Friday, June 26, 2015

Visits from Hawaii and New Zealand

Lotta Lou's.  These are some breakfast customers.  Nice little Cafe in Kingman.

Bob, owner of the cafe, plays good music on this old record player.  They also have a 50's Juke Box that still works

Bought this little XT225 at an auction.  Servicing, repair and adjusting it.

Only one more project to finish on this CTX700, then it will be finished

Almost finished with this one

Grand opening for a new Indian Dealer here in town

Friend Kenny.  The Victory shop is right next to the Indian place

Looks like he ate some of Hotsauce's chili

All food was on a donation basis this weekend

Our Hibiscus just keeps blooming and blooming

Green Thumb Pat is growing tomatoes this year. We've already had several

Stewey gave me this nice chair in Eureka Springs last year. He didn't have room to carry it home on his bike. Good for afternoon concerts in the park

Canyon 66, in the Ramada Motel 

Another new place to eat on Route 66

Up at Crazy Horse store. Sam and friend

Rutherfords.  Used to be the Silver Spoon. All remodeled with a new owner, and the food it GREAT, also on Route 66

Top of the Hualapai Mountains.  Nice sunset

Warm out Stockton Hill road today

Father's Day Breakfast at the Eagles Lodge

Pat at the Golden Nugget in Laughlin.  Ready for dinner

Generous Serving of cake at the Gold Miner 

He never gets tired of  playing beautiful music

This is who we came to see!

Picture for Dale.  Do you remember this place?

Lorrie puts on a GREAT show

Her Dad was George Morgan, a Grand Ol' Opry  fixture. She's been Singing Country all her life.

Nice shoes :-)

This little TW200 only has 450 miles on it!  Traded for it. Will clean it up and sell it in Yuma this Winter.

Boomer.  This is Ryan MacKey, from Hawaii.  He just flew in to Las Vegas, picked up this Gold Wing and came down here to Kingman.  In the morning, he'll be picking up his wife, Shannon, in Las Vegas and heading off to a rally in Utah

Don and Colin. They have been on the road since January.  Have been to the tip of Argentina, and rode their bikes all the way up here to Kingman

Robin and Diane, Don, and Colin, make up the group of travelers.  They stopped in to do some maintenance on the bikes

Just SOME of the things they took off the bikes so they can clean them up a little and work on them

Diane getting ready to do laundry. They all believe in ATGATT (All the Gear, All the Time).
Yesterday it was 114 in Phoenix, they still wore it all.

A tire, wheel bearings, checking sprockets and chains, oil changes., a few minor repairs. All enough to keep busy most of the day.  Only 104 here today

Colin is getting with the Arizona dress code. Don is afrain his bike may fall on him, so he still is wearing ATGATT :-)

Skid, we thought of you when we were making repairs to this "Skid Plate"

Lunch at the Golden Corral. Only the first course, of course.

Pat joined us

Back to work

Robin helping Don shove in the wheel with new tire mounted

Been a long day, but almost finished with all the projects

Every BMW rider needs to carry a claw hammer in their took kit.  Colin is driving on an oil filter removal tool.

Bikes done, we rode out to Crazy Horse Store so they could sign the "Travelers" guest book.  Pat took Diane in the pickup and followed us.

Robin and Diane



Claude.  He and Connie are the owners of the store and the old town buildings here

Diane, Colin, Don,Connie, and Robin

Don checking out the little Honda

The day wouldn't be complete without a trip to Walmart

June 25th. Sunset in the Walmart parking lot.  2 New Zealand plates, one bike from Bolivia.  But, all the riders are from New Zealand. They will be working their way from here all the way up to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  Will have over 8 months on the road.  Nice people having fun!