Thursday, August 28, 2014

Trip to La Mesa and others

Because of using 2 cameras, these pictures are not in any order.  They were all taken over the last 4 days though.  I'll just make comments, so you'll get the idea.  This was an early morning picture in downtown Julian, CA

Mom's isn't the best pie shop in Julian.  But, it one of the oldest, and I usually gravitate to it. A absolutely beautiful ride from near sea level up to over 4000 feet to get up here to Apple Country on Hwy 78.  

Ate some before remembering a picture.  Hot out of the oven.  When you ask for "no sugar added", you get NO sweetener added.   Pretty sour, but the crust was excellent.  And, the coffee was VERY good. $5.89 for pie and a small coffee.  Not cheap, but worth every penny!

Usually, there is a waiting line just to get a seat.  No problem this morning.  They start baking at 4 AM.   There were some local Coffee drinkers in the back, but most of the tables were empty at 7 AM.

My oldest (won't say how old) daughter Debra's home in La Mesa, CA.  She's a real gourmet cook.  And always can use vanilla, so we'd picked up a liter of clear and a liter of dark in Mexico.  This was a delivery trip.

Deb and her husband Jim are active in animal rescue and placement into "forever" homes.  She only has her 8 year old Yorkie and these 2 puppies right now.  The little ones are already almost all trained, so when the time comes, they will be bringing more rescued animals home.

Debra and granddaughter Robinette.  They prepared lunch, and it was sooooo good.  Robinette is a Vegan, so she eats a little different than the rest of us. She made some Vegan dinner rolls that were as good as any other kind.  I took a picture, but it was blurry so I didn't post it.

A tart made with goat cheese and fresh figs. A crushed almond crust. This was the best tasting thing I've eaten in ages.  Like maybe forever! :-)

Deb and I.  For you guys that visited the Lighthouse with me last month...That Seth Thomas clock over my shoulder, was used there to time the radio beacon.  Still has the timing marks on the face of the clock.  There were three of them, they were in what is now the gift shop out there. They were replaced with more modern clocks prior to the Radio Beacon going obsolete.

Granddaughter Robinette.  

2.5 day trip, covered 765 miles.  Here, I'm in the middle of the Imperial Valley.  It's HOT.  I've been rolling my own Thunder.

Probably officially a little over 110, but with the heat from the pavement, the meter pegged.

After spending the night in Yuma, I had to say goodbye to little Rosie.  She's almost full grown now.  Still a bundle of joy!

Back to a different camera.  Just before leaving, I removed a lot of plastic and other parts from the Gold Wing.  Shipped of the ECM to a place in PA, so they can do their magic on it. Hopefully will have it back in a few days and get this all back together

Would you pay $90,000 for one of these?  They make 150 of them a year, and they do sell.  This is a Condederate. All hand machines. V-twin engine by Jim's.  Performance Specialists (Thomas Kelly) is the only dealer West of the Mississippi.  These two are here having some work done, will go to Las Vegas when he's finished.

Movie actors and Professional athletes are the main customer base for these

Mean machine!

Kenny and I rode out to the Hackberry General Store.  I hadn't made up my mind to leave yet, but left the next morning

Swiss Misses.  They didn't speak much English, but stopped to take pictures of our bikes at Hackberry

Left Kingman early, thinking I'd miss the forecasted rain.  I got about 10 miles out of town to the West and got dumped on.  Big Thunderstorm, lots of Lightning and Thunder, and heavy rain.  Only lasted about 10 minutes.  Enough to get the bike dirty and soaked by trucks.

Highway 62 in California.  Not much out here. Cloudy, with a few rain drops, but getting very hot

Interesting sign. Met a young couple from Finland that's visiting the US for a month.

34 oz. mug.  a lot of coffee and water has been inside it!
The Salton Sea. A big part of California bad it drying up.. Unless something changes, it only has a few more years, then will dry up.

Finally starting to clear up. And the Temperature is going up.

Another picture of Julian

A fun place to visit.  Interesting buildings, shops, and places to eat.  Several bakeries too :-)

The shops are just opening

About 6 AM is Lynda Vista RV park.  I was greeted by the park kitties

Sunrise.  the rec area and golf green is looking good

Very different that Winter!  The little tin box on the right is ours. The motorhome by my Harley belongs to Marlys.  With her permission, I spent the night there, since she has 2 large Air Conditioners.  The thermometer on her kitchen table read 113 when I pulled in.  I plugged in the electricity and fired them up.  By the time I returned from dinner, it was down to a pleasant 80.

Add caption

My morning greeter

Lots of chickens in the park

Green, Green, grass of home.  the back of our place and Jim & Katies next door.

Our little Tangelo tree is loaded with fruit.  We thought we were going to lose it last year.  It's mature, and the guy we bought the place from over pruned it.  Looked pretty sick, but it's perked up and really will have a nice crop.

Well, that's a wrap for now.  It was a good trip.  Bike ran perfect, but I need to work on getting the A/C on it to cool better :-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Brunch Bunch Day

9 of us rode to Peach Springs for Brunch.  Cool morning, perfect riding conditions

Some needed gas so we stopped at Truxton on the way home

David carrying his purse into breakfast

Norma said she's used to hanging out with Jackasses

Except for one that already left, and the photographer, this was the ride group

1st Bike Night at Mr. D'z.  Guess we're Charter Members :-)

John and Alice, Harley and Karon, had just returned from a 4 day rain ride to Idaho. We enjoyed their stories. And glad they made it back safely in spite of the rivers they had to ford

Took a while to get served, but it gave us time to visit

I think sticking with ice cream may be a good idea :-)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Aug 17

Hole in the sky over Bull Mountain

Just a few minutes later in front of our house

Kenny, Thelma and Pat. Locomotive park.  International Route 66 Festival. Lots of music, cars, and booths selling interesting things, as well as many activities every day

Garlin Hackney Band. All the entertainment was excellent.

Looks a little weird, but she's a very pleasant young lady

About half of an order of onion rings.  The post was about 18 inches tall. We ate quite a few before thinking about a picture.

Elvis is in the house

Closest gas station to our house. This is where I topped off a couple times today to check gas mileage on the Harley

Several hundred cars from all over the US and even some shipped in from foreign country's are in town for the Festival

Parked this bike downtown with a for sale sign on it.  No calls. :-(

Just what Henry Ford had in mind when he made these 1923 model T's.

Rousch  Shelby Mustang

Couple of my favorites

Pretty tacky

These guys were wandering around town. Not sure what..if anything, they did. Other than look tough

As you can see, my tank is full up into the neck, covering the 3 holds in the splash plate.  This was after the mileage fillup.  I was exactly like this when I started the test

.846 Gallons added to bring it up to full

53.6 miles.  The math comes out to 63.35 Miles per Gallon.  Two lane highway (Stockton Hill Road)  Temp 98 degrees. Speed-cruise set on 53 miles per hour.  Not a lot of wind.  One stop at Crazy Horse store to get a diet Mtn. Dew, and to tighten up my air filter.  A turn around at 26. something and no stops back to the gas station.  Just has the bike Dyno tuned for economy.  He did a fine job!  Probably will get close to 50 at highway speeds.

Hackberry Store

Enter here for some fun

The 07 Ultra

A piece off a B52 that was parted out in Kingman after the war.

Route 22 Historian

Add caption

Early Saturday morning.  A shake down cruise to check out my new windshield. Works well

The Sound system is set up in the Garage at Hackberry. Going to be a musical weekend

Very cool cars

These guys are still wandering around. I asked if they were part of a show. He said, "We ARE  the show"  Never saw them doing anything except packing a lot of heavy AMMO around.  Open and Concealed carry are both legal in Arizona.