Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sept 16 Last pictures of Eureka Springs 2018

So Good to see Jack and Barb!

The Tie Dye contingent 

The more conservative Orange shirts

You can always count on Sandy finding the front of the food line!

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Sweet Potato dessert...I REALLY drooled over this..But didn't have any.

Hotsauce spends HOURS working and cooking.

Scott also ads a lot of time and expertise to the BBQ.

Lady..She's a nice well behaved girl.  Scott and Margo take good care of her.

These ladies represent the Charity for our annual raffle.  They provide weekend lunches for school children that need them.  We were able to give them $1,085 I think.  At least  it was that much, maybe more.

Bill and Laura worked very hard to organize and do the most work to make another ES a success.  They handled the room reservations, and arranged for the majority of the raffle donations.  Bill made 2 beautiful knives that added to the raffle.  Rod and Deb also put in time and effort.  They  did a great job of picking out the rally shirts and taking care of getting them to everyone.  Of course Scott and Scott did an Outstanding job on the BBQ.  Others helped too, Everyone appreciates all of you.

My one meal yesterday.  The Route 66 Cafe in Santa Rosa, NM.  Love the flavor of their sauce.

Sunset on Saturday

Sunrise on Sunday.  A long drive.

Stockton Hill Road, Exit 51.  That's the one I've been waiting for.

While ducking the hot rolls in Lamberts, I decided to buy one of their Mugs.  Skid and Sandy also bought a couple for their bike.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday 14 September 2018 ES

A VERY pleasant surprise.  Jack and Barb Foree showed up here in Eureka Springs.  A few years ago there WERE Mr, and Mrs, VROC.  A wonderful couple, generous to all, and ALWAYS fun to be around.   They opened there home to many vroc travelers over the years.  With the retirement years, they have drifted more towards an RV and Grandkids, but I'm sure there is still a place in their heart for motorcycles,

Skid and Sandy mounting up for a ride to Missouri backroads

Zeke, Hang, and Bill on his trike made the trip

There are several other groups out already exploring

Jack brought a lot of items for sharing with anyone that could use them.  Some of the goodies went fast.

I did well on my parts and apparel table.  Won't have to take much home. The two boxes in front were "Jack" items 

After calling Samsung and Sprint Tech lines, and talking to every wireless store in ES and Berryville, this Walmart employee knew exactly why I was having problems transferring pictures from my new Samsung S9Plus to the laptop.  She said my 6 foot cable was too long.  I bought a 3 foot, of the brand she recommended, and it's working perfect. 

Rode behind Lanny went the back way to Berryville, and the last Arkansas Walmart fix,  Hope now one saw be ride in the passenger seat! 

Hors - d' Oeuvres.  Blondy brought a lot of home made sausage from Alabama,  Scott smoked-cooked it this morning. Can't even begin to explain how good this tastes!!!  In preparation for this evening's BBQ dinner. 

Visiting on the deck

Presenting........!! Miss Laura showing off the goodies that will be be raffled for charity.

People starting to return from the daily rides

Wench purchased a nice luggage set up from Zeke.  A win-win for them both.
Cheers!  Skid and Sandy in their cups!

Bill, Zeke and Hang

Our Chef! Scott spends a LOT of time preparing and cooking this meal

Cheryl, Lanny, Al and Randy

Vickie, Kay, and Debbie.  My Texas Girls.  Of course, Bridgett too!

I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for Ice Cream!

Bob and Don

Cheryl and Lanny

Blondy, Cheryl, Lanny, Lucky Al and Randy

Bike wash hasn't had a lot of use