Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jerome & Prescott bike trip Oct 20 & 21, 2014

The greeter in the Wikieup Store

Prickly Pear Shakes and Sundays.  Ya gotta be tough!

Some of the "For Sale" items

Nice Saguaro 

Pat, Kenny & Thelma in Skull Valley

The mining town of Jerome is built on the side of a mountain 

We learned a lot in the museum

Some of you VROC'ers will be familiar with this picture

It was embarrassing, but we had to ride with  a Harley :-)

Oregon Duck.  Waiting to pounce on a Beaver

Different camera.  Skull Valley

We enjoyed all the historic things to see in Jerome

Out house in the middle of town

Restaurants, and shops 

We ate at the Haunted Burger. This book case was in the ceiling. The food was excellent

Inside one of the museums

Many Chinese worked the mines here

Fun Store

Projector from earlier times

From the mining days

Ferries ride Harleys

It's a DRY heat

This guy performs on Mountain Stranded Time.

A little definition of Husband's alley than the one in the museum, but close. 

One of several Halloween costumes in this store

In Jerome

Douglas House.  Now a museum. 

Now in Prescott. Soooo many cool stores and cafes!

Court House Square

Western and Native American stores are all over town,

Big Buffalo

A lookout

Our transportation for this trip.  2009 Harley Ultra and an 2008 Gold Wing

We're going to stay here the next time in town!  It's WONDERFUL!

Have to watch out for Hooligan's here!


Thelma going into yet another shop

This is a cool purse.  I was going to buy it for Katie. Until I looked at the price. $259 bucks!  For that, I could buy a camera and take the insides out!  But, love the glitz!  You'll have to wait awhile on this one, Kate :-)

20% off Seniors on Tuesday. It's Tuesday!  I had some Jalapeno popcorn 

We passed on the bars on Whiskey Row, but enjoyed the other places.

Just like Tombstone.  a Birdcage.

Flags at the Courthouse

A very old building,  Bar and Restaurant

The entry to the A-1

I sat in the park and enjoyed a nice coffee while these 3 kept on shopping.  Guess they got tired, here they come.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chloride, Kingman, etc.

Sunset over Kingman, AZ.  October 17, 2014

Ed and Carl, brothers, and my good riding friends

Rudy belongs to Kenny and Thelma.  He's such a good boy!

I still think of Tony D. every time I look at the plate on my Wing

Peggy Sue patiently sits and waits for Elvis to come in.

A bit of Boulevard of Broken Dreams

1938 model Jukebox.  And it still sounds great

One of MANY antiques at the Hackberry Storre

Brunch Bunch ride to Lake Havasu City

They aren't as tough as the look :-)

After breakfast soft drinks at Hooches in Topock

Some October Desert flowers

Painting in the men's room at Hooches.

This rider is "packin"

A couple from Belgium was riding this bike.  On their way South from Prudoe Bay, Alaska. They have been on the road since 2011. Travel in Europe and Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and now riding to the tip of Argentina.  Interesting couple. They gave me their blog address, but I lost it :-(

Lunch during Miner Days

Thelma, Pat, and Kenny

There was a couple of guys singing and playing in there. EXCELLENT music!

An old house next to the original band in Chloride

Back to Kingman for Sunday afternoon music in the park. A German Band.

Giganticus Headicus.  Painted pink to support "Save the TaTa's" month

A regular afternoon ride up to Crazy Horse Store.  I alternate bikes to keep the batteries charged up.

Nice Cactus in Northside Kingman. It was moved here from Phoenix 27 years ago.  Healthy and growing.
Chillin' on Beale Street Saturday night. Nice Willy's

Engine in a 1959 Studebaker. Exceptionally clean

Lots of cool street rods.

This fueler was barely street legal.  In fact, it probably isn't. But, what a sound! And smell :-)

Early Air Conditioner

Nice Edsel

Pretty cool back in 1959.  Really cool in 2014

We like living here on Route 66

Halloween long hair Chihuahua

This is where we ended the Saturday night