Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stone Cabin Ride

In front of the Stone Cabin Fine Dining Cantina
Here's a link to an article from a year ago:

Rode up with Jim & Katie, and Jim (vroc 18396) and Jim, a friend of his, to meet up with Roger (Hoser) and his wife Gerry.  They had just purchased a motorhome in Quartzsite.  While the dealer was servicing it, they drove down here to meet up.

If you click on the picture, you can see the menu.  Our vroc newlyweds are seeing what they can have on their diet.

Jim from BC, Jim from BC, and Roger from Idaho.

My SW Burger with it's tongue hanging out.  The jalapenos were  under the cheese.

It was several degrees cooler up here then when we left Yuma.  Glad we brought jackets.

We had a nice visit, and all got acquainted.

The young lady with the ball cap is Randy, the owner's daughter.  This is her last day down here to work, tomorrow she's driving back to Washington State.

Gerry and Roger.  VROC members and new RV'ers!!

Semper Paratus

That pile of rocks is actually 3 walls.  The front harrow one is all fireplace.  This was built by 2 French Miners in 1769 (according to a store employee)  The mine and cabin are long gone.  There was a small store and service station here up into the 1960's.

Jim & Jim, riding South on Highway 95

The Aerostat near Castle Dome.  It's on a tether line.

This is Jim waiting for some road construction

This is Jim waiting for some road construction

Entrance to Yuma's Proving Ground.  Used by the military to test all kinds of desert equipment and weapons.  This week, NASA will be testing a parachute that will be used on a part for the new Orion.

Back in Yuma we saw this modified Geo Metro.  Nice hasp door lock...

Lots of cab and grill lights, Fender and hood by Bondo,  Aux. Storage by Saddle bag.

180,000 miles on the little 3 cylinder engine, runs like a top and gets 40 mpg.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good week

Katie Ayers with her first offering in a very Professional Art Show in Yuma.  We're excited for her!

Friends Dale & Ev Hanson, having their first breakfast at Jose's  in Mexico!

Ev had Huevos Rancheros, and Dale enjoyed these  Huevos y papas.  I think they'll be going back!

George, one of the singers at the Friday night "sing" in the Bard, CA, Community Building.  The sing had been going for for about 30 years.

People from all over the US & Canada show up to play and sing.  We just go to listen.

Bonnie and her husband, Jim, are a big part of the program.  Bonnie leads the few group songs, plays her guitar and sings.  Jim plays piano, trumpet, bucket bass, and probably other instruments.  They are very good!

Accordion player, with a wife that sings and is an excellent pianist.

Al plays the Steel, and has a great singing voice

Pat.  A first time singer from BC.  Her and her husband are motorcyclists!  We met them for the first time last Friday, but have been in the same internet bike group for over 7 years!  VROC !

The Flugal Horn add a lot the the program

Another 1st time group.  These 3 Sisters from Yuma entertained us with professional quality!  Sure hope to see them come back.

Ray has been the MC and drive behind the "Sing" for over 25 years.  Tomorrow Feb 27th, they will celebrate their 75th Wedding Anniversary!!!  A fine looking young couple!

Backing up one of the singers.

One of the Sisters from the trio did a solo.  

Bonnie and to perform with a "sore toe" tonight.  While carrying in Janet's Bucket Bass, Bonnie was helping get it in place, and it sort of fell on her foot.  It had to hurt!  Maybe next week she'll have on her steel toes safety shoes!

We usually go to the Mad Chef for s snack after the sing.  This is Amber, our favorite waitress.  She's picking up a "new to her" on Saturday, and is giving us the thumbs up.

Amber handled all 14 of us.  Very fast, and no mistakes on the orders or the tickets.  She's a great waitress.

Early Saturday morning I rode the scooter out to the Foothills to pick up a  small computer we saw in the morning paper.  I stopped for some coffee at a truck stop, and when returning to the scooter, this was parked behind me.  Wonder if he just came in from the interstate.............:-)

Old Harley Davidson seats at Britain's Farm.

Shade for the horses and part of the pavillion at Britain's.

Susie Mcentire and her husband Mark jointed up at our table Saturday night, before the Dinner Show.

This was the first time we've seen Susie perform live.  I like her every bit as good as her big sister Reba.

A real professional.  She made us all feel  happy.  If she comes back as planned next year, I hope to be right at the front table again!

A  purple petunia from the planter box.  Looks like it's made out of velvet.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

90 today!! 23 Feb 12.

Visited my "craftsman" friend again today.  He does very nice work!

We were on the bike in down town Algodones, and saw these guys getting airborne in the middle of the street!

The lady calls herself the "Mexican Viagra Lady".  She sells asparagus all winter.   The large packages of baby asparagus sell for 2 or 3 bucks a bundle, depending on the time of day.  Sometimes it's less.

These guys are part of a group that perform in the town square.  There is a Rodeo in town this weekend, I wouldn't be surprised if they show up there too.  Excellent dancers!

Back home, this bee is busy pollinating Tangelo blossoms! 

Jim (Wrongturn)  made up this line to hold some beads that Katie  needed to be green.  He's busy spraying them now.

So glad our tree is coming back to life.  It really looked bad after the long hot summer.  Don't know why, but it looks like we'll have a good crop by the end of summer.

Pat ordered a bed from Plow & Hearth, it just came in.  The foot board will be the head board down here, and the headboard will to to Kingman for the guest bed.

Some of the "Big, Bad, Bikers" from the park are off to see an art display at the College.  Katie is very seldom without that tiny camers she carries.

Bumping on 90 at 2 PM,  will keep slowly rising until around 4 or 5 PM.

It was chilly at 8 AM when I rode to Mexico.  That's the reason for the jacket.