Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dry Camping & Julian Pie

Lanny rides in to the Casa RK in Borrego Springs.  He rode in cold and rain from Santa Ana, CA.   4000 feet plus elevation over the Coast Range of Mountains.

Biglefti and Rogue in the RK garage.

Our dry camp by the Salton Sea.  We really enjoyed the time we spent here.

We took advantage of this little shelter someone had put up.

We used the little Dual Sport to putter around the West side shore of the Salton Sea.  70 some miles of checking out 3 small towns.

Many species of birds around the Sea.  A wildlife sanctuary, it's on the flight line to Mexico. Different parts of the season brings in different visitors.

Egrets, White and Blue Herons, Pelicans, Seagulls and Doves.

Pat bundled up and rode with me 3 days in a row.  She did real well but squeaked a few times when we were in some loose dirt or sand.

The Sea is clear and fresh this time of the year.

Years ago this was a very popular spot.  The California Riveria.  In the late 50's and 60's there were hundreds of boats on the Sea.  Fishing,  water skiing  and all sorts of water sports. Bars, Restaurants, Cantinas and Honky tonks.  It was THE place to be for the rich and famous.

Fun to watch these pelicans dive for fish

Blue Heron

Oure little Minnie in the park.  We asked about who to pay.  Were told no one had been around to collect for several years.  No water, no electricity, no WiFi, no phone service, but the price is right.

Resting place.  No leaves, brown grass.  Probably a little more scenic in the Summertime.

One sign says the trail is 2 miles, another sign says 3.  There is a 9 hole desert golf course next door.

Close to Sunset

Moon over the Salton Sea.  I took several pictures of this, but will post just one.

We're in the desert off Hwy S22.  Between the Sea and Borrego Springs.  The water level of the Salton Sea is 227 feet BELOW sea level.  About 15 miles West, we're at 1000 feet.  We spent the night here.

Steven is suiting up to ride the "big bike" to Julian for Pie.  Out of the 12 that were there, Steven, Jim, and Katie were the only ones that arrived on 2 wheels.  Tough people.

The front of Mom's.  The most popular pie shop in Julian.  There are several others.  The Julian Pie Company is another good one.

A very quaint little city.  

Don't know how many pies a day this place goes through, but it's  a LOT.

Utemike and Jacquie, Steven and Kelly, Sue and Ray Mitchell, Jim and Kat Siegelaar, Jim and Katie,  Pat and I.  12 VROC friends

Ray Mitchell, and Cat Siegelaar.  Lookin' good!

39 degrees and light sprinkles when Jim and Katie arrived.  They rode up the hill from Yuma this morning.  Freezing cold, but the pie helped warm them up. :-)

Cat's sharp cheddar covered apple dumpling and Jim's Razzel Dazzel berry offerings. I think these were their dessert for the pies they had earlier.

So nice to see Utemike and to meet Jacquie.  Don't recognize the couple next to them :-)

Inside a small shopping mall in Wynola Flats

Katie had the option of going on down to Borrego Springs with us in the pickup, but she wouldn't have it.  She stayed on the bike in light rain, and 36 degrees up over the summit.  She was still smiling when she got here.

Jim and Cat perusing the goodies

Some interesting and colorful pictures.

Cat checking out one of the many shops

Steven (Scarecrow), Kelly (Tinman) Katie (Dorothy) and Jim (Cowardly lion)

7 miles down the hill from Julian, is this Pie Company.  We chose this place to buy the "to go" pies, they have a very good reputation.

Inside the souvenir shop at the Pie Company

Cat, Jim and Steven.  In line waiting to order bakery items

Pat closing the deal on 4 Julian Pies.

Excellent Motorcycle road

Katie can't take it much longer.  She just HAS to get over the fence to take pictures.  That isn't a mild slope like it looks, it's very steep.

Half way home from Julian, this was a photo-op break

She's over the edge now

Looks like an excellent XT road!  Hopefully we can try it some time before long

This little cactus is about a hundred yards down the hill.  20x zoom for this shot.

Cat, Jim, Sherm, Pat, Katie, Steven, Kelly, and Sue. A customer took this with Steven's  telephone.

Ray, Jim, and Katie.  Getting ready to head back to the Casa RK

On the summit of Montezuma Highway, near the City of Ranchita, CA

That's Katie's small camera.  Her larger Nikon is about as big as her :-)
Ray Mitchell, checking out Rogue's Rogue.
These last pictures on this post were taken with a phone.  Sort of an experiment.  

I think I'd better stick to a camera for taking pictures.

Inside Mom's Pies.

Love the happy faces!  Katie, Jim, Mike and Jacquie.

First time we met Jacquie.  Mike's been hiding her too long!

Good chow!

More happy faces!

Weird camera

Outside it works better

Preparing for the ride back to Borrego Springs

Steven sporting his Christmas Helmet..maybe the last time until 2013.
Kelly made some delicious chili..lots of cheese and red onions to top it of.  She also had some special bread, I can't remember the name.  Sort of like thick pizza dough with some dried veggies on it.  Nice way to end a good day.

Kelly, the "lady of the house" is getting the food ready.

We picked up some Julian pies for "after chili" dessert.
December 30, 2012. A little bit of paradise in Steven and Kels yard.  Early morning, Pat and I are headed out soon.

The corner of Tilting T and the Double O is their corner.  All the streets in their area are Brand names.

Morning coffee.  Katie is still in her "jammies".  The Minnie is all "Secured for Sea".  Shore ties are broken, and we're ready to get underway.  It's been a GREAT week!  Now, back to Yuma and the New Year.