Saturday, September 17, 2016

Friday 17 September 2016

Saturday morning breakfast ride

Visiting before the good byes


Lovely ladies

My VROC kids, 

Really, really nice people!  Of course, everyone here  are all nice people!

Original purple paint on the  Chimneys on he Crescent Hotel

Saturday breakfast in the Crystal Room  at the Crescent

Not your average buffet

Eggs and omelettes to order.  Everything fresh.  A nice selection of  food you don't see on a normal buffet

Several flavors of cream cheese.   I especially liked the Jalapeno 

NOT plastic flowers

Fresh flowers on every table

We learned a lot of the history of the Crescent last night. If only walls could talk!

This kitty took Morris the Cat's place.  He was the guard cat around here for 21 years.  The Hotel may have a few Ghosts, but no mice.

This has a history dating back to 1918.  A very interesting insturment

4 Stories, and now we know what's in the basement.  It was part of the tour last night

A visit to Eureka Springs requires a trip down to War Eagle Mill

Last year's flood of the War Eagle River brought water 51 inches above floor level.  It took out everything in this lower floor.  It's been restored already, Different than before, but still very nice.

 3rd floor.  Cornbread, Beans, and Cobblers are the order of the day.

2nd floor.  More souvenirs 

This came from a Kansas town.  From Earp's Hardware.    Wyatt Earp's Family

Arkansas Geodes......or, maybe left over biscuits

The mill wheel turns from water passing through the bottom.

Susan!  Look what we found out in the woods!

Beaver Dam.  Big Beavers in Arkansas

Spill off goes to the White River

Sept 16th BBQ, Raffle and Ghost tour

Getting set up for Scott and Scott's BBQ in the rain

Jason and Tracy

The rain let up when it was time to eat.  The food was outstanding as usual. Thanks, Scott and Margo, and Scott and Vicky.  And Desserts were provided by Sharon and David Barnes from Oklahoma

Hang found a kitty in the Crescent

One of the more colorful owners had this desk built 

Grand Piano in the Crystal Dining room

A history lesson before the Ghost Tour

From a Balcony where a young lady jumped

Every floor has its stories.  A colorful history.

Our tour guide was excellent.  The lady in the long red coat was just part of the group, but claims she's a seer.  Trained by her mother and grandmother.  Not sure what she came to see. :-)


Looking for a lady in a white dress.  I didn't see her

Not part of the tour.  This is a bride from a wedding this evening.  Running down the hall.  I assume that's her new husband way down the hall chasing her.  Weird place.  They do have many wedding performed here on the property.

Bullet proof glass in the gift shop.  It was the owners office when it was a cancer hospital. Among other very shady businesses going on in here.  

Outside the entry way

In the Basement, another history lesson

The picture is of Mr. Baker, the proprietor. He wasn't a doctor, but posed as one. He spent some time in Jail, then tried politics for awhile.  Didn't do real well.  Had been a vaudeville actor as well as several scam deals.  He made a lot of money 

One of the cabinets that held jars of tumors in formaldehyde 

One of the wheel chairs

More jars that held body parts

The morgue. This cold room could hold as many as 30 bodies.  

If you don't leave a  tip for the tour guide, you might not make it out of the bsement

Right in front of Skid is where a young lady landed after falling down from the 4th floor.  On top of the stair banister stanchion is a  Ghost detector that picks up electro magnetic signals.  It was glowing red here. 

Still open for business, this is the front dest

A elegant place for sure