Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It was pretty hot in Yuma today. These guys are riding through the sprinklers. That's a Yamaha sidehack, I'm pretty sure.

A Yuma strawberry pie!

Algodones, Mexico, 6/22/10. The town is pretty empty. I went over the border to get my teeth waiting.

Normally a busy intersection in downtown was only about 110 degrees. The shoe shine boys had melted polish.

Alley of goodies.... but no customers!

On the way out, there was no line up. Very few of the regular vendors were open. This lady was cooling the side walk, where there would normally be a line of cars with the people in them buying things.

Jim (wrong turn) and Katie (KT) arrive! It will be warmer tomorrow according to the forecast.

Going into their new Winter Place for the first time. They have named it "The Sand Box"

Casas Ayers y Acord, in Yuma. Lynda Vista park.

115 today in the shade..hotter tomorrow, but I'll be on my way North. Jim and Katie will be here for a few days to enjoy their 2 air conditioners.

Katie's Green Chili pork Burrito dinner. With a whole bunch of chips and salsa and a gallon of iced tea! She does pretty good for a little lady!

Inside Mi Ranchito. A fine place to eat.

Only a few days ago, this is Sherm in South Lake Tahoe. Temperature was a little different!