Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 28, 2012

Donation "thunder bucket" for breast cancer.  This is in the Kingman Harley Shop.

When we landscaped the front, I almost took this little bush out. Thought it was a weed.  Glad I didn't, these flowers just popped out!

Finally got around to putting up a few wall decorations in the Office.  The house is coming along, but still a long way to go.
This little guy has been hanging around for a couple of weeks.  We have a lot of Quail in the yard, but this one comes up to the window of the sliding glass door and looks in.

Just add a little rain to a cactus, and this is what happens!

April 28.  About 10:30 AM.  By mid afternoon, this place will be "wall to wall" people and bikes.  Laughlin River Run is in full swing, and this is the nearest Harley Shop.

Our own Rally right here in Kingman.

All brands, but over 90% Harley Davidson.

I came early to avoid the crowd.  Lots of vendors to visit.  A good selection of aftermarket parts, as well as food, Jewelry, and clothing.

Our local Harley and other Brands shop.  All bikes were put into the back somewhere, and the floor was full of vendors and some OEM Harley accessories.

I parked inside because of business with the Scala communicator factory rep.  He took care of my problem in about a minute.  Very nice person.

Don't know which is most important.  GPS or drink holder.

These guys are just getting set up

Street was lined on both side for several blocks, as well and parking areas on the property.  They do this every year in conjunction with the Laughlin Rally.

Most special wall hanging.  This is the very first picture Katie Ayers displayed at a professional Art showing in Yuma.

Picture was taken through an OLD glass window in the Ghost Town of Castle Dome.  The old glass distorted our Dual Sport bikes that we rode out there on.  A very well done photo!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012

The day started out with an 80 mile ride, mostly dirt and unimproved roads. Went with fellow vroc'er Ed.  This spot is where we crossed Highway 93 S.E. of Kingman. Cool (high 70's) a perfect riding morning

Our mandatory stop at Hackberry Store.  We came out onto pavement about 2 miles from here.

This is becoming our "Pet Quail"  His water bowl was empty, so he comes up to the sliding glass door and taps on the window :-)

Tracy, Hannah, and Slick stopped on their way to the Laughlin River Run.  Along with 30,000 plus other riders that will be there for the weekend.  We're less than 30 miles from where all the activities are taking pace down on the Colorado River.

A lucky 14 year old!  Hannah gets out of school for a couple of days, and gets to ride with a big, bad, biker Boy.

Although a new rider, Tracy is putting on a lot of miles and is doing real well.  She handles the VN900 like a pro!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Garage finished

The Winter weeds are removed and roots killed.

The leaves are coming along nicely.  The extra storage room is still full of boxes!
We've been looking for a comfortable patio set, but just the "right one" hasn't come along yet.

The garage is finished!  As it get's used, there will be some changes in storage and tools to make it more user friendly.  I think it will work out well.

Still have several boxes of things like this, but I just put up a few for some color.  I'll probably be changing them around with others as time goes by.  Thankfully, we have a fairly large storage room here, as well as the one we rent for the RV which is still full of boxes

Air compressor and grinder corner.  Vice on the work bench will get a lot of use.

The bike lift works perfect.  I had the Harley up in the air yesterday checking out how hard it will be to change out the exhaust system.  It's too loud :-) Ordered some new quieter pipes, but they are on back order until mid-May.

Plenty of room for the 2 bikes.  The Burgman is still in Yuma, it will fit nicely too.

Wide angle of mostly one wall.

This is the Lubrication corner.  Store oil, filters and other lubricants here.

It's 24 x 24 feet square.  I'd have REALLY liked to make it larger, but due to city regulations, this was as big as I could go in our back yard.

Put up 40 motorcycle license plates here and around the top of the walls.  Still have a few more, and a bunch of car plates to put up.  All from bikes and cars we've owned.

Time, Barometer and Thermometer.  And, lots of nuts and bolts

Two mischievous young vroc ladies put this "gator" on my bike seat in Maggie Valley back in 2005.  They got a giggle when I jumped. :-)

Few mementos

Outside entry door.

Joined this Health Club on April 16th.  Nice pool with Aquasize classes, body toning classes, and lots of machines and other equipment.  Been there 4 times already, it will be good for me!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 18-Bike night, Phoenix

Packed and ready.  Rolled out of the house around noon, enroute Mesa, AZ

Lots of nice scenery on Hwy 93

Many kinds of cactus grow wild in the Desert

Several "balanced rocks" in this area

Zoomed in on this one

VROC'ers gathering at the Old Chicago.  It was in the mid 90's outside, but with the water "misters" going, it was comfortable sitting on the patio.

Tracy was the only lady present.  She rode in on her nice red Vulcan 900.

John "Slick" is the guest of honor.  He'll be moving to Michigan in a couple of weeks, so this was a send off for him.

Tony D. and Lanny (Biglefti) listen to one of John's stories.  To warm for a campfire, so we had to make do with the Outside lights.

John & Tracy's pool,  I spent the night with them, and enjoyed early morning coffee on their pleasant patio

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Karen & Preston.  7 AM on April 15th.  They are packed up and ready to leave the sunshine and head home to Coos Bay

They are pulling their trailer with a Mazda Sport SUV.  We had a great visit, just too short!
Karen, Preston, Carol, Neil and Pat at the "Balderdash" table.  We had a good game tonight.

More Desert Flowers

A mom with some babies

The Bonelli house was built in 1912, and was the first home in Kingman with electricity

Outside over the Laundry tubs.  This was a very modern fixture

Tour guide and caretaker of the Bonelli house for the City. She does a fine job.

Desert Diamond Distillery.  They make several kinds of rum, and vodka.  We had an interesting tour

2 kinds of oak are used to make these barrels.   They have to be in a humidity controlled room so they won't dry out and leak

A family owned and operated business, the Lady of the House passes out some samples

Only in business a little over 2 years, the Distillery is already winning prizes and is becoming quite popular.  We had an enjoyable visit and learned a lot.
6800 feet elevation.  Hualapai Mountain Resort.  April 14th, 2012.  Last snow of the Spring!

Karen making a snowball.  This is only 12 miles from Kingman

Headed back down the hill

Karen looking at a wall in the Mohave County Museum.

Andy Devine's parade Saddle.  He moved to Kingman when he was a year old, his parents had purchased the Hotel Beal.  Andy grew up there and lived Kingman his whole life.

This rifle goes clear through this tree.  It was laid on a limb when the tree was small, and it grew all around the rifle.  There is a long, interesting story about how it got there, but I don't think they know for sure.