Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day and before

Statue on Route 66

I'm gonna have one of these t-shirts!

Just like an oreo cookie.  Double stuffed.  Black, white, black.

That's Ed up there cruising down Route 66

Our neighbor picked these cherries, brought us a while Walmart plastic bag full! They are deeelicious!

Grand Canyon Caverns.  Largest Dry Caverns in the US.  Interesting place

Betty used to work here, but retired in the 50's

Back in the 50's again

Nice little Museum.  Kenny, Thelma and Pat

Barney is wearing his green suit today

A bad guy

Cool bikes

When Betty Boop retired, Granny took over her job.

Pat rode today, I think she enjoyed it

West end of the Grand Canyon.  The trail starts to out right, you can see in zig zagging down the hill and across the side of the hill.  Horses are all that's allowed except for walking.  About 8 miles to the Supai Village at the bottom.  You can take a helicopter for $85 one way, but they don't keep regular sechdules

Since it's on the Resevation, OSHA hasn't been in to require safety fences or paths.  It's pretty scary looking down into the canyon

This is Brandon and Sheila from Salina, KS.  They rode in this morning for a short visit. They are on the way to Las Vegas to celebrate their anniversary there.

Staging up to go meet the Patriot Guard Riders for a Memorial Ceremony in a Kingman Park

Because it's a special day, I mounted the Flag holder on the little Harley.  This was one of the door prized from he ES Rally last September.  First time it was put to use.

Kenny visiting with some of our Brunch Bunch

Veterans from all branches was there for the ceremony

A gathering of Marines

All he needs is stirrups to ride this Iron House 

Veterans Park is a pretty spot in Kingman

Back to the Supai Trail Head.  Pat is gingerly getting down to a place we can look over the ledge to the Canyon


We're about 45 miles from here to the more well known South Rim.  But, It's about a 200 mile drive by road.

Kenny and Thelma getting some information right from a person that knows

Wonder Woman?  Looked around.  Didn't see her.

A little chilly up here at over 6000 feet, but it was still a pleasant ride

Back to Memorial Day.  This is part of the Patriot Guard Riders bikes.  There were several more than this when they all showed up.

We met some nice people this morning

The Ride Leader is filling everyone in on the plan.  Really nice people and they ride for a most wonderful cause.  But......a little too organized for me.  Once a year is enough :-)

Route 66 in downtown Kingman. The Powerhouse visitor's center on the right, Locomotive and Memorial Parks on the left.

Across the street from the park

Kenny and a whole bunch of bikes

30 years, 7 months Faithful Service.  Veteran of all conflicts from 1959 to August of 1990.  I'm proud to be an American, and Proud to be retired Military man.

There was a good turnout today, from Motorcycle rides and others too. There were several heartfelt speeches  Thanks to the Brunch Bunch, I'm getting a little better acquainted with some of the local riders.  

The ceremony began with lowering the flag to half mast.  Then some tasteful music. A prayer, and a lady that did an excellent job of singing the Star Spangled Banner. Made you heart pump.  Except, I was expecting to hear, "Gentleman, Start your Engines" when she finished singing.

Couldn't have asked for better weather or a nicer place to have this ceremony

The program was well organized and all went well

The ceremony ended with the raising of the flag, then a bugler played taps.  It was all very touching

Then we all piled on the train and it took us down town.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 18. Solvang, Avila and a couple SEVROC

Olsen's Wonderful Bakery in Solvang, California
Munching on pastris in Olsen's Bakery. This is the Continental Breakfast you get free when you stay in the Solvang Inn and Cottages

One of 4 or 5 cases of goodies.  All Sugar Free!

And if you don't want pastry you can still get your carb fix from a variety of breads

We were looking in the mirror trying to look thin.  It just gave me a higher than my already too high forehead.  Karen looks about normal.

Storks hang out in Denmark and Solvang

Walk up diner next to the Motel.  Outside seating only..or drive in and eat in your car

Even though it's improved, the WiFi still works better from this bench.  They are going to all underground utilities soon and it will include a new Wireless system

The theme in the Madonna Inn is mostly pink

One of a few Dining areas in the Madonna Inn.  So tacky it's Cool!

Karen, Pat and Preston. Large fireplace that is in use all winter.  Interesting place.  The men's room includes a waterfall.

A Tourist trap, but I like it. We had a late dinner at Anderson's Pea Soup Restaurant in Buellton, CA.

Best place for "Soup in a Sourdough Bowl"  

My standard plug in system for motels.  Depending on the location of the outlet, I also carry an extension cord.  The modern age in an older motel that doesn't  have 4 or 5 outlets on each wall :-)

Nice gardens

Karen and pat in the Boutique.  Karen found a nice sweater.  I looked in the men's department and the "sticker shock" just about gave me the big one!

Another dining room

Nice fresh plastic flowers.  I think dusting would be a real chore.  Everything looked clean, so they must have a good system for keeping it up

One of the entry ways

Back to real life, this is the pool at the Rose Garden where we stayed

Almost tropical gardens here. There was nice roses everywhere but I didn't take a picture

Avila Beach, CA.  Many changes in 52 years.  I lived here in 1962 and 63.  There was a narrow, mostly dirt road and just a few shacks along here then

Avila has the warmest swimming. Shell just to the South is mostly rocky. Pismo and Grover South of Shell has the best Surf. All in about 5 or 6 miles.

A new resort.  Where that nice cement bridge is used to be a rickety old wooden one 

May 17, 2014.  The beach fronts business and board walk

The exact same location as the picture above.  That's my 59 Chevy El Camino.  The green hill is where the new pink resort is now.  You can see the old bridge too.  I liked it better then :-)

Stopped in Yo Momma's for a Sugar Free Hazelnut Latte.  It was good but could have had FOUR 44 oz. Mugs at Circle K for what this 12 oz. drink cost!

This landing under the 3rd pier is where we used to tie up the Coast Guard Boat.  There was no road to the Lighthouse, so it was use the boat or walk the 2 mile trail along the cliff.

Washed away in a storm, but just behind the flat topped rock there was a pier with a hoisting house on it where we kept out boat out of the water. The surge in there is too heavy to leave it in the water.

It was unusual to see Sea Lions when I was here before. But now that they are protected, they hang out where ever they want and eat up a lot of fish

A pristine Willys convertable

The main purpose for this trip was to tour Point San Luis Obispo Lighthouse.  I spent 18 months there in the early 60's.
I didn't take any pictures of the actual buildings. Phone was dead, and I was too busy thinking and looking. We'll be coming back soon for a video interview with the Executive Director of the  Restoration Project.

From the Trolley.   I helped survey this road bed in 1962.  There was no way to get to the Light Station except walking,   Is was on Private property that was part of an old Spanish Land Grant.   

This lense was made in Paris, France in 1763. It was in use up until the light was automated sometime in the 70's.  When it was removed it was taken to the Library in San Luis Obispo, but has since returned to the Lighthouse and is kept in this little museum.  It was designed to burn whale oil, then was converted to kerosene.  In around 1935 it was converted to Electricity.  The clockworks to rotate it was still operational when I was there, but it was rotated by an electric motor by then.  There were 4 men stationed here to operate the entire property.  We were all married and had families living out at the light house with us

The 3rd pier.  Now a restaurant and fishing port.  It's where we parked our Coast Guard and personal vehicles.  And, was where we had to take all groceries, and anything at all that needed to go out to the homes on the point. We carried them down the stairs to the landing and loaded them into a small boat.  Also it's how we got the household goods out to the houses when we moved in.  There will be more pictures for the actual light house and homes when we come back next time

This is an organic California Juicer.  You put the green stuff in one end and it comes out liquid at the other end.

Pat and Karen having some Mexican corn.  A large ear lathered with butter, Mayonnaise, season salt, pepper, and red chili sauce.  YUM 

Avila Farms.  Lots of produce and other goodies

Cut flowers all over for sale and also nice plants. These red ones were soooo bright!

Vidalia Onions. They are larger than the picture shows

Artichokes and sweet corn.  California really is America's Bread Basket

These are called Texas Sweets

Pat loves peanut brittle. But, she didn't buy any of this. She said, "It wouldn't be as good as Wanda's". She's spoiled!

The bakery had lots of goodies 

A sweetie pie!  We bought a Merrion Berry. It seems to have disappeared 

Interesting hair.  Pretty girl

An ocean front house at Shell Beach.  The whole house is wrapped to kill any bugs that might be in it.

Fanny Wrappers!  One of MANY interesting shops in downtown San Luis Obispo. A busy College town, the oldsection is loaded with eating places, bars and apparel stores.  It's was almost dark and the town was full and the shops were open. There was also a Jazz festival going on along Mill Creek which added to the fun.

Old Town.  Lots of activities

Inside shops

A wall in an ally right off the street. The whole wall is covered with chewing gum!

These boots are made for walkin'.  

Wholesome Bliss

Maybe Cops eat free this week

Walked out, looked out, and fed out.  Time to call it a day

Next time we get over here I'll plan to make it a Thursday

Back at the Rose Garden Inn.  Karen is tearing up Red Solo Cups to make pie plates.

A large Hot Tub is the perfect way to end the day.  Water falls into it. The rocks behind have steam coming out that looks like a volcano.  Fun.

Would highly recomment Margie's Diner to anyone that's hungry!  We shared ONE breakfast and still couldn't eat it all.  HUGE portions. And it was good too!

Found this place on the internet. Wasn't disappointed.  Will probably stay here again.

Oil patch near Taft, CA

Near Bakersfield it's common to see oil wells pumping in the grape vineyards

A vendor set up on the outskirts (sanskirts?) of Mojave, CA.

And back to Maggie Valley and the SEVROC rally.  Badger and Zmean1 sporting their new shirts

A little Butter is good for you!

Talon.  I think Lucky Al has been giving him acting lessons :-) They will be headed home tomorrow!