Monday, October 2, 2017

Picking up new Rebel and Bagdad ride Oct 1 and 2

8 AM on Oct. 1st.  A spur of the moment trip to NE Phoenix to pick up a new to me bike.

2014 Honda Rebel 250.  Low miles and perfect condition.

For a used bike..this is a "cream puff".

I called Lanny and he met me North of Phoenix by  Lake Pleasant.  He was on his way to work, but wanted to see the new bike.

Showed up in his Arizona leathers.

I stopped in Wickenburg for a Chili Rellano.  Good breakfast!

The actual mileage on the bike.  Break in is 300 miles.  Haven't even reached that.

I had planned a ride with friends Ed and Carl Monday morning.  We're here in Wikieup for a break.  

Nice gas and gift shop, and a very nice doggie area.

2 ladies pulling a large trailer stopped to let their 3 Australian Shepherds out for some exercise. They are on the way to a dog show in Nevada. 

Our destination.  Bagdad.  We went in to refill coffee mugs

It's a company town.  Still have and active Copper mine

The Boys enjoying the ride.

A rest area on Hwy 97

Ed cleaning off his face shield after a brisk ride.

The Wing still performs like new!  Maybe better.

Got home and traded bikes.  Took the Rebel on a 97 mile shake down cruise.  All good except a slight rough idle and a little sluggish on take off.  Once it gets off the needle it runs great. 

Home to change the oil and pull the carburetor. 

Hard to get to, but didn't take long.  It's still on the bench.  Slow jet was partially clogged.  Everything now cleaned and adjusted.  Will re-install it all in the morning. Very happy with the little bike.

Sun down, moon coming up in our back yard.  Another good day in Paradise.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sept 23. Harley ride to Oatman

50'w style chairs

Some window stickers

Cool Springs.  Has been through 3 managers in the last couple of years.  A new one has been there 5 days.  Many very valuable items have been stolen from inside.  And outside as well. A real shame.  The new manager has visions of a ZIP line from the bluff across the street, a picnic area, and lots of other good ideas.  Hope it works out.

Too much History for this store to dry up and go away

Friend and neighbor, Craig.  He's tall enough to handle the Beemer real well.

Route 66 from Golden Valley up to Stigreaves  Pass

The HOGS chases off some of the Burros

Always fun in Oatman

Selection of Windchimes

Lots of young ones out this morning

Breakfast time

Yum Yum


1890 Rock crusher

Lots of History here in the Oatman Hotel.  One of Clark Gables favorite places.  He spent his Honeymoon here with Carol Lombard.

Olive Oatman never lived here. but they really push her story. This is a pretty good restaurant.   The Navajo Taos, especially the dessert ones, are to die for.

We were fortunate to get a good parking place

From here, we dropped down to Fort Mojave.  Then up to Bullhead City and Laughlin.  Back over the hill to Kingman.  Little over a hundred fun miles this morning.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sept. 19th 2017

You know who we thought about when we saw this paint job at a gas station

Nice to be back to the desert

Praying Mantis.  Hitch hiking on Lannys bike speaker

A VERY good place to eat!

New Mexican flavor

It's been a good 3 weeks.  This is our last Supper on the Road

We got the last open booth when we came in.  It's cleared out now

Gallup has lots of whole sale Jewelry stores.  And lots of bars and restaurants.  Night clubs and old theaters.  Interesting city 

Took these from the back of the bike

It's for sale.  I'd live there

Made it home today.  Lanny got to Sun City West about the same time I got into Kingman.  We left the motel before 3 AM.  It's good to be home.