Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last post of September 2014

Just after sun up.  Checking the waves to see if the surfing will be good today

Shadows in the sunlight

Sally the Seal

Hiway 101 in Depoe Bay

Well known Whale watching place

World's smallest Harbor open to the Sea.  That's the Coast Guard in the background.  The little dredge "Karen" is working on the channel this morning

A crow waiting for something to eat

I've been in and out this narrow harbor entrance many times.  Depoe Bay was on the the 6 Stations on the Oregon Coast where I was responsible for the maintenance and repair of the boats.

Waves are small today

A natural terrarium 

Devil's Punch bowl

The surfer with the board sticking up is our Grandson, Jon.  They are looking for just the right wave

A long way down to the beach

Wind swept pines

Mo's West.  A tradition on the Coast is Clam Chowder at Mo's

This is a popular place to surf

Looking South 

A calm Devil's Churn.  This is near he Spouting Horn

Karen at home on her deck

This little house near Lincoln City is for Sale.  Asking $169,000  Pretty small house, but it's close to the Beach

One of MANY Beach motels

Looks like the ocean is picking up some

Jon and his friend Tyler decide they can get out and catch some waves

Tyler, Jon, Angie, Karen, Pat, and Preston

Karen had to take this shot :-)

Since I used the phone and camera to take pictures today, these are out of order. We're back here to the entrance to Depoe Bay

47' Self-Righting Motor Life Boat there in the boathouse.

I was on a panel that helped in the development of these small boats.  Prior to te 47' Boats, the standard was the 44 footers.  And before that the old 36 foot motor  life boats.

This little dredge keeps busy clearing out silt from the channel

Bird on Bridge

This is where Highway 101 goes over Depoe Bay

From the highway level

There are some very good seafood restaurants here

A Beemer Adventuring Bike.  Probably on his way back from Alaska!

Yum~ fresh Taffy

Have eaten many good meals here at Gracies, back in 'The Day'

Jon's long board on Angie's car

There was a Whale spouting right in front of the boat out there. Thought I had a picture of the spout, but missed it.

Jon is under there somewhere :-)

Most of the surfers use the more modern short boards.  Jon uses a classic long board

We're pretty proud of this boy.  At 13, he is becoming well known on the West Coast.

Monday, September 29, 2014

29 September, Lincoln City

A landmark.  The Otis Cafe.  Hwy 18 at Hwy 101 in Oregon.

Happy Fall!

Sour dough and Molasses bread.  German Potatoes.  Loaded with onions, peppers, and Havarti cheese.

A small Cafe.  Everything is home made.  They have a bakery in behind the kitchen.  Bread, Pies and Cakes. And wonderful Walnut Cinnamon rolls.

We tasted the homemade sweet Mustard that was on the table.  It was so good, we bought a jar full.  She's filling it for us to take.

Rain today, but Jon is going surfing anyway

The surf was rough, making it pretty hard to get out far enough to catch a good wave.

Jon has been practicing to be a NASCAR driver.  He's here at the track.

Mural painted on a nice book store.

We're going to buy one of these to take home for protection

All kinds of herbs are sold here.

Jon is 13, but he surfs with the class that goes up to 18 years old.

Paddling out for a wave.  Telephoto lense

He had fun.  We'll try again in the morning.

The old man of the sea...

This is where we had dinner tonight

Lincoln is a quaint little Coastal Tourist town.  There is a nice Outlet Mall here, and many places to eat

Interesting place

Next to the Herb place

Handy place to have next to the Herb store

Our Daughter and Son-in-Law, 2 grandkids, and forever friends Karen and Preston

Daughter Angie.  Jon and Nathan

Angie is giving Karen a SUP board lesson (Stand Up Paddle)

Devil's Lake is about 3.5  miles long.

She's off!

Angela going out to keep an eye on Karen

Notice the rain drops on the lake.  It was coming down pretty hard

The rain stopped about the time they got back to shore

A Graceful disembark.  But......She didn't fall in the lake!