Thursday, May 17, 2018

Few pics from 5/17/18

Nice paint job.  A house in Coos Bay

Some unusual decor. A work in progress

Iris in our friend Kay's yard


Kay's back yard


Kay with her babies

Pat loving on Faith.  She's 11 years old, still acts like a puppy!

One of many roses in Kay's yard

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

May 16 Farmers Market, etc.

Our Rental in Coos Bay, OR.  We're having some work done, and new carpet so it will be nice for the new renters

Wednesday Farmers Market in downtown Coos Bay

This picture for Jim and Katie, our Hot Dog Counesiours

Local Oysters

A busy place, but unlike Arizona, people have to wear warm clothes

A pile of low Carb goodness
Lots of "shrooms" grow around here in the forests


Local grown Mint

One of the fine restaurants in the Down Town area

Several vendors of local grown produce

More cauliflower.  Looks like a different texture

Coffee cup tire, planter

Good Greens

One of the musicians.  In front of a local Bar

Love the Tye Dye.  And stuff

Yes, she does.

Plants for your garden

Organic healthy pastrys

92% dark chocolate dipped fresh strawberrys

Alaska Moose

More Tye Dye

Berries are just getting ripe over in the valley.

If it's bitter, it's better
Sweet and Crunchy

Big Licks radishes

Sugar Free Fudge

Sweet Sugar Peas

Sweet Pea blossoms


Sweet cream items

Ugly but good organic carrots
Pat buying a box of Strawberrys

My treat of the day.  Water pressed Decaf

Raw Oysters, the white fuzzy stuff is a lemon coating, the green gel is cucumber sauce

A small smoker

The smoker discharges into this cover, there are oysters in there

Ready to eat

More Fudge

Maybe not Politically correct, but they are good

Wood fire roasted Pizza

This weekend

Antique shop, cafe, and general fun place

Busy line here

We haven't gone in yet, but was told this is an excellent Coffee shop

Chili Rellanos at La Guadalajara last night. Excellent

Dinner with Karen
Near our old house in Coos Bay.  This is a corner where I was hit by a car in 1981, crushed my foot.  The vegetation still looks the same

Landscaping at the new Natural Grocers.  This just opened yesterday

The lines were blocks long for the grand opening.  Lots of free items promised.  So much traffic all but one lane of highway 101 was closed down.  We went in for a look today.  We like our "Sprouts" better.