Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trip to Angie's

Fresh fixin's for Preston's special hamburgers.

It's hard to believe Karen is 60!

A pretty tapestry

Karen is lighting her own candles..I don't think she trusted the rest of us to do it! :-) Lot of fire there!

That girl has a lot of hot air!

Summer snack of fresh watermelon..yum!

Inside the Historic Drift Inn Cafe in Yachats, OR. These umbrellas were shipped here from Italy, they are for sale.

Spicy sausage and the heavy home made bread made this a good meal. Potatoes were seasoned nicely too. The Drift Inn has been operating here since 1929.

This pretty "bumbershoot" had a $275 price tag on it!

There were some beauties. The lowest price was $105, it was pretty plain.

Don't know why they sell Umbrellas here, it hardly ever rains!

A bit of the Pacific Ocean and the beach at Yachats. Pronounced "Ya-hots"
We usually stop here to eat, at the Landmark. Decided to go across the street to the Drift Inn today, and glad we did.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Visit to Angies

Sitting down to supper at Angies

Nate and Rookie

View from Angie's front room window

South Beach at Lincoln City

Back of Angie's house from the boat dock

Angie looks like a Navajo lady picking rocks out of her pinto beans. But, she's a Tlingit lady picking agates out of brown rocks. She's teaching the boys about Agates of the Oregon Coast right now. It's amazing how many different kinds they find.

Darren, Nathan and Jonathan starting out for an early morning 3 mile beach walk.

Darren got out a little too far and a wave got he's pouring salt water out of his boots

Angie and Jon

Angie and Family are helping a neighbor cut and haul wood in today. They have been at it for several hours.

A Seagull waiting for something to happen

A new Coast Guard Buoy Tender. This is an entrance buoy marking the bar at Depoe Bay.

Interesting little City, with a harbor to the open sea.

Depoe Bay bar. Not much room to get a very large vessel into the harbor.

Some of this boats are pretty good sized...and the ALL came in through bar in the picture above.

"Ready Boats"..47 foot Motor Life Boats. These are "roll over" boats. In heavy seas, if they broach and roll, they will right themselves. They don't do it anymore for routine surf training, it costs too much to replace the electronics that get ripped off and also some sheet metal damage. One of my last jobs in the Coast Guard was to add my input, along with several other Group Naval Engineers, into the design of these boats. They replaced the 44' MLBs.

The neighbor lady that lives across the street from Angie has 18 acres of timber, some old growth. It's an interesting place. The kids were there today helping her bring in wood.

These are tall trees, this is probably about 30 feet into the up where this Alder limb is growing sort of through the big Fir. The limb is alive, there are plenty of leaves out on the end of it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Karen's 60th Birthday

New Corbin Bucket seat! Looks like it does the job.

Karen is busy with her phone..We're leaving for a drive up the coast to Florence for a birthday lunch in the Three Rivers Casino. The fog has just lifted, but it's 55 degrees out with a cold North wind blowing.

First time any of us has seen the bridge over the Umpqua opening up to let a vessel go under. Karen got out to check it out, tripped on that high curb, and did an excellent 3 point landing on the side walk. She's pretending it didn't hurt, but she is pretty scratched up. Tomorrow she'll probably be thinking about sick leave from work :-)

We enjoyed the good food at the Casino, but all ate too much. Later when we were in Old Town passing food vendors, we sort of wished we'd just eaten down there! But, the casino was fun and we certainly had enough. This was just sort of the lead course.......

Old Town, as usual, had a lot of people enjoying the sights. There were several cool cars and bikes there too.

Would like to know the history of this one. Surprising, I didn't take pictures of any bikes, or other good stuff.

This street rod parked while we were inside a store a few doors away.. We definitely heard it!

I doubt if there would be any problem at all lighting up those big rear wheels!

Check out the dipstick. :-)
That's all I took today, guess I was too full to capture some of the other sights along the waterfront. If you want to see more, please click n "older posts" on the bottom here. And, don't forget that if you want to see ANY picture better, just click on it. To get back to the blog, click the back arrow at the upper left on your monitor.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The City of Eugene has some of the most beautiful hanging planters you could find anywhere!

Dozens of flower arrangements at the Farmers Market today.

One more arrangement. Because the Oregon Country Fair is in full swing this weekend, A lot of the regular vendors were missing here at the Saturday Market. And, most of the interesting people that I like to photograph weren't in town was still fun, and there was enough food vendors to fill us up.

The Rainbow Swiss Chard was interesting.

So many nice displays!

Queen Anne Cherries. I had a sample of these and also some Bings. These were the most tasty.

Oregon Health Food!

These are a pair of thongs..or, I guess they now call them flip flops. I took this picture for Roxy!

Similar to Texas Blue Bonnets, these Delphiniums grow wild in Oregon..Much nicer than those old Texas flowers :-)

Red, yellow, green and orange peppers!