Monday, October 26, 2009

Opened about a year ago, and tonight was the first time to try it. It's a Steak house, they also do BBQ and Seafood. Thought we'd give it a try.

Tuesday night is Burger other menu! They offer Buffalo, Elk, Beef, Veggie, Salmon, Tuna, and Mushroom Burgers. All the additions you want, at no extra cost. And, the make their own potato chips and the fries are fresh cut every day.

I had a half pound beef, with a fried egg, bacon, jack cheese, and jalapeno peppers. I was too full to get any more fresh fries..this picture shows only about a 3rd of the serving. It was a pretty good burger.

Pat had buffalo, Kay is a widow friend of ours, I don't know what she had, but it looked big..K & P shared a buffalo I think, with the large home made chips. I'd go back to this place, but only on a night they had a regular menu.

Angie Acord. Age 17, graduation from United States Coast Guard Boot Camp. This was 1988.

In our kitchen, Senior in High School. Probably 1987

Angie, the athlete. She was active in Tennis and Track, until she fell off her bike and hurt her knee.

Congratulations, you're in the Coast Guard. On board the USCGC Citrus, moored at the dock in Coos Bay. This was 1988.

" support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic................." Sherm swearing in his daughter Angie. This is on her 17th Birthday. She left that afternoon for Cape May, New Jersey to attend Coast Guard Boot Camp. I had been the Engineer on this ship for 3 years, then went to Oklahoma for 5 years, and came back to Coos Bay for a different job at the Coast Guard Group Office. I asked the Commanding Officer of the Citrus if I could use his deck for a few minutes to swear in my daughter. Of course he thought it was a good idea, mustered the crew and called the local newspaper and TV crews. If all the paperwork is completed, any commissioned officer can conduct the "swearing in" ceremony. I sort of wanted to do it myself. 1988.

Angie in the garage, on Pat's Sportster.

Sherm in another life.

And yet another life.

Angie, with the weirdest hair doo she ever had! :-)

Monday, October 5, 2009

10/22/09 Pat made a Turkey dinner. We're trying to get the freezers emptied out before heading South. Sherm and Betty Cutlip, and Preston and Karen joined up for an early Thanksgiving. Our kitchen in Coos Bay.

At the Whaley House in Salem. A Saturday night feast before going out to a Southern Gospel Concert.

Sunday morning, Oct 25th. We're heading to Lincoln City, on the coast, to visit daughter Angie, and will be stopping for a Pat Birthday Breakfast. This is a little seafood shop in the huge city of Otis, OR

A landmark, the Otis Cafe. We decided to change our plans for brunch in one of the Winery's, and eat here. Famous for it's home made bread, and huge servings.

This is the main store in the City of Otis.

Julie has had a good weekend, but she has to stay in her down comforter while we go in to eat.

Ronda and Karen. We had to wait for a traffic accident on the way, a big truck missed a corner, went through a guard rail, and ended up in the river. Clean up had been going of for a few hours, so the wait wasn't too bad. Now, we're waiting in a packed house to get out food.

Black Molasses bread, and a piece of whole wheat sourdough, with some eggs, and German potatoes. They are hash browns, baked with lots of Jack cheese, fresh green onions, and some spices. Melt in your mouth comfort food!

Daughter Angie's front room. The boys made Pat a birthday banner.

12 year old Grandson, Nathan, on the boat dock at their house.

Nathan, Pat, Jonathan, Preston, Karen, Ronda, Angie and Bob. The end of the pier! Can't believe how the boys have grown!

Jon is a "wild man" child! He sure is enjoying the lake.

Nate showing Pat something in the water.

Angie, Jonathan, Sherm, Pat with Julie, and Nathan... A family shot. Darren, husband and dad, is at work today.

It's almost the end of October, and it's not real hot out..Doesn't seem to matter to this kid! Jon is 9 years old.

Nathan is 12. Both boys were in their 'camos' today. They are very much outdoor players. Although they do some video games when it's nasty outside, they are much more at home in the outdoors.

One of Angie's "nooks". Karen is checking out a good reading spot. This is really a cool house. First time we've seen it.

The dining room, with all glass looking out to the deck and the lake. It's a separate room from the kitchen

Karen is looking at a quilt that my mother made, and now Angie has. All hand made with tiny little stitches. She made a lot of these when her hands and eyes were good. In later years, she used a sewing machine to put the patches together. This is one of Angie's "guest" rooms. The master bedroom is on one end of the upper floor, then this room is around there somewhere. The downstairs has another bathroom and a bunch of bunk beds, and another bedroom. The house has been used for a vacation rental in the past. Angie says it's just like being on vacation all the time!

Angie Surprised Pat with A wonderful carrot cake and goodies for her birthday.

Front (or back, actually) of the house. A nice large lawn, and huge Spruce trees.

There is a fire place, it was burning cozy today. Angie told us Jonathan built a fire "for Grandma"

Nathan, Karen, Angie, Ronda and Pat. That's a pretty big tree.


Jon and Nate. Jonathan is holding up his last shooting medal. The boys were taking shooting lessons over in Bend, OR last summer, and have received several awards for sharp shooting.

Karen in the Hospice reception room. She's modeling some new clothes..This is the first picture of the refurbished camera I got back today.

Our neighbor on Fenwick street has a lot of beautiful flowers. I snapped this on to check out the macro function.

A couple blocks from out house. This is on Lakeshore Drive. There are 2 very large does in there, when I went by on the bike they were standing on their back legs reaching up to grab apples. When I stopped, then got down and were hiding behing the little hill. I started to walk toward them, but, of course, they ran.
This propeller has been here since 1937. The ship was in Port Orford loading lumber. Winds blew up to 75 knots, and the ship went aground on Battle Rock. The Coast Guard rescued all 26 crewmen.

I think this is the boat the propeller was on :-)

Brookings, OR, 10/18/09. Judy and Kofi. Kofi is about 4 years old and weighs over 50 pounds.

Fresh rain drops on a pretty little flower. We're on the way to Brookings, OR to have lunch with Judy, our Daughter-in-Law.

Pat and Judy in front of The Fox Den...Good Breakfast!

Had sun coming home until we were just ready to cross the Pistol River here, where it dumps into the Pacific Ocean...Fog ahead!

October 14, 2009. Angie on the beach in front of their new home in Lincoln City, OR. Hard to believe "my baby" is almost 40! Time flies...........

Preston, Pat and Karen..relaxing after a good dinner in Pat's Kitchen.
George E. Gebhardt, age 94+. In his "office" at Ocean Ridge.

Kay Gebhardt. George's bride of over 65 years.

A young Captain and his lady. This was what George and Kay looked like in the early 1940's.

This is my good neighbor, Mark, and the Wonderdog Chico!

Steve Gunn (SAG) and Barb's house has this nice deck all around it. There is a woodsy canyon below the house. It was evening and the wild turkeys were flying up into the trees for the night. Squirrels are abundant and you can watch them playing in the trees. This is in Eugene, Oregon, October 6, 2009.

A big fillet of fresh Pacific Silver salmon, resting on the grill.

Master BBQ chef SAG is testing the Salmon. Note the special BBQ forehead light, and the orange shirt to match his Road Glide. :-)

The table set for 3.

Quinoa, an ancient seed found only in upscale health food stores was the tasty side dish. , Served with succulent Fresh Pacific Silver Salmon that had been prepared with a special SAG dry rub, and cooked on the grill. Barbara made a fresh green garden salad, filled with lots of vegetables. You won't get a meal like this at the local truck stop!

SAG and Barbara, the kitchen table in their mountain home in Eugene, OR.

Barb took SAG to a Spa for a pedicure, his first (probably not the last:-). Since he had color options for the polish, of course he got Harley Orange...maybe this is a slippery slope....