Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Rosie is growing!  From 8 oz when we brought her home, to 20 oz, when she went to live with Redd

Jim, Katie, Dave, Romy, and Pat at Logan's Road house

Toast to the end of another good Winter

We went to a large church to see an African Children's Choir.  We were 30 minutes early, but the auditorium was packed. We sitting out in the Foyer.  They has been turning people away for some time because of fire regulations.

The kids sang and danced.  this is part of the choir.

Didn't take any pictures of the last couple days in Yuma. Very hot and very busy.  We drove the truck and RV to Kingman, unloaded the Truck, and I took off to Reno. Going to see our friend Slots and buy his motorcycle.

Just North of Beatty, had to slow down for some burros crossing the highway

There's snow in them thar hills

Spring is Sprung in Reno

The truck is full of new and used parts.  The Nomad is loaded and ready to roll.  Slots is saying his early morning goodbyes to his old friend.

A chilly morning driving down Hwy 95.  This is Walker Lake with snow capped mountains up ahead

Nevada town

This would be a good vroc club house

Near Area 51.  All sorts of secret activities and some not so secret!

Big firecrackers too

The middle of Nowhere

Back in Kingman, unloaded the bike and took a cruise up to Wild Horse Market for some coffee

Over the Winter, this place has been cleaned up and reoranized in side.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

March 14, '14

Dale and Linda

We usually eat here every Friday night.   We all like Amber, the waitress.

Dale has a "thing" for watches.  He added 2 more to his collection today.  This is one of them

Biscuits and Gravy with a couple of eggs. And a generous splash of Cholula

Last morning with the "baby".  We hand fed her from 2 weeks.  She's almost 8 weeks now.  Been eating on her own for awhile and doing very well.  Going to her home later this morning.  We'll miss her a LOT.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wrapping up the Season down in Yuma

Our good friend Marlys.  She'll be 90 in a couple of months.  We enjoy her company down her during the Winter months.  She'll be going back to Montana soon.

Blackened Talapia at the Mad Greek

This house is not far from out Park in Yuma.  Love the Saguaro!

Parsley field.  The crops are rotated, as soon as something is harvested, a different crop goes in. This was a lettuce field a few weeks ago.  The land produces 3 or 4 crops a year.

Redd's TW and my XT.  A little cruise through the fields today

The Cloud Museum.  Large birds headed North...Reminds us of RV'er headed up Hwy 95 North out of Yuma

Imperial Gardens Date farm has this self service peanut butter making machine.  I'm filling a couple containers to take back to Kingman with us

All finished.  Nothing in the peanut butter except raw peanuts that were ground up.

Rosie helping me check the morning news before I head out to Mexico

A nice band playing while I have breakfast at Molcas' Tacos

Chorizo and cheese Quesadilla.  Very tasty!

Rosie has more than doubled in size since we brought her home a month ago to had feed her.  She's healthy, and doing real well.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Katie Ayers Pictures

Pat and Dillion on the way to Kingman.  She took the truck so she could "baby sit" while we rode Route 66 up there.

We're headed out to Castle Dome City today.  All the pictures in this blog post were taken by Katie.  They are sort of in order, but not really.  I won't try to put captions on most of them, would take forever.  Will work on a few.  This is on West 5th Street where we all live, going out onto Avenue B in Yuma.

The Mardi Gras party.  Jim and Katie really did a fine job on this!

Cruising through the lettuce fields on Hwy 95

Looking at a USAF/Border Patrol Aerostat in the sky.

Back in Gadsden, Susan is trying to lose a finger.  Charlie loves crunchy "pink" fingers.

Bad picture of me, good picture of Pat.  Oh Well.

The Cafe with the boat on top, in Parker, AZ

Ah, So... please pass the Hurricane pitcher

Twisties in the Desert South West

Charlie wanted to go to Oatman with us, been awhile since he's visited his cousins

Katie, the Mardi Gras queen!

Castle Dome up ahead at about 1 o'clock high

DD and Pebbles

Wrong Turn and KT on Stubby

I-8.  On the way to see the Petroglyphs NW of Gila Bend

Stockton Hill Road. About 5 miles North of our Kingman house.  On the way to Grand Canyon West.  Katie says, "If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes"

Back to the road to Castle Dome.  The KOFA kiosk explaining some things about vegetation and wildlife in this area. KOFA means King of Arizona, it was a very large mine that was in this part of the State.

Katie says "Happiness is Jim in the rear view mirror"

Three rides this weekend, I managed to ride all three bikes (except the little XT)  have the batteries all fresh again.

Katie loves taking pictures through old wavy glass.

Dateland.  Stopped for Date shakes.  Except for the Wing rider, he had some low carb trail mix :-(

Part of the museum at Castle Dome City

Florida Tourists in the Desert

There are a couple room full of military visitors names and dates of service.  Was able to add my 4 or 5 years ago.  Now, the ceiling is covered and they have started on the edges of the floor.

Whoop de do!

Reflection from a painted rock

Off Pierce Ferry road.  There are wild horse in this area, but these are some rancher's cattle.  It's open range, so the cows have the right of way

Chubby lizard catching a few rays

Susan & Joe cruising through the Joshua trees

Early morning on old Hwy 80

At Painted Rocks we met Jerry Ahnert.  Author, Historian, Lecturer, and Guide.  This many is a wealth of information.  What a treat to meed him!

We rode to the Petroglyphs today.  Another fine ride with some really nice people

Soaking up some facts from a VERY reliable source

Since Kate is in the picture, Jim must have taken it.  She's pointing to Lake Mead.  The Colorado River goes through the Grand Canyon, and about 10 miles from where we're standing, it becomes Lake Mead, back water from Hoover Dam.

At Molca's Tacos in Mexico.  Jim is having dessert first

Back to the Painted rocks.  Where we are here, is less than 10 miles from where the Oatman family was massacured by the  Indians. Killing a very pregnant wife, her husband and 3 of 7 children.  The oldest boy, Lorenzo was left for dead, but he later escaped.  Olive and her sister Mary Ann were held prisoner for a year, then were traded to the Mohave Indians.  They were rescued and taken to Fort Yuma after being held for 5 years.

From here, about 20 miles to the glass Skywalk over the Grand Canyon. This is the West end of the Canyon, the East end of Lake Mead

Back to Castle Dome city

Joe (Badger)

Making gold name tags and bracelets

Nice Joshua Tree

Valentines Day.  Tu Tu skirts on top of Salvation Mountain

Badger and Zmean1 looking for real estate

A craftsman's hands.

Bought the book that Mr. Ahnert was using to show us some trails and other information.  He's signing it for me.

It's a treat for me to post these pictures of Katie's.  She has a natural eye for a good shot.  

Every year the owners of Castle Dome City Museum make improvements.  It's better than ever, but I still like it before some of these renovations were done

Since he "just happend" to have another book, Jim gets one too.

Now that you're confused, we're back by Lake Mead again

Nice cactus picture

This man has been working with gold wire for many years.  Does outstanding work

Helen. This is Jim's 1500 Classic.  She's been a good bike!   A little "long in the tooth" but still a good runner.

A landmark. Salvation Mountain, near the Salton Sea

One last shot of Jim and I with Jerry

Even if we'd planned to go, it would have been too late today.

Lots of Joshua Trees!

One of Leonard Knight's homes at Salvation Mountain

Fisher's Landing at Lake Martinez.  Good burger 

At The Range at Slab City

Well, one more :-)  I was engrossed with the information this man holds. 

Whole Chili Verde with cheese and bacon.  Good chow!

Prom night at the Range

Near 6800 feet, in back of the Hualapai Mountain Lodge

Wild Elk that don't look very wild.  This one licked Susan't hand

We had exceptionally fine entertainment.  The Stage at the Range.

Good picture, but I can't remember where she took it

Google it if you're interested.  One of Sonny Bono's projects as a California legislator, but he didn't live to finish it.

Good picture of Zmean1 and Badger

Keeping house at Slab City

At one time there were several thousand people out here.  Living free. It was an Army camp during WW2. The Slabs are foundations that were left when they destroyed the old barracks and other buildings.  Near the small town of Nyland, CA

On Hwy 95, North of Yuma, you can drive through a lettuce field and visit this small church.  Open to pray, meditate, or just enjoy the atmosphere.  Placed there by the Farmer that owns the land as a present to his Wife

The same farmer placed this cross on the mountain top behind the church

Petroglyphs on the "painted rocks"  They all have meanings, but no one is exactly sure what they mean.

Not Swastikas, but symbols from the Ancients.  This bridge was built before any German influence came to the area.  It's a little North of Yuma

The Mother Road.  Route 66, heading East out of Kingman.

Mitry Lake I think, will have to check with Katie

Valentine Flower

OK, had to add one more with Jerry

Joe is either pretending to be Esau, or maybe turning Werewolf.  But, he has a nice rose on his Voyager

We live in a beautiful part of our Country

Hackberry Store

I think this one may be in Castle Dome City

More Valentine's Day mushy stuff

Setting Sun

After leaving Hwy 95, we had about a mile of pavement before the last 12 miles of dirt to the Ghost Town
Hackberry Store has a burro too. 

I think these ARE the steps

Was a hard road back in the 30's.

I got the little Harley out  for the Route 66 day.  Seemed more fitting than the Wing. :-)

Ready to roll.  It's a cool morning up here at 3500 feet elevation

Back to the Salton Sea and the Tu Tu skirt

Was mid afternoon by the time we headed West to Oatman, in search of burros

Zmean1 (Miss Tu Tu) is having a mountain top experience

Fish hook cactus

Ready to ride over Sitgreaves Pass

The mining area at Castle Dome

Cool Springs Store.  They have a nice little museum and gift shop in there.

Katie and Susan?  Un..maybe not.  Pelicans at the Salton Sea

Back to the hill with the "Painted rocks".  This is the West side, where the petroglyphs are easier to see.

California poppies in Arizona

Jim kicking back at Cool Springs.  They sell these chairs.....for $300 each!

Dateland again.  We made gas stops both ways from Yuma.  

Perfect day for a ride.  Mid 70's, so we had to bundle up

The sun is going down, and we still have a ways to go

Back to Route 66.  Going over the Pass

Jim, Susan, and Joe

3 Pelicans

Guano covered pilings

Buttermilk Sky

Fishpond Spring.  Some nice gold fish in there.  A natural spring in the desert.

Those Pelicans again

Route 66 between Kingman and Oatman.  Clark Gable and Carol Lombard drove this route on their wedding day, to spend their honeymoon in Oatman.

Tar snakes

Back to the Salton Sea.  Sorry for the order of the pictures, but ..guess it doens't make a lot of difference

It's a walk to get to Fishpond Springs.  I made the sacrifice and volunteered to stay by bikes. :-)

Valentines Day, 2014

Joe had a little "bobble" leaving the pullout, but he kept it up, and on we went.

First picture in Oatman

Looks better without the old guy

Don't remember exactly where this was taken

Oatman residents.  They are wild, but when they get hungry, they like to come in and hit up the tourists and the locals

Glamis Dune area

Highway 78.  It's been a good day, we're on the way home

Entrance to Bombay Beach, Salton Sea

Nice ass

Down stairs is open.  Ice cream, snacks, gift shop and a bar. The upstairs has been closed off.  We were fortunate to visit here while you could still go up to see the honeymoon suite, that's still exactly like it was back when it was in use

Semi-live music

Sally was a good old girl

The tour guide ran out of steam.  Doing a little people watching while the youngsters continue with the walk around

Ohhhh....K.  :-)

Since we're still in Arizona, it's very common to see open carry, as well as a lot of lumps in various places

Heading back.  Going to Laughlin on the way home

Home of Laughlin River Run. And about 10 casinos

Pretty much a one street city

We're in Nevada!  And Susan is riding a Bike!  That means she can color in another State on her riding map.  Ummm..nice looking bike! :-)

The sun is starting to get low in the sky, and we have a ways to go to get home

Goodbye Laughlin, it's been fun

Sailing up the hill on Hwy 68.  Will be back in Kingman in about 30 minutes

Susan and Joe, our last morning in Kingman.  We went here in honor of Chunk. This was his favorite place to eat breakfast when he came to town.

Small place, but the food is good, the service is excellent, and the price is right.  Almost the end of a great weekend

Riding across the REAL London Bridge.  Over a portion of Lake Havasu.

Bill Williams Wildlife area

A jerk checking his phone

Nice sweeper

The only picture Katie didn't take.  This was yesterday afternoon on our porch

Joe must have a Gold Wing.  Nice reverse!  This is in Algodones, Mexico.  Parking isn't always easy.

Mexican refreshment.  Although on my blog, all the pictures in this post were taken by Katie Ayers.  Thanks to Jim and Katie for letting me post them.  She had twice as many (or more) on her camera card, it was hard to pick and choose!