Saturday, April 16, 2016

Up to 16 April 2016

Near Whiskey Row in Prescott

Inside an antique Store

Taking the long way home


Road, cactus, sky

Looking and snapping


Should I give them a ride?

Pretty country

Heading into the diner for a malt

Good place to eat in Bagdad.  Good thing, since there is only one other place

Marilyn's wall

The King

Nice and clean, and the food is good.  They were getting ready to close, that's why it's almost empty

Out front of the Diner is this Mexican Yellow Bird of Paradise

Cool Springs

Reds and yellows are in bloom

Ocotillo flowers and a lump

Flower above Fish Bowl Spring

Gold fish in the Desert..Hard to find, unless you know where this is....

Rugged Country

Ronda and Karen coming down from the Spring


The city doesn't sell carrots to feed them anymore, they sell Alfalfa cubes 

Karen bought some Burro food

Nice outfit

Cactus growing inside a store

The Saguaro roof from the outside 

From inside the mine shaft

Pat and Karen near a tunnel light

Shootout every day at high noon.  Several different shows

On the way to the Honeymoon room

The room, the bed.

Ceiling and walls are plastered with bills in the Oatman Hotel Restaurant 

Looks like Mexico, except for the prices

For making Doggy rest stops

Queen of the HOG chapter

Karen playing dead

Burro playing dead (he is fine, just resting)

I grew up on Beacon Hill. But, in Southern Oregon.

BIG flasks!

Outlet mall in Laughlin

Golden Nugget in Laughlin, NV

Dinner in the Claim Jumper

6 layer chocolate cake

You can buy the whole cake!

He never gets tired of playing

Breakfast for the ladies.

Thelma & Louise continuing on their Road Trip

Bye, Ladies.  We had a fine time!

Grand Canyon yesterday

Note the trail

Karen walked a ways down.  This was full zoom

Knowing there was now food service at the Trail Head, we packed a lunch

Big Sky Country