Friday, November 29, 2013

29 November 2013

Today it was Bill's turn to make Old Faithful blast off.

We have several Kitties in the park.  This one discovered out Cactus fountain, good place for a little drink.

For several years, we go to the Yuma Nursery Supply to pick up a couple bowls of flowers.  They will last until we're ready to leave in April.

There are so many of these "Bowls of Beauty" that it's hard to choose.  We got 2 this morning, may pick up on more next week.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

26 November Mexico, etc.

Old Greyhound track swap meet.  This guy is advertizing tattoos and body piercing 

There were several booths with this style of pants. Guess it must be the item of the year.  Over  a hundred vendors, and about half of them sell women's fancy undies and glitzy clothes.

Need a purse?  Like the colors!

Lunch.  A monster dog, wrapped in bacon.  And one persimmon.

Sunday evening.  A flautist, Viola and Harp.  EXCELLENT concert.  All long time members of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra.  Highly enjoyed this.

Just inside the border in Algodones.  Rode White Lightning over there this morning.

Shopping list:  Hair cut.  Breakfast.  Candied pecans for Pat. it all done/

Just a little color

There are many places to eat in Algodones, and I've tried several of them.  Usually end up here, like the owner and his staff. Food it good too.

Molcas is Spanish abbreviation for the stone bowl used for grinding food.  It's the nickname of Jose, the owner of the Cafe.

Juanita is putting together the set-ups I usually get with what ever we order.

The food isn't as good here, and costs more.  But....I do love the colors!

Stopped at the park clubhouse on the way out of town.   Linda and Marlys are choosing their Tuesday morning pastry.  Would I rather stay here and eat a donut...or go to Mexico and see what Molcas has to offer...Hmmmm, not a hard choice.  See ya later!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

San Diego ride

Kenny and Thelma.  We're at Imperial Gardens in Bard, CA.  They are having their first Shake.

San Diego was cloudy and cool when we arrived here at my Daughter Debra's house.
Kenny and Thelma rode down from Kingman to join me for the ride to San Diego. They will spend a few days here in Yuma

Inside my daughter Debra and her husband Jim's home.  We had a chilly ride out Interstate 8 to get here.  About 170 miles. Crossed 3 passes over 4100 feet elevation.  Got down to 48 degrees!  I was prepared, but my "new to the West Coast" friends from Arizona almost froze on the bike.

Haven't know where this old boot camp picture was for years!  Debra's grandmother gave it to here some time ago.  Was I really ever that young? I think 19 when this was taken in Alameda, California

Debra prepared a sumptuous lunch.  Back in Yuma now, and still full!

Can't remember what kind of cake his was, but the Rum/Carmel sauce was delicious!  The hole cake was deliciousI'm never eating again!  Thanks to Deb and Jim for a good visit and some fine dining! And thanks to Kenny and Thelma for going with me.