Sunday, September 27, 2015

Best of the West Route 66

Our friend Thelma, sampling a couple scoops of local ice cream.

The ice cream parlor is also a bakery, and sells Mexican food lunches

Nice original road sign

The new symbol for Kingmans's Route 66 Best of the West days

Over a hundred street rods in town for the show.  This 37 Ford was one of the nicest

Hot Camero

T-Buckets were in abundance

The owner of this one was doing a few burnouts a little later.

Good job of air brushing

There there are SO MANY good looking cars, it's hard to decide what to post, so I just grabbed a few

Auburn..not often you see one of these

Little Deuce Coupe 

One of the Motorcycle Accessory shops on Beale Street

Locomotive park had a few vendors set up.  A good selection of different kinds of products

One of several bands that are performing this weekend. We liked Garlin Hackney. Good music!

Kenny and Thelma are perusing the food vendors.  Big decisions!

A zoom in to the gas station a couple blocks away.  You need a Canadian drivers license to purchase here (not)

So many choices!

Pat adds her input for food

I think this place won

Kenny making the move

The moon comes out

A flash on the old Caboose 

It's lit up for the Festival

It's almost time for the presentation of awards for the car show,  This old bomb captures the moment.
We LOVE Kingman and Route 66!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Back in Kingman

Expect a lot of adventure using this "Mule".  Purchased 9/24/15

Inside the Golden Nugget.  We had dinner at the Claim Jumper Restaurant

ONE piece of 6 layer chocolate cake!

Very Tropical inside

And you can even have a coffee to go.

Early morning ride to Truxton, on Route 66.  VROC friends Ed and Carl ride out here almost every Friday to buy lottery tickets.  I go for the coffee.

First Desert drive in the Mule.

Monday, September 21, 2015

ES...on the way home 2015

Leaving Motel 62 at 7 AM.  I'll be driving the truck, Lanny will be on his Red Wing

The Early Bird...just hanging out

We had a nice breakfast here.  Maybe not the best, but a very good place to eat. Good service and the prices were very reasonable

It's an old gas station on Route 66 in  Davemport, OK.  The Waitress didn't know that couches used be be called Davenports.

The Deli inside the Pop house

All 4 walls are covered with pop bottles


Just a small example.  The shelves are lined with specialty items

And every kind of soda pop, except Chocolate Nehi, that Lanny was looking for

One of the few Diet brands I saw

It's a large place

Lanny has been riding in the rain.  He's looking on all the shelves for Nehi pop

A lighted Soda Pop bottle in the rain

We passed a landmark a couple miles back. An old red circular barn, that is on the Historical List in Oklahoma City.  He went back to get a picture for me.

A little break.  Been n some heavy thunder storms today

Lanny got soaked more than once

Motel in Amarillo.  Full Kitchen Very large bathroom with walkin closed and dressing room  Not new, but excellent for the price.  And, we could park right in front.  Even with the trailer.

More like a suite than a motel room

As you can see, I was impressed :-)

Lanny getting ready for a treat.  First you select some nice cooked bacon slices

Then visit the chocolate fountain at the Golden Coral

Give it a couple minutes to set up

Then dig in!  It's excellent

We stumbled across this museum on Routh 66, in New Mexico

Lots of Elvis and Marilyn things

Probably the cleanest jeep I've ever seen.  All the cars in here are in perfect running condition

Waiting for a ride

We visited the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM.

The bouys are holding up various things deep in the water. It's used for training scuba divers, so it's part of the training

Not real large, but well worth the stop

That's NOT a Mermaid

We've stopped before at El Models in Albuquerque.  This large Sopapilla came with my lunch.  Hot and fluffy.

A favorite place for the large Mexican population here.

$5 for a large mellon.  Almost brought one home...but didn't .