Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 2014 trip.Montana Canada etc.

Saco, Montana

Only place open in town

We enjoyed a good breakfast, and visited with some bicycle riders on their way to Bar Harbor, Maine form Anacortes, Washington.  They were in their 60's and 70's


Main Street in Hinsdale.  Only a few businesses still in business

At one time, a very busy little city

A shame to see old stores shut

This bank is rented to some hunting club

Getting out bearings and checking out where the 2 activities will be this weekend

El Rancho Marlys.  Guests are arriving

One of the family friends, Gloria, owns this pottery shop. She's been in business for 38 years. She is also a retired Post Mistriss

Green room. Actually, looks a little more brown

Of course we bought some things.  Gloria went to Italy to learn how to make 1500's pottery.  So, it's pretty old, but still looks nice.

Show room

This house was owned by Marlys' grandparents and parents.  Been a house, and for a while it was the local hospital.  

Looked like the whole town showed up for the "before birthday" potluck in a local bar.

Dale, Linda, Roger, Gloria and Pat.  The Yuma crowd.  That's Marlys' sister next to Linda

Gary Robert, Marlys, Terry Lee.  Her "boys"

Dale, Mr. Chatty Kathy, had fun with all the visiting

Marlys was born in this building 90 years ago from the day I took this picture

This was the venue for the big party. Lots of friends and family was there. In fact, about the whole town!

Cakes, and LOTS of other goodies, served at the afternoon party

In Canada.  Quick stops are few and far between, and they aren't the same as on the US side of the border.

Across the street from Linda's Condo.  I think that when it's in use during the winter, they have cots instead of chairs to watch.  The games are so slow, that you can take naps and not miss much.

Inside the "Dale and Linda" house.  It's very nice

Our first meal in a Tim Hortons.  Very good!  Except for the coffee. :-)

Waskesiu, Saskatchewan.  We visited this very nice National Park.

Dale and Linda were great Tour Guides.  They knew where to find the ice cream!

Cabins for sale or rent.  Rooms to let, $300 a night!

This golf course is a play ground for mosquitoes.  They are the size of humming birds

A very nice place to eat in Prince Albert

Lemon sauce potatoes and dry rubbed Greek seasoning on the ribs.  Different.  But good.

Del Casa Waugh.  Inside Dave's new garage in Airdrie, Alberta.  He built this, and a fine job he did!

Pat, Romy and Dave.  This was thick and wonderful Pizza.  Romy and I had a side of anchovies. Yum!

A flower in a flower

Canadian Rockies.  Lots of pretty mountains, but rain, fog and low clouds blocked most of the scenery

Back in the USA. This old Beemer has been on a trip!

I think I'd be thinking about installing one of those spare tires

We must be close to home!  A Seagull!  Actually in Eastern Washington

He's carrying both road and off road tires

Good food at the Cow Creek Mercantile.  Ritzville, WA

Horse shoes!

We've had 2 weeks of rain

Chicken for Romy

These would look in our friend Kenny's garage!

I don't want a pickle..just wanna ride my motor sicle!

This was our first night on the road. Cedar City, UT.  Cold rain and it didn't stop except for a few breaks for the whole trip

Back in Otis, OR.  This Cafe has fantastic food!

Our big splurge of the trip for food.  A huge breakfast

Daughter Angie's deck. this is the view from their living room

Tanger Outlet Mall in Lincoln City.  it was so cold I had to buy a coat!  Seriously!

Looks like something you would see at a VROC rally

Old farm in Saskatchewan 

Rest stop somewhere

A dinner theater

Looks like fun

The little car has worked hard.  Done well

Dave built this green house for Romy

And this chicken house. They have 26 babies in there

The new bike shop

A little muddy.  But a very nice house

Dave has 2 Deeres

Too muddy to ride

They house tour

Getting ready to leave in the pouring rain.  Romy insisted Pat wear her "gum boots", they she walked out with an umbrella over Pat's head.  A send off in the rain.

The other Deere

A Waugh guard kitty

They will keep 13 of these babies and give the others away

Rain horses

Dave's brother works for New Holland, so he came over to cover up Dave's John Deere switch plates

The basement Suite. This is where we spent the night

Up stairs

Back in the basement.  this fire burned all night

Leaving in the morning

We're getting used to this




Almost sunny


Took a lot of pick and shovel work to make this road

A rock

A lodge

A Hot spring

To the Park

Gas was $5.55 a US Gallon at this station

2 ladies were traveling on this bike

Pink hat for Susan Zmean1

Hose rack

Canola growing

A phone picture of that bike in Washington

The rider was taking a nap or we would have talked to him

Nice Rest stop in Washington State

I think this was in the Cow Creek Store

More Romy chickens

and still more

Last chicken

Food and tourist stuff

We just left Linda's kitchen in Birch Hills.  I think the food was better than it would be here.
Grandson Jon's chickens

A raccoon ate 2 of his 4 duckies. This two pulled through

Jon is raising some more laying hens

The rain is coming, Jon and Pat are fixing the chicken play house

Some medals from out Surfer boys

Angie, Jon, Darren and Max. Nathan is off working in a summer camp in central Oregon

Oregon State has a lot of bridges

Heceta Head

Most photographed lighthouse on the West Coast

It's a long way down to the sea

We're almost home!

We spent over 30 years working and playing in this area

Tourist trap

In Coos Bay.  Karen's Sweet Peas

Preston and Karen's Lower 40

A Clamborree in Empire


Pat with Preston and Karen. Eating and listening to some fine music.  Well, listing to music

The High School Lab band was excellent.  They fronted for these stars. A foggy morning.