Monday, July 31, 2017

Angies Place

Spirit Mountain Casino,  Parking Lot

My daughter Angies front yard

Jon and friends

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Oregon trip 2017

Six Shooter Molly's place

Hi, Bear!

Bad things

Beep, Beep!

Thanks again Mike and Candace.  Love it!

Boomer and Jim

Both couples getting the bikes ready long trips in the morning.  Jim and Lauri are going to Canada.  Ryan and Shannon are going everywhere.

No, he's not an NFL Quarterback

Shannon and Laurie in the Sigelaar house

Someone is going to get hitched!!

Jim, Laurie, Ryan, Shannon, and Pat

Rest Stop

Owned by the Bunny ranch

Whore's from outer space

Not as many as in the old days, but still a number of bordello's alone hwy 95

Guard at the Candy store in Beatty

Espresso anyone?

Lots of Guards in here

They don't look to scary

A moat to keep the bad people out

Huge Store near Death Valley.  They sell several differents kinds of beef jerky for only $29.99 a pound!

Dinky's diner,  Goldfield, NV

The town is restoring the old High School

Overhaul the steps will be done soon

Welcome!  This is the first out of town trip we've taken in the Minnie without carrying a motorcycle.  I sold our small one, and haven't replaced it yet.  Just one less thing to have to deal with. Sort of nice.

Still operating.  All the County offices, and even the State DMV is housed here.  Very cool and quiet inside. And very interesting.

The old firehouse

An operational Court room inside the Court house

Part of the Clerk and Treasurer's office.

Interesting place.  The vehicles look like they belong in Slab City

Good Junk

Nice house.  Close to the bar with a mean bartender

Entering Tohnapah

This is where Kelly Cobb wants to spend her Honeymoon!

It's a popular motel, been here a long time

It's even Biker Friendly

That's smoke ahead.  It got worse.  Had a warning on the phone, possible road closures, and lots of fire fighting equipment on the highway.  We made it through fine.

The 3 Sisters.  We spent last night in Bend, OR. With friends Jim and Bonnie.  I forgot the camera when we were out.  Saw a lot of fun things, but have no pictures to post.

Different shot of the 3 Sisters

Mount Jefferson

Sisters, OR.  A very quaint and interesting little town.  Totally tourist, but lots of cool shops, and very well kept.

Many huge handing flower baskets line the streets

Hwy 20

Hwy 22. Another fire up ahead. We passed the Fire Camp, but wasn't dangerously close to the fire

Ended up for the night in Salem, OR.  This is an excellent park.  Very clean, good WiFi too.

We're probably the smallest and oldest rig in here.  

Very pretty Hibiscus. Looks a little like our welcome sign in the next picture

Well, you have to streatch your imagination a little

Princess Shannon

Princess Laurie.  Soon to be Queen Laurie.