Friday, June 15, 2018

June 15. Monitor Pass and Markleeville

Discounted room breakfast At the Topaz Lodge.  Option is a free Continental buffet.

Donna and Ron just finishing up

Wildrose and Wolf 

VSP, Phil Terry, Linda and Howard Sublow

Skid expounding on something important

We went to the top of Monitor Pass, 8314 feet.  Now in Markleeville

This was our destination, but it looks like it's out of business.  Last time we were here, it was a Gourmet Deli with good ice cream specialties.  Another end of an era.

Phil's very nice Iindian

This was second choice, but they aren't open yet

We ended up here.  EXCELLENT place.  Everyone enjoyed their selections

Was disappointed to see the flag is such bad condition.  If it was closer to a larger town, I'd go buy one and give it to them.

Fine dining steak house

I knew this would be a good place when I saw this in the condiment basket

Considering the quality and quantity and location,  the prices were fair.

Bar stools

Half a Turkey, Avacado and Pepperjack cheese, on Lettuce.  It was delicious!  I gave the potato salad to Linda.  Too many carbs for me.

There were nice soft chairs around the perimeter.  A fun place to go.

Leaving after a great lunch

Phil and Cranky are taking a different route back

Its a small town, but a fun place to visit.

June 14. Mountain passes, S, Lake Tahoo, Virginia City

Carson Valley.  There are 163 pictures posted here from one day on the road with VROC friends.  Won't take time to add a lot of captions, maybe just a few.  Getting ready for another day of about the same.

Several stops for road construction on the pass roads

Not sure what the white structure is, but it would be a mountain top experience

Our first destination.  This is a VROC tradition for breakfast during the High Sierra Gathering.  this is on the shores of South Lake Tahoe

Just right for Don {VSP}

VSP had the Blueberry Waffle

Skids BLT

Sandy checking it out.  She said it was wonderful

Lake Tahoe

We got above the snow line at around 9000 feet

Today at Mount Rose summit, we had Keven Rose, and Wildrose.  I think Skid took a picture of all three

Harley parts

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