Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sept. 19th 2017

You know who we thought about when we saw this paint job at a gas station

Nice to be back to the desert

Praying Mantis.  Hitch hiking on Lannys bike speaker

A VERY good place to eat!

New Mexican flavor

It's been a good 3 weeks.  This is our last Supper on the Road

We got the last open booth when we came in.  It's cleared out now

Gallup has lots of whole sale Jewelry stores.  And lots of bars and restaurants.  Night clubs and old theaters.  Interesting city 

Took these from the back of the bike

It's for sale.  I'd live there

Made it home today.  Lanny got to Sun City West about the same time I got into Kingman.  We left the motel before 3 AM.  It's good to be home.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sept 16, Last ES picturers

Bill, Laura, and Bubbles.  The COLD motel pool

Cleaning gear for cleaning bikes.  Didn't get used much

Scott outdid himself

This lady represented the "Lunches for Kids" program that was out charity this year.  We raised around $600 for them.

There will be very few captions on the rest.  They are just an example of some of the businesses in  Eureka Springs

Often there is music here and in other outside venues. This weekend is one of the annual Jazz Festivals Set in different locations in town

A rescue agency

Carroll County Courthouse.  This is where my Ordination papers are on file/

Lanny on the stairs to the Courthouse

Cadillac Ranch picture in our Amarillo motel room 

Book stores, gift shops. Museums, and Training rooms all about the Holy Land.  On the Grounds for the Passion Play

Hannigan Trike Kit.  Nice/

Lanny petting some kitty cats

I liked this shirt, but $57 was a little too much:-)

All scarves

For a dog that has everything

That's a wrap.  Until next time