Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Angie's house

1924 Indian.  Guy is going to start it for the first time after a rebuild in a few days.  Waiting for a couple more parts

Inside Sherm's Cycle Products.  There are 2 service bays and this large office and showroom.  It used to be a NAPA store, right on Hwy 38 in Reedsport, OR

Now in Lincoln City.  This is Devils Lake.  Wild ducks in the evening sunshine

My daughter Angie's House.  Her husband Darren is standing on the porch, he just finished a great BBQ dinner

Maxx loves the Lake.  He even gets on the surfboard with the grand kids

Jon is 11, and an excellent wake board rider

Nathan (no picture yet) likes surfing best, but Jon likes the lake sports

The tow boat has a 350 Chev engine, plenty of beans to go fast.   He's crossing the wake here.

Ripping in for a landing. We had a nice boat ride, it was fun watching him.  Will get some pictures of Nate on here tomorrow.

Monday, July 30, 2012

30 July. Coos Bay

Bill and Jessie in the Coffee room. Seems like I haven't even been gone.

Hot Tub at the Bay Area Athletic Club.  Very hot, clean, and wonderful after an hours exercise

Mary is instructing from pool side due to a recent surgery.  She'll be back in the water next week

Mermaids in the Hot Tub
Carving in Pony Village Mall.  Preston adjusting a hand sanitizer stand

6 or 8 nice walking sticks in this store

Cut Geodes in the landscaping  

This was all done by a young man in his 20's.  It's a minature golf course. He's spent almost 8 years, and thinks it will be another 7 years before he's finished covering the whole house.

The whole house is covered with interesting things. even some gem stones

Venus Flytrap.   All the plants in the raised boxes are carnivorus

Another Venus Flytrap.  Very interesting yard

Drooping Fuchsias.  We're in Karen and Preston's yard now

Karen's beautiful Hydrogenous.  Lavender, with tiny blue centers 

The "easy care" flower garden at the Clements

The back porch flowers.  We'll be leaving in the morning, heading  North on the Oregon Coast

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day at the Fair

"Handyman" Biglefti tearing apart Preston's Weed Eater.

Pat and Karen are cheering him on.

This weed eater is getting serious.  Preston is hoping for the best

Two elephants were giving rides at the Fair.  Talk about "Thunder thighs"

Been a long time since we've been to the Fair.  It's much smaller than in the "Good Old Days", but still a lot of fun

Looks a little like our Mexican Swap meet, but the prices are a lot higher

Our group heading for the Food Court

All the normal Fair Food Vendors were available

Karen,  Pat, and a friend we met Square Dancing.  Cathy is a line dance instructor, and is in training to be a Round Dance Cuer.

Booth for the Sets in Order.  It's a Square Dance Club we used to dance with.

At least 50 some beautiful quilts were on display.  I'll only post 2 pics,  my favorites.

Love the colors in this one

The band stand and entertainment center taken from an up stairs display area

Many Flowers, Vegetables, etc.  I won't post those, but this rose was growing in  the grounds area, it's just beautiful.

One pint Kerr jar melted on to a stand.  Redneck Wine Glass...The topic is "Wine and Roses"

The Motorcycle  Related part:  Every year the Retreads have a 3 day campout here here in this area.  Lots of food, and  some good entertainment.  We attended them for years, but will miss out on it not that we're located farther South.

A Memorial Goat must be some kind of breed I haven't heard of.

This ladyis spinning Angora yarn from this pretty bunny.  A renewable resource.  Check out her shoes.

MANY sizes,  shapes, and colors of chickens.

A cute couple.

Coleeta Quigley.  We took our first square dance lessons with her and her husband Chuck back in 1998.  She has gone on to be a Caller.

They had 3 squares doing demo dances to promote lessons that will start in the Fall.  It was nice to see some old friends.
Before we left, Pat had to have ice cream at the Purple Cow.  Lanny had enticed her with his large cone.  Lanny is getting ready to head on on his bike, inland, to Bend, OR.  We had a good day! 
Left overs.  Was too hungry to think of a picture of the whole meal. :-)  Pat's son Gary, gave us a large batch of fresh Salmon, just caught a couple days ago.  Sliced  up a long fillet, seasoned, dredged in flour, dipped in egg, then covered with Panko crumbs.  A very quick fry in deep oil.  Deeeelicious!  

Made it to Coos Bay

Pat with her youngest son Gary.  He's pointing out what the bear is looking at.

1941 vintage compensating  binnacle from an old Navy ship

One on several nice paintings in the Johnny's Marina office.

There are several herds of Wild Elk that live the Pacific Coast Highway.  This is just South of Orick, California

There were 5 or 6 Bulls and about a dozen lady Elk in this group that was resting here just above the waterline

Coastal Fog on Highway 101.  We passed several motorcycle riders, singles and groups going both ways.  It's COLD riding in this stuff.

Redwood Forest.  Finally the sun came out.  We're near the Oregon Border now

My brother Tom Acord, has a small farm in Kerby, OR.  It's near the Oregon Caves. This sculpure was made from horse shoes by  a friend of his.

Tom & Kathy have a nice guest cabin on the farm. It's very comfortable and well furnished with Western goodies

One of their barns

Beacon HIll.  East side of Grants Pass, Oregon.  The cut you see at the base is I-5. That section was homesteaded by my Grandfather and Great Uncle.  It was sold off in pieces, my dad sold the last 160 acres back in the 1950's.  

Highway 42, heading to the Coast

Coos River.  The size of the logs in this deck sure aren't the size we're used to seeing.  This are Alder, probably headed to the chipper.

Night 4.  We're parked at Preston & Karen's home in Coos Bay.  Lanny jointed us up here, and will be spending the night.  Saturday, we'll all attend the Coos County Fair

Visiting after dinner.

We've been friends with Karen & Preston for 25 years!  It's good to see them  again!