Monday, November 26, 2012

Hill Country 2004

A teenage Katie.  Wiliedog and Pam gave her away to a new husband just a few weeks ago!  Here, she's hanging out in Harry's Bar.

Luckenbach T-Shirt

The Gates Family

Skid, Thomas and John.  This is one of my all time favorite vroc pictures

The new VN2000.  Small bike for a large man.  It fit Wiliedog well.
One of 7 BBQ pits at Cooper's in Llano, TX

That hat was only a couple years old then.  I just wore it yesterday to the Mexican Swap meet in Yuma.  Good hat.

Waiting for the action to start in Luckenbach.  Slash is the best of the bunch, doubt if I'll get a debate there :-)

Skid and Sandy

Flower Children

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday July 25

Cocopah Speedway, Saturday night.  28 cars in the Pro-stock class, and about the same in the lower division.  Good racing.

Visited the inside Swap meet in the old Mervin's Store.  Lots of good booths.  This one specialized in Red Hat ladies things

Many of the items look like they were made in Mexico...but, most are from China

Love the chickens

Sun shades and glass sleeves with this logo. 

We only bought a quart of Aloe Vera juice, and a small wind chime.  Looked at a lot of things

Some of these are giving us ideas of things we want to buy in Mexico for the Kingman house

I posted this same picture last year, reminded me of Jim & Katie.  These are from the camera, so not as good as real camera pictures

Mrs. Gonzo the garlic lady.  I bet their house really stinks!

On to the Mexican Swap Meet.  My favorite.  Too bright for good pics.  Early morning sun.

Pat had this bacon wrapped Hot Dog. And, a large 2 scoop waffle cone with Rocky Road ice cream.  I had a fruit cup with Papaya and Mango.  Covered with red sauce and a chili/salt mix.  I took a picture, but it didn't turn out.

There are several new places to eat this year.  They open Thursday-Sunday every week, but Saturday and Sunday is when everything is open.

I'm planning to be here next weekend for a large bowl of Menudo.

Some new styles this year

Sunday best stockings.  Seams not too straight, and a few holes, but they are cool! :-)  It was a fine day.  85 degrees when we got home.  We took the Burgman, a treat for me.  Much easier to find parking places.
This used to be an orchard.  Then a vegetable field.  This year a hay crop.  Sheep are grazing after the 1st cutting, soon to be tilled, and something else planted

We were early at the track.  Before the first heat race, the stands were packed.   Next year they will have all new bleachers and 1000 more seats!

The Special race nights bring drivers in from all over the West.  It's becoming a very popular track for Winter racing

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Day After (Thanksgiving 2012

This Roadrunner doesn't eat much, or run fast.  One of the many pets at the Casa RK.

Sunrise from the rear deck of Rogue and Kelly's home in Borrego Springs, CA

Steven is cutting up turkey for our "care package"

Finishing up our last cup of gourmet coffee.  Was a very fun and relaxing Thanksgiving Day, yesterday.

From Glamis to Winterhaven to Ocotilla Flats, one of the busiest off-road days of the year in the Dunes.  We passed hundreds of RV toy haulers, set up like cities in the desert.  This is just a small bunch of riders snapped near Winterhaven.

Back in Lynda Vista, this Hibiscus plants are in full Bloom.

Our neighbor horses. In past years, there was a lot of different kinds of livestock, and wild things in the neighborhood.  Not so much anymore. We're still in the County, but there has been a lot of cleaning up around here.  I liked it better the old way:-)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve and Day

Thanksgiving Eve.  Our neighbor Jerry is hosting a Jam in our park.  This is "Trucker Dave" from Eugene, OR singing.

There were about 20 people that sang and played tonight

Janet sings and plays a guitar

This is "our" Janet.  She sings and plays a bucket.

Jerry sings and is the Jam organizer for our park.  And a fine job he does!

Just pulled into Redd's parents place in El Centro.  They have lived here since the 50's.

This very real looking doll is for Redd's grand-daughter.  His mother made the knitted things.

Redd and his Dad.

Looks like a Petunia or a Morning Glory, but was told it from Burma Sweet Potato plant.

This 1958 Chevy Apache is the Milk Truck that Redd drove for many years as a young man.  Up into the 1970's.  He used to take a truck load of goodies out to the Dunes on the weekends to sell to the dirt people

Japanese Oleander

Just love Bougainvilla.  It grows profusely all Winter down here.

Michael Joseph (Redd) and Mr. Nimmo

Aleta and Pat checking out some of the vegetation

Redd's mother is very healthy and active.  A real Special Lady

"Leo" the VN2000 is resting next to Honey, the Nomad.  Steven had done a real nice job organizing his garage.

First attempt with the new Stainless Steel deep fryer.  It will be a learning experience

Doctor "Rogue"..  Injecting the bird

Ceiling mounted Air Conditioning Fan.  Steven cut a hold in the A/C duct in the garage, put in a close-able vent.  Bingo!  Air in the Garage 

Only in the Desert would you need to buy canned snow.  This was in a hardware store in Borrego Springs, pop. around 1200.  And they were open on Thanksgiving Day! 

This old Spaniard missed a turn and ended up a little North of Mexico.

The local Craig's List at the local grocery store.
Aaron, a friend of Rogue and Kels, is joining us for dinner.

The modern Cook.  My mother used Betty Crocker in book form.

In she goes!  Can you hear the sizzle?
A couple of quarts spilled out during submission.  Good thing the fire was out.  Steven is trying to relite it now.  Made it with no accidents

A steaming hot deep fried Turkey

Lots of oil left over :-)  Maybe a bear will come down off the mountain tonight and slurp it up.

Almost ready

Kel really outdid herself!  A beautiful Thanksgiving dinner.  We all have a lot to be thankful for.

Watching some bunnies outside the window.  Looking for a little Thanksgiving handout.

Empty plates, full tummy's.  Still tons of food left.  It was a good dinner and some very nice people to share it with.