Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Some late Feb pictures and March

Chuck (MacGuy) and Francis, visit "The Little Church in the Lettuce Fields"

It seats 12 people,...if you sit very close!

Bougainvillea at the Church door 

The "Marlys Mobile"

Saw this in the "Park 'n' Sell" out in the foothills

Big onions.  They are raising these for seed.

You can smell them a ways off

They will use both the seeds and the onions that are in the ground


This field is close to where we live

Almost ready to harvest

Red lettuce

Salad fixin's

The last Soup and salad potluck of the season

Always a popular event, we have several of these during the Winter

Too many different kinds to try...All good

Marlys on her daily walk in the park

Rough party above Lute's Casino

Vulcans at the Vulcan factory

Neon, and on, and on and on...

Hundreds of interesting wall decorations here

Many of the poster and pictures are sign personally by the subjects in them

Our VROC group ate there with our guests, Chuck and Francis from Washington State

Clark keeps his eye on the game

Cousin to the Jackolope
These Bougainvillea were at the restaurant out at Martinez Lake 

This is a small part of a large restaurant, bar, and dance hall.

Fresh Cuban Ceegars

It made it to it's new home here in Kingman

Rode it over to show Kenny and Thelma

Pat and I took Marlys to Martinez Lake today, she used to visit out here often when she had a friend that lived here

She was surprised at some of the newer houses

Our view from the patio of  Fisher's Landing where we ate

Flat calm today

An inlet up near the Wildlife reserve

Parking lot at the US Army Proving Ground.  You never know what you'll see out here

Ooops.  Maybe a copy, but I'll leave it in anyway :-)

Proud Rooster

Midnight patiently waiting for Jacki to give her a bath in the warm morning sunshine

Marlys with family members from Chandler that came to visit her

Pinatas in Mexico

Molca's Taco stand.  My favorite place to eat in Algodones

Pau Mtz (Bangla)


A young beautician, she works in the streets. And a young tourist girl happily get a new "do"

Katy at the Gazebo she shared with Pat at the Garden Cafe in Yuma.  They went of a walking tour of Old Town, Yuma, then had lunch here.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Stone Cabin Ride

Went on a morning ride.  This is the Desert!

We still have several bikes in the park.  Some have left for the season.  Doug and Jacki, Don and Nancy joined us on the ride to Stone Cabin today.

Susan is going to sell this beautiful bike. She MAY have a buyer already!

Stone Cabin has been here since the 1700's!  Lots of history in this area.

For a desolate place in the desert, Randy has a good menu, and good service.

Our five bikes, and a Bergman 400 that another customer was riding.  

Aw yes!  We do have phone service!

Always fun having Don and Nancy along for the ride

Randy has been coming from Washington State down here to this location for the last 7 years.  The property is being sold, so next year he'll be set up in Quartzsite.  We'll support him us there.

Doug and Jacki live right across from us int he Park.  They are anxious to get home to pick up their 2016 Harley, that is being set up with a gazillion chrome and performance parts!!

Susan has already set up another ride for tomorrow!

A couple ladies came in with this little girl.  Very well behaved, and so very cute!

It was a coincidence that I ended up in front of the Coast Guard flag. :-)

Randy joined up for awhile.  Interesting man.