Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bucky and DD visits

Sunday 29 May. Bucky stopped for a short visit. She's been in the cold rain most of the day, and was about frozen! Pat made her hot soup, and she sat with a down comforter by the fire for awhile before repacking for the rest of her journey South.

Bucky bought this bike sight unseen, with the help of other vroc'er in the Portland, OR area. She rode it one day, then headed out for a long trip that will take her to Southern California, back up to Deadwood, SD before heading home to Denver, CO.

Warmed up, and ready for the last 150 mile leg of her trip for today. She's headed for the California Redwoods where she'll spend the night.

Bye Bucky! Safe travels, and we'll see you in Deadwood!

This is how Dave Waugh felt when he rode in today. Except the sun wasn't shining.

He spent yesterday dodging snowplows. Highway 36 from Susanville to Fortuna on the California Coast was cold and wet. He made it all the way up to Crescent City for the night.

He's getting dried out. It's been raining on and off all day here, but the pavement is drying out now.

Late breakfast for a hungry man! A large omelet, and the Hash Browns were upgraded to Love. With crispy fried onions, some yellow peppers, cheese, tomatoes and sour cream to top them off.

Dave is texting Romy to ask permission to go the the Harley shop.

Dave likes this green CVO. At only $33K plus, it's a real steal! Same color as the NoClassEak!

Couple of VROC plates. Are these Vulcans?

Pat's German meal. Roulades & Spaetzle. It's Knackwursts Sausages rolled in flattend beef round covered with mustard, caraway seeds and some pickle, cooked in hunters gravy. Served with Root vegetables, and half a spiced pear. That plate is 14 inches across! She said it was good. Came with salad and bread too.

Dave, Karen, and I had the Clam chowder, and Preston had Fish and chips. All good food. We were at the Blue Heron Bistro.

Table entertainment. This guy was good!

He gave Karen the bird, and Pat got a bouquet of flowers.

I had some errands, one was getting the warranty for the Harley put into my name. Dave was easily entertained while waiting :-)
A fun afternoon. How many times have we said, "Good company, Good food"!

Friday, May 20, 2011

First Ride on New bike

A '48 Ford pickup that parked in front of the house last night. Nice radiator overflow cantainer.

Equipped with a hydraulic system for controlling the height of all 4 corners. A real Jumper!

One of our Azeleas. They are beautiful this year, and you can smell them from several feet away.

Pat has worked on and off for 2 weeks in the back yard, and has it looking real good. She started on this part of the front today. Next step will be to plant some colorful flowers.

We don't know who ones this, and friend of some new neighbors. It's not finished, but is VERY cool.

The new Subway parking lot in Winston, OR. 8 bikes and 9 Retreads met for coffee in Coos Bay, then rode Hwy 42 over here for lunch.

Short rest stop in Downtown Elkton. This was the "hot spot" for the trip, a thermometer said it was 73 degrees here.

How can these be California Poppies if they are growing in Oregon?

Whatever you call them, they are bright and beautiful!

Part of the group after chowing down at the Subway. We had a nice ride, and fun Company. It was a good day.

These 4 pictures of my grandsons came in today. Nothing to do with the new bike, but I'll post them here anyway. Jon is only 10, but seems to be stashing young blonde beauties on the beach!

Jon found this glass ball this morning. The city of Lincoln City hides a few of these balls on the beach occasionally during the year. It's really a big deal to find one. Nathan found one or two already. This looks like a nice one!

Nathan is 13 now, and 5' 11" tall! Just my height when I joined the Coast Guard in 1959. I've shrunk a little :-) Like most teenage boys, he doesn't like having his picture taken.

Jon get airborne. He has a LOT of energy. I've been blessed with healthy and happy grandsons. And owe it to my daughter Angie and her husband Darren, for bringing them up right.

The Retreads breakfast started out the day. Small showing this morning. Ralph was sick, and other were busy doing other things. We had a nice visit, then I headed North to Reedsport to visit Guy. It's in a different location, but this used to be my business.

Someone's chopper project. He gave up and brought it in to Guy to finish it up and get it running. This baby will take a lot of work. There is a 6 cylinder CBX that needs the engine pulled and repaired too. Spring is here and Guy is busy again.

Guy is branching out! :-) He's done some work on this tractor before, and is getting ready to do an overhaul on the carb today. When I came back by here a couple hours later it was purring like a kitten.

Coming together! Guy has most of the engine parts he needs now, and hopes to have all the running gear together by the end of the Summer.

Will have 2500 cc's, and probably run in a class of not very many bikes. If all goes well, it will be at the Salt Flats for a record attempt in September.

Buy pretty much built this bike for an old friend of mine, Don Garino. It's back in the shop for a new clutch and some other new parts.

One of the Bonneville record bikes that Guy owns. This is one he rode himself.

There were a lot of Elk near here. Some on the East side of this field, and a large herd on the West in the trees.
Hard to teach those wild Elk to hang out here at the viewing area.

The picture really doesn't show how the sun brings out the color, but it looks nice when you see it.

A very clean 03 VN1500. Guy has tuned it up and added some things for it's new owner.

Steve Gunn's big Orange, parked with me in Ekton. Didn't take any food pictures, but the meal was worthy of it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lincoln City, Salem, and New Bike!

A nice ride up the coast in the rain last week. This is the entrance to Angie's neighbor's house across the street. I took the picture because I just liked the way it looks there in the Rain Forest.

Jon is becoming quite the cook! He made French Toast for Grandma Pat. I had eggs buried in fried toast.

Taken from inside the living room, out the huge picture window. This is Devil's Lake.

Our nest for the night in Angie and Darren's yard.

More to come..This is just a hint.

This is the back side of Angie and Darren's house. The front goes down another story and faces the lake.

I didn't take pictures on the way up. It was raining and cold, and I wasn't a happy camper. We did meet Angie and the boys in Newport for a nice Buffet at Izzy's. This one was taken in Salem at the Tin Tin. Just a light lunch.

The parking lot at Walmart is always a friendly place.

Ronda has these "black" tulips that are just beautiful!

The Whaley's Bleeding Hearts. Nice.

Ronda's beautiful orchids.

The dining room of Doug Dodds. He's busy counting out $100 dollar bills. Seems like he made a sale today.

FLHTCUI, A Harley Ultra Classic. I just rolled in to our driveway, 8 mile ride home. Beat the rain by about 10 minutes. It's Black Cherry Pearl, and Pearl Black. Sort of sedate for my taste, but it's a very classy looking bike. It's going to give me a lot of pleasant miles. Needs a little personalizing, but that will happen soon.

Up on the lift to detail the bottom, check everyting over, and change the license plate.

It has all the electronic goodies I'll need. Except will order a cell phone interface and GPS interface to work with the Harley system. Don't know if my Gold Wing heads sets will work yet, may need different lower cords.

The first project complete! It's officially a VROC bike now! :-)

It's home, but not even in the garage yet. Rain is coming soon (it did within minutes of getting home). The first ride was dry, that's a good sign for things to come.