Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kingman pictures

 September 2, 2011.  Highway 164, a 3 State trip to pick up Mean Streak pipes and seat from Jim Siegelaar.

 A pretty highway, lots of Joshua Trees.

 Baby Joshua trees are Skid's favorites!

 Buffalo Bill's Casino in the Primm Valley of Nevada

 This 1931 Lincoln was custom built for Dutch Schultz.  Lead lined doors, and 1 inch thick glass everywhere. It's riddled with bullet holes.  After Dutch was murdered, the Al Capone organization used this car.  Eventually the Chicago police confiscated it, and it was sold at auction.  It's here on the Nevada/California border in Whiskey Pete's Casino.

 This was the meeting place to pick up the pipes from Jim.  I was there early, so had a nice breakfast and wandered around the casino.  Paul Anka will be performing there tomorrow night, Sept. 3rd.

 Highway 68, between Laughlin and Kingman.  Climbing in elevation and getting cooler.  Almost home.

 Sunrise over Kingman, Sept. 3rd, 2011

 Jr.,   VROC'S  "The Quiet One", gave us a surprise call on Saturday night.  He had just pulled into the Flying J for the night.  Went down for some ice tea and a nice visit.

Inside the big Kenworth.  All the comforts of home.  That's a good thing, since he spends a lot more time in this cab than he does at home.

 Only 92 degrees at 9 AM.  We've been up early loading and hauling while it's cool.

We knew we'd need a moving dolly, so stopped in Stockton, CA on the way down and borrowed one from Don (VSP)  It's working out well.  Maybe a little hard on the back, but it gets the job done.
A tree is coming down in the back yard. This is where the new garage/workshop will go.

Marcus has a plan. He thinks he can get all the shrubs the removed, as well as this pretty large tree into the bed of his little pickup. He came close!

The load is coming together.

I suggested falling the tree, then limbing it, as any logger would. But, he wanted to climb up and cut branches before taking it all the way down. The truck was 10 inches in diameter.

Quite a load! He'll come back for the rest tomorrow. His girlfriend wants some of the shrubs to replant, and he'll use the tree for firewood.

There were two. Now this is one.

All tied down, with one small rope. If he doesn't get stopped, it will be a wonder, but he's not worried. He has to go through town, then about 10 miles out in the country with this.

He didn't know much about undercuts, but he didn't lack in strength and energy!

Hired a man to do some yard work and remove trash left by the old owner. He found these quail eggs under one of the bushes.

He has an incubator at home, will take these and see if they hatch.

The only good tree is a stump! This is a nice tree, but it would be right in the middle of the new "Motorcycle Vault" that will be built there.

Marcus is a hard working man. He did a lot today, will come back tomorrow to finish.

Putting plants and tree trimmings in his little truck.

These are the shrubs he took out, along with the tree. He also did a lot of trimming in front.

Camping out! We're bringing things in a box at a time. Probably be a few days before we start getting furniture in.

Sunrise from our patio in Kingman. About 6 AM, 31 August 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Rain in Kingman!

 Went to Las Vegas, nearest Harbor Freight.  Wanted a "Lazy Susan" Motorcycle Dolly.  Suppose to be 8' long, and heavy.  Pickup and Van both full of moving things, so I thought we'd need the big trailer.  Didn't know it came in pieces.  Trailer may have been "overkill"

Rosie's Den.  Burned to the ground a week ago.  No Fire insurance.  A very popular stop South of Hoover Dam on Hwy 93.  Popular stop for motorcycles, and they did a huge lottery business.  People that live around here came together and cleaned up the debris.  The owner plans to rebuilt.

Been the new house an hour.  Busy bringing things in, and waiting for a bed to be delivered.   Julie doesn't see or smell anything familiar.  She's just wandering around waiting for us to take her home.  If it wasn't so hot out, we'd put her in the car for awhile.
 Aug. 26, 2011. A surprise rainstorm.  When it rains, it pours!  As much as I usually dislike rain, this was pleasant.  Thunder and lightning. Cooled the air some, and made everything smell good.  Didn't take long, and it was so dry it looked like it hadn't rained in months!

The weeds are gonna love this!

We're flooding!

We have an Onan in the Minnie, but we're using this portable generator to keep the A/C going to keep our stuff from getting too hot.  Hope the water don't hurt it.

The fruit on the castus is lovin' the rain

Temp dropped from over a hundred to about 80 in a few minutes.  Too bad it won't stay that way.

No rain for weeks in Kingman.  The day we got to town, we started getting large drops n the windshield!

Monday, August 22, 2011

On to Kingman

The Mom.  Last week she had 3 beautiful little puppies.  She live next door to us (not the new place)

2 Females and 1 male.  This little one is my favorite. 

Hasn't rained in Kingman for weeks!  This is our first day here, and we getting large drops.  It's 109 degrees out right now, so this rain will raise the humidity nicely! (it only lasted a couple minutes, and dried almost a fast as it came down.
It was 105 in the shade when we got to Kingman.  After a visit to the Real Estate Office, we headed to the place we usually stay here and got the Swamp Cooler going. Pat drug out a huge fan and turned it on "blast".  Julie loved it!  She stood here and let her ears blow for several minutes.  We have a LOT of work to do.  But, it's suppose to only be in the mid-90's next week.  We will be able to move into the new house on Monday  the 29th.
There are dozens of planes in the "bone yard" here in Mojave, CA.  They were mostly all flown in.  Some are used for parts, most are sold to private parties or foreign countries.
This is one section of a pole that will hold the working parts of a wind generator. There are hundreds, even thousands, of these big babies in Southern California.
Each railroad flat car holds just one section of the big pipe. The train was VERY long, you couldn't see both ends at once.
It takes a special permit to haul just one propeller blade for the huge generators.  A big tractor with 2 flat bed trailers to hold one section.
Maybe not a lot of ambience, but the electric works good for A/C.  We'd use more than $20 worth of gasoline running the generator all night to keep cool.  So, here we are in beautiful Mojave. The ONLY RV park in town.  No one on duty, you pay on the honor system.

Very little "greenery" in town, so this is a special place :-)
We walked 2.5 blocks to McDonalds for a McFlurry after out meal in the Minnie.  We passed this jewel of a trike on the way.  Probably not much chance of Lil Doc wanting to trade her Harley Trike for this one :-)  Although, Mango would look good in the "King" seat!

A very nice clean McDonalds. They even had table decorations.  The lemons were a little stale though.

Early morning on Hiway 101, North of San Francisco.  Road and bridge consturction have turned the road into a parking lot.  It' took us a long time to get out of the Bay Area this morning.  It was also cold and wet.  What a difference 600 miles can make!