Monday, January 30, 2012

Jan 30, 2012

Dateland, about 65 miles East of Yuma.  On the way to Tucson for a visit to the VA medical center there.

Cute leather jackets!  A Shell station in Gila Bend

Picacho Peak, about 30 miles West of Tucson along I-10.

Arizona has lots of train activity.

In Mexico, you would pay about a third of what you would have to pay here.

Pretty things.

Call the exterminator!

Sun is going down

The visit to the VA went well, and I'm on the way back to Yuma.

Vickie bought this bicycle from Pat just a couple days ago.   She has it decorated for Mardi Gras!   Pat took all the pictures of the parade and dinner, since I was out of town today.

Don decorated his scooter!

We have lots of cute dogs in the park.  And LOTS of cats! :-)

Looks like Scott decorated his "Yammer Hammer"

Vickie and Mickey

Laurie.  They didn't do quite as much decoration as last year, but still looks good

Bob, the park owner hires these guys to help Mario and also do some work projects on their own some times.  They are fine young men.  This picture cracks me up! :-)

Anna with her real New Orleans Mardi Gras mask!

Of course, the day ends with a huge potluck in the Park Ramada.

Cool dune buggy I spotted on the way to Tucson.   There may be something like this in our future this coming Summer in Kingman.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

January winding down

Anna with her new Mardi Gras mask.  We had a park yard sale on Saturday,  it was such a busy day I forgot to take pictures.  Everyone that had things out sold them, Laurie did a great job of advertising.

I think this is how Jim & Katie will look in a few years, Pita too, on KT's lap.  I really like this bronze, it's in the inside swap meet in the old Mervin's building.

Sunday's are very busy at the 4th Street Swap meet.  Lots of customers from both sides of the border

Family entertainment, and lots of food available

Medical Marijuana has been a big issue here in Arizona.   It's been voted in by the people, but the stores aren't open yet.

There is a food court here with several yummy places.  Also, food booths throughout the vendors.

The yellow sign is the middle is advertising 7X panties.  Wow, those would be some big babies!

We are on the US side of the Border, but there is a huge Mexican influence here at the old Greyhound track Swap Meet.  We love it!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

More January pictures

 Early morning harvesting Broccoli in California

 Full boxes ready to be shipped

 Sanitation station.  Usualy these are hauled behind the buses that take the workers to the fields

 Jose treated me right today!  Huevos Rancheros!  With flour tortillas right off the grill, and all the goodies to go with them.  Including the can of diet coke, it cost $4.

 Cooking beef and chicken (Carne Asada and Pollo)  This is my favorite place to eat street food in Algodones.  There are several nice restaurants, but this sort of place gets my business.

 The town square has live entertainment today.  As well as shoeshine boys and lots of interesting vendors.

 Typical street cornor.

Some pretty nice stained glass.

 For those of you that have been to Algodones, this Purple Pharmacy ISN'T the one you remember. That one is still there, but they bought up the smaller businesses across the street and put this one up. Now it's the largest pharmacy complex in town.  I usually do my business at Tury's, it's expanded too, but I get more personal service there.  Over a hundred others in town, so it's no problem getting anything you want.

 Rushing waters of the All American Canal that goes a short way into Mexico.  Some sort of old agreement between us and Mexico that they get some of the water from the Colorado River.  Every year there are drownings in these swift waters.

The canal comes down the California side of the border, then enters Mexico right here.  There is a "Y" that sends the majority of water out through the Imperial Valley of California  for irrigation.

 My Trusty Steed!  This has been one of the best bikes I've ever owned!  And one I've kept longer than most of them :-)
 Lettuce fields along old Hwy 80 in California.  From the gas station I filled up at in Yuma, AZ, it's 9.3 miles to the border into Mexico at Algodones.

 Bib lettuce.  There are at least a dozen different varieties grown in the Valley here.  In January and February, Yuma County supplies  a HUGE percentage of the World's lettuce.

 Entering California from Arizona, this is the 1st business on the North side of the road.
Entering California from Arizona, this is the 1st business on the South side of the road.  I gave up the status of "gentleman" when I hung up my sward back in 1990.  So, guess that means I can't go inside here.  Not that I'd want to :-)

Just before crossing the bridge into Arizona, I saw this wrench in the road.  Probably fell off a farm truck.  Nice tool that is now hanging in my Yuma shop!  Wonderful morning!

Theater in Yuma Palms Mall.  This is the venue for the Thursday evening concerts.  It looks much more attractive at night with the neon and moon light.

Our friend Janet, playing the Bucket Bass in the Bard Community Building.  Our normal Friday night excitement. :-)

Jim, Grandpa and Debbie entertain us.

We sat among these flowers the night before.  Not so romantic in the daylight, but still very nice blossoms. Reminded me of sitting in the Hot Tub at the Bay Area Athletic Club and watching the Hibiscus bloom. :-)

Red sky in the morning, Sailor's warning!  But not in Yuma.  Sunrise on January 21st.  There won't be rain today, and it will be in the mid 70's later this afternoon.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 Grandson Jon. Jan. 19, 2012.  He's on the windy Devil's Lake in Lincoln City, OR.  He's turning into quite the little surfer!
It's nice to know this bike is sitting in Yuma waiting for it's tires to be worn out on Route 66 this coming summer!
This attachment is used in Yuma to clear the streets of sweet smelling Orange blossoms that can be dangerously slick.

Scotty, a park friend, with his "home-made" mini apes on his bicycle.  Across the street is "Helen", Jim & Katies Classic.  That trailer behind the bike is for sale, right across the street from us.  Has 2 tip outs, some remodeling inside, and is very clean.  A good place to spend the Winter!

11 Jan 12.  A 2010 Heritage Softail.  This will eventually replace the Ultra.  I found this at a pretty good price, and since it's been awhile since I've bought a bike, today was the day.

Started out by installing a new "O" Ring chain and higher gear sprocket on Redd's bike.

All done.  New chain and sprocket, adjusted valves and cam chain,  topped off battery water and aired up the tires.  Redd is good for a few months.

Memories of the Cortez VROC rally.  Since Tony D. has the Arizona plate,  I'll probably have to stick with what they give me on this bike.

96 inch engine, 6 speed tranny.  Stage 1 engine kit.  13K miles.  New Metzler tires.  Several options already installed.  There will probably be more soon. :-)  Next week I'll ride it to Kingman and stow it.  Will bring the Ultra back to Yuma and sell it.  Some of you will probably see this one at Maggie Valley and Eureka Springs this season. And Solvang, and who knows where else.
Removed windshield for detailing.  Lookin' good!

Redd came over to help.  He likes to detail, and is good at it!

15 Jan 2012.  Driveway in Kingman.  Ambient air temp is at the lower left. 28 degrees, but waited until it got up to around 40 before I left at 10:30 AM.  One stop at Exit 9 on I-40 for gas, then a straight shot non-stop, 179 miles on to the next gas stop in Yuma.