Saturday, September 28, 2013

James and Cat Visit Sept 28th.

A nice Sunny Saturday.  Cat and Jim came over from Fillmore, CA.  We're headed out to Breakfast at El Rancho

This is on the Hualapai Reservation.  a late afternoon snack.  Pictures are a little out of order.  The daily special was an Indian Fry bread Burger..

More vegetables were hiding under the meat.

American Honey 

The gift shop in Peach Springs

The Tribe shield

Guards over the snacks

Kenny and Thelma joined us for the ride over the hill to Oatman.
I'll finishe the comments in the morning

Lots of interesting shops in Oatman.  It's not all carrots and burros.  Jim Sieglaar is enjoying himself!

A reak mining town, most of the stores are Donkey or Mining  related

Lots of normal tourist trap items, but also LOTS of nicely made items from local artisans

Of course, Route 66 is highly played up

Twice a day, every day, some of the local guys have gun fights,  There are a few new skits every year

Thelma is a "two fisted ice cream eater"!

A good place to eat, and always ready for Christmas

The gun fight is builting to a climax, but Kenny and Thelma are more interested in the ice cream :-)

One down, 3 to go

A NICE place to shop

The Best Little Ore house in Town

These Buzzards rode up from Florida.  They learned down there the riding was more fun than flying into a bike (For Zmean1)

Awwww. So cute

The town is only about 3 long blocks of stores, both sides are full.  You can spend a lot of time if you want to see it all at one time

Always a lot of bikes in town.  Several of the "Rent a Harley" foreign tour groups make this a routing stop

As most of you know, this is where Clark Gabol and Carol Lombard spent their Honeymoon. Clark was quite the poker player and liked spending time up here with the miners. They got married in Kingman, then drove over Sitgreaves Pass to spend there first days of Wedded Bliss right in this hotel. We've seen the room they stayed in, left exactly like it was then.  Now the whole up stairs is closed off.

Catman.  A shirt for James

You can even buy ceegars up here

I like the babies the best

They have stopped giving them carrots and sell some compressed green stuff that looks like large rabbit pellets to feed them.  $2 for a good sized bag.  Supposed to be better for them. They are wild, and come and go to the desert.  Every year there is a round up in Mohave County of wild horses and burros. You can go in and take you pick. Cost $125 to adopt one, but you have to have a place to keep it.

Kenny and Thelma

Parking can be a problem, but we were lucky to find this level palce to leave the bikes

After oatman, we rode out Route 66 to the Hackberry Storre

Always fun to take people here for their first visit. Totally lost in the 50's

One of my two favorite pictures in the store

Max is getting up there in years. He sleeps by the fire and dreams of his Coyote chasing days

A bug invasion!

All the tourists were taking pictures of our bikes, so I took on too

We had been running into groups of these all day. Cold Springs, Oatman, now here

Getting a little run down, but still a nice place to sit awhile

Almost big enough to eat!

Dead cows and Pat

The barn behind the truck has a couple of burros I like to feed, but getting too tried and my knee hurt today, so didn't walk of there

Has seen better days

Jim enjoyed exploring some of the old building and cars

A very photographed car!

The store won't put up reproductions if they know what they are. All the signs are originals

This is at the Gas 'N Grub in Truxton.  Cat needed gas, this is one of the few places in the area to get it

And Tumbleweeks

It isn't a Harley!  Yamaha's ride on Route 66 too!

crawling the walls

Well hung

A flat head Ford and a two dollar bill
Sunday morning.  I just mounted my new "old" route 66 sign

The bike vault looks best when full.  The Harley is the only one covered up, it's the fartherest in by the back wall

A light breakfast at the Hualapai Mountain Lodge.  Love this place!

2 different quiche dishes, bacon and eggs, sausage gravey, corned beef hash, chicken stuffed pastry and  some other stuff I can't remember

Packed full of soft cream cheese and a light and fluffy  crepe.  Real butter topping with strawberrys and whipped cream.  Ohhhh sooo good!

Like the last lines

Artist painted this many years ago

Took this one with my phone this morning

The top is over 6800 feet. The lodge is around 6500 or a little more

Sage, a VROC'er from Canada, made these engine guard chaps for Cat.  He does excellent work.

A little before noon on Sunday, the company rolls out. They have 350 miles to get home.  I saw a post on face book from Cat that Jim had a flat tire about 50 miles down the road near Lake Havasu . Large screw. Got it patched and they were biking on toward home.  Another perfect weekend!