Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 2016

After a long month of traveling, it's nice to be home for awhile.

Prescott to visit the VA..and some treats

They only make a few of these Cinnamon rolls every day.  Pat is fond of them.  I stopped to get a couple to bring home 

Arranged to meet Lanny in the Lone Spur for lunch

Lots of wall decorations

Sort of a Cowboy place
Lanny rode his bike up from Sun City West.  We had a good lunch
Low Carb omelette.  No bread or potatoes

Starting our annual yard sale

Early friday morning.  Waiting for customers

Most of the proceeds went as a donation to HALT (Help Animals Lives Today)  The bike didn't sell

We have a house guest.  Rudy is staying with us for a week while Kenny and Thelma are visiting in Pennsylvania 

He shares his time with Pat and I.

Will miss this bike, but I don't ride it much,  So time to move it while it's still relatively new


Rudy relaxing after a hard day

Pulled the wheel to replace brake rotors

A ride with friends Ed and Carl. East of Wikieup

Went to Bagdad for a soda pop

The ceiling in the Bellagio Lobby in Las Vegas

The large pumpkin weighs 146 pounds

We joined our friends from Texas. Kay, Vickie, their Mother, Brother, and Pat

Three kinds of chocolate in the fountain

We've know Vickie and Kay for almost 30 years.  Good friends

The chocolate fountain starts way up high

Typical Las Vegas

New shiny Brake rotors!  No more squeals

Pat cooked dozens of cookies for a HALT bake sale. These are just a few

Test ride to Crazy Horse Store.  New brakes were perfect

Hard to steal when it's chained in a tree

Moon rise over the Peacock Mountains. And our Florida Wind chimes.  Thanks Joe and Susan

Kingman Suburbs 

Moonshadow playing at Hackberry store

Drink of the day

She plays and sings excellent.  Enjoyed listening for awhie

Kenny and I rode to Oatman in the afternoon

Lots of hungry little burros out today

Kenny taking off layers.  It was hot. But, you have to advertise

Big Red

One of many gift shops

Gun fighters

Place for Romy's favorite Indian Taco .  Huge piece of fry bread.  Piled with ice cream, and Peaches.  topped with about 6 inches of whipped cream

The little ones have stickers asking not to be fed. Their tummys don't like the cubes of alfalfa people buy to feed the burros

Early ride to Seligman on route 66 with Ed and Carl

These stainless steel cups keep ice for a long time

Sun rise from our back yar

Jim and Katies Car port in Yuma.  We just got in.  Will be taking the trailer back to Kingman in a few days.

Dale and Linda from Canada have this Apartment reserved for the Season

Molcas Tacos.  My favorite place to eat in Los Algodones

I doubt if any one ever asks to get out without paying. The food is delicious

The first 4 days back here it's been very warm. Today in November 1st and it was only 85.  Felt cool!

Dra. Anna Maria's waiting room.  Our Dentist for several years

Getting a Pedi at La Bonita Spa

Pau Mtz.  Bringing food

Pat had the chicken tortilla soup.  Everything was perfect!

Friends in the Purple Pharmacy

Combination Halloween and Mexico's Day of the Dead

Octoberfest n the park

Just before we left to come down, I went with Ed and Carl to do some sighting in and target shooting.