with it's first coat of Fall Snow. It will be bright white in a few short weeks.
I'm in Red Bluff, CA tonight, in a Super 8 motel. 74 degrees here at 6 PM with sun and clear skies.