Saturday, August 4, 2018

Aug 3, 2018. Tucson

Always enjoy passing these rocks on Hwy 93.  The last ride I made with my friend, Chunk, included a stop here so he could take some pictures.

Different times of the day make the shadows different Duh....

Been down this road many time on a white Honda.  This time we're IN one.  Acord's Accord

Tucson even has a Dairy Queen.  Just for our friend, Susan!

It did get up to 106 by late afternoon.  Pat was a trooper, she doesn't do heat.

We had just left the Downtown Museum, where I was so engrossed in the displays, I forgot to take any pictures.  This Museum in the University district is fantastic too.  I just took a few pictures of the hundreds of interesting displays.

This 1923 Studebaker was made for the Sheriff.  He used it for several years, then bought it from the City county when he retired to use as his personal car.

Hi Jolly!  Some of you will know what I'm talking about.

Santa Anna had lots of uniforms.  He had this one made for a special occasion.  He had a wooden right leg, the pants are cut to hid it as much as possible.  I learned that today.

I made the above comment, not realizing I took this picture.

A rock

We also enjoying Bisbee.  Haven't heard this band...yet
I just liked this picture.  There were hundreds of great old pictures in this museum

Lots of information, and several Stamp Mills in the mining section.

I commented on facebook that this was our friend, Mike Bernard.  He got back and said it was actually very realistic

I like the proverb above this display, its why I included this picture

Pat and I joined the Arizona Historical Society last year.  this flag was from the organization that has become today's Society

There is one whole room with Geronimo's history.  I've read his autobiography, as well as several other books about his life.  We found this very interesting, This is the actual rifle he surrendered to an Army officer.  

It was a US Army rifle he had taken from one of his victims.


Several years Katie (then, Acree) came to Tucson to visit her sister, and a lot of Arizona VROC'er met here to share a meal with her.  We had dinner here, it was just as good as we remembered it from back then.

Late afternoon, nice mountains in the background

August 3, 2018 Coast Guard day

It's Saturday, August 4th, 2018.  The Birthday of the US Coast Guard.  In 1790, Alexander Hamilton, then Secretary of Treasury,  Commissioned 10 Revenue Cutters to control smuggling on the US Waterways.  It was our Country's first Sea Going Service, and became the US Coast Guard
We're on the was to Sahuarita, AZ, for a Celebration function.  We stopped to visit Mission San Xavier del Bac It's a beautiful old Mission, between Tucson and the Mexican Border.

One of several Chapel doors.   It's been there a few years.  About a foot thick.

The Mission had several very well kept Cactus gardens

One whole building for a Devotional area, where you can light Votive candles

Main entry

This is at the entrance to the Shopping Center in the Community of Sahuarita.

The Bakery at Fry's Grocery provided the cake

We had 13 Coast Guardsmen present.  A few wives, and lots of store customers shared Starbucks coffee and cake.

A well planned function to Honor our Branch of Service.  Sponsored by Fry's Grocery,  planned by the Desert Coasties of Green Valley, Arizona

Bob, the person behind this Chapter and Jeff.

Pat and I are part of the group, even though we live a long way from here

Will end this post with a few more pictures of the Mission

Food vendors set up under this shade covers.  BBQing and selling frybread, etc.

The gift shop sells candles and all things Catholic.  Very nice shop.

To wrap up this post will be this  wall hanging in the McDonalds in Wickenburg, AZ.  On the way home, Pat had a craving for a Spicy Chicken sandwich and a Caramel Mocha Frappe.