Thursday, November 22, 2018

3 day Lanny trip Nov 2018

Balloons over Yuma

After riding through the Imperial Dunes,  cruised by El Centro, at several miles below Sea Level, we climbed up the Mountains West on I-8.  First stop of the ride is the Desert Tower.

4 levels of interesting "stuff" then on up to an observation area.  You can see everything on the first floor for free, but to go on up to other levels, or to take the outside stroll through rocks and scary things, you have to pay $6.50.  I was thinking I'd probably seen enough, but being the Gentleman that he is, Lanny had already paid for 2 tickets.  What at guy.  It also came with a quarter from the Docent to use in the telescope. He gave me the quarter, but I did share it with Lanny. 

Swiss Army Bike.  Pretty cool, and in a condition that would be easy to restore to original. If you cold find parts.  Asking price reduced to $4800.  Would have probably been less if they removed all the Swiss Army Knives from the Saddlebags.

This is the source of the Eerie sounds in the night

This guy just arrived in one of the UFOs down the street

Not exactly an antique

This would be my room of choice of rooms on a cold winter night

I should remember who this is, but the name has slipped my mind.  But I like the picture

I was trying to figure out how they got this heavy desk up to the 3rd level.  duh...Lanny showed me how it easily was broken down to 4 or 5 parts.

We made it to the top, first thing I saw was these 3 large dogs out playing. This is a max zoom.

Solor Panels on top of a nicely painted building.  "Been ridin so long...Singing the same ol' song"

We'll be up close to these pretty soon

Badlands of California.  And Interstate 8
CHP patiently waiting to nail someone.

Several outbuilding and living areas down there.  We saw a few young men, a few very little kids, but no ladies of any age.

Yep!  Our bikes are still there.  Well, Lanny's bike. My little Scooter.

Zoomed in with my phone

One of 2 entrances to the Tower

Hard to read, but tells about the tower.

Entry to the caverns

Gate Guard

Lanny braved the higher levels.  I think he went up there to look for a better sell phone signal

One of the Dentists from South of the Border should come over and work on these teeth

Another greeter

Toe Tower looks a lot smaller from over here

It worked!  He's on line!

Creepy thing in bushes

We had a good time exploring. Was easier to get up than it was to come down

Ready to saddle up

Cacti of many kinds

Our neighbor Craig has been looking for a nice pull trailer. This would be perfect!

A red UFO along with the other stuff here

I mentioned on Facebook, that John (Coyote) finally gave up on the Dallas Cowboys.  He came out here, and opened up this thriving business.

Lanny probably talking to his motorcycle.  He had to buy an iPhone to control it.  That's not a joke, it  really works that way!

Late breakfast in a very nice old restaurant

I turned down the beans, rice and tortillas.  Pretty boring, but it tasted good

Needed gas.  California is a shocker at the station.

Expensive. But...not real good either...

Perkins Store

Makes up almost the whole town.

After a brisk ride up Highway 73, we arrive in Julian, CA

We have had several ride destinations that have ended here.  A favorite VROC pie place

Not just Apple, but all kinds of pies.

Lanny talking Gold Wings with a Cowboy

We like this place too

We just realized that if we dallied around any longer, it would be very dark by the time we got to our destination.

Julian street

Many, many, shops of all kinds

Even horse and buggy rides

Time to boogie out of here.

A stop down near Santa Ysabel at the Mission

Beautiful Fall Day

650 cc of Rolling Thunder

This well known place is closed for remodeling

All the facilities you might need

We were a little late for the wedding

Lanny thinks we're at the site of this old store

This is were I lost to sock from my mic.  Still worked all right for the rest of the trip

Henshaw Lake


We're here!  Lanny's Sister, Sheri, and husband, Ken have been waiting for us.  A beautiful home, and the Rib eyes were delicious!

Evening around the pool

Ken at his outside kitchen

A gardener's cottage in the back

Lanny and Sheri catching up on the news

The next morning, after close to 80 miles of  a couple busy freeways, we arrived West of Simi Valley at the Ronald Reagan Library

Entry to the very large facility

He was a good man

Lanny and Ron

Feeling very Patriotic

Didn't know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised at the huge variety of exhibits and stories we saw and heard.

Oval office.  All the Docents were excellent speakers and told true stories about all these areas.

Part of the Oval Office.  This is an exact replica

One of the several examples of Nancy's actual dresses.  Most of the displays explain where she work each of the outfits

REALLY good pilot!  Flew Air Force 1 in here, flaps down, slam on brakes, and here it is! 

This airplane really gets my heart beating, just being near and inside it.

Kawasaki escort bikes.  

A large room with White House trees from many decades

Entrance to AF 1

Welcome aboard, Mr. President

Offices, electronice, press room, a suite with bed.  Very functional. We were told of some of the interesting things that had taken place in these rooms on the plane.

New Police BMW that led Reagan's funeral parade

Marine 1

Reagan's Limo.  Well built car

Marine 1 Cockpit

Engine intake

Loud pipes save lives!

Large sections of the Berlin Wall, Lanny crawled through several of them, and popped out here.

Lanny ran the legs off this pony!

From the North side of the Complex.  Smoke from California Fires

The South Lawn

Fine Dinner Sheri had waiting for us.  Another battle with Las Angeles traffic. Either Fast, or Stopped. And some lane splitting.  Was very glad to get off the scooter tonight!

They do everything together.  Even wiping up a coffee spill.

Gracious Host and Hostess,  And just very nice people. Was a real treat meeting them.


The last "Goodbyes" for this trip

Well know biker hangout. But, they don't open until late morning

I remember gong by Cooks Corner years ago, but the streets have all changed a lot. Nothing looks familiar

On Highway 94, East of San Diego a ways, is this little town. We've been on Old highway 80 for awhile.  Several very small communities,   Perfect weather, lots of fun things to see.  Lanny polished off a couple of huge tacos here.  I had some excellent coffee.

Free Birds

Transportation Museum.  Closed

We've been following the border most of the morning.  Here's a section of the Wall.

Border Patrol vehicle sitting on a high place, watching the wall

The White complex is in Mexico.  Big house.

Lanny says he found a trail that illegals use.  He's checking it out.

More wall pictures

This bridge goes over a wash on Historic Highway 80

RR tracks look like they haven't been used for awhile

The town that I-8 bypassed

Nice place

Hot Springs

A school

Almost ready to jump back on I-8 for the Blast home.

One of Lanny's pictures

That's it for this trip.  We're going to plan another one soon. But...There WON'T be any Gridlock lane splitting!  I'm too old for that any more.  Thanks Lanny. And Sheri and Ken.  it was all good.  Especially your coffee!