Sunday, February 23, 2014

Route 66. February 23rd 2014

Starting the day with a trip up the Hualapais.  Time for breakfast

A brisk morning at around 6800 feet elevation

From inside the dining room, Katie, Susan and Joe are taking pictures of the Elk 

Not a huge selection, but very good buffet.  We love coming up here!

Part of the food line

These are wild Elk that are free to come and go.  They know they're safe here, and have become pretty tame.

This one came up close to the window.  More pics from outside later

After breakfast, we road 25 miles East on Route 66 to the Hackberry Store

First tiime here for Joe and Susan.  They are soaking up the goodies

Katie, Peggy Sue, and Susan

Marilyn sheds a tear

Elvis wanted in the picture

Susan doesn't know Joe is flirting with Peggy Sue

Joe is friendly with them all

A favorite picture
This one's for Gary

Made by local Native Americans

Susan trying on some shirts.  I think this is the one she decided on.

Since this was a "Mother Road" day, I got the Harley out.  Pertect ride for this kind of travel

Can't get by Cold Springs without a stop

Love the 50's style chairs.  Don't like the prices!

Wrong Turn smokin' in the sun.

A very famous Hotel

Our little Carivan of the day

Near Sitgreaves Pass, we stopped to take a look at Fish Pond Spring.  Not a well known spot, there are gold fish in this small natural water hole.

Susan is getting better with her fear of heights.  She and Katie are enjoying the panoramic view.

Another Elk near the Hualapai Mountain Lodge.  Out of order because of different cameras

Mostly young cows visiting here this morning

This weekend has been full of a lot of "firsts" for Susan

Susan wanderthing with the Elk
This hand was just licked by a real live Elk. She may never wash it!

Perfect weather for our Route 66 ride today

Looks different without leaves on the trees

This Corvette is driven daily.  Every day it's driven here in the morning, and back to the barn in the evening.

"How".  Susan is learing from her new friend

Joe getting friendly with this very quiet Indian

On my 16th birthday, I passed my drivers license test in a '48 Ford just like this one.

Wamt to buy a '31 Ford Model A?

A well photographed car

This picture for Dave and Romy

It's a steep climp up here to Fish Bowl Springs

Jim made a Wrong Turn, so went exploring, like he'd planned it that way :-)

No signs or marking to find the springs.  A fun place to stop

Katie's ever present camera

The Switchback needed the battery charged up and a little exercise.  A good Ride!

Susan and Joe checking the fish

Can you find the people in this picture?

Time to roll, coming down the hill

Route 66 crossing Sitgreaves pass..just a quarter mile up the hill from here.

Post Office in Oatman
The "youngsters" 

Parked in Oatman

Lots of interesting stores and entertaining places here in Oatman

Will have to check this out one of these years.  We only live about 35 miles from Oatman when we're in our Kingman house

I saw Susan checking out the pick shirts (only out of the corner of her eyes) :-)

I was tired of walking, so sat awhile across from this business

As usual, there were lots of burros in town today

Joe and Susan checking one out

Upscale shop

Lots of shops

Lots of bills in the bar of the Oatman Hotel

Up until a few years ago, you could go up and look at the room they shared on their Honeymoon.  It's been left exatly as it was then.  But, the hotel has closed it off.  Maybe someday the public will be able to go up these stairs again.  I've seen the room.

Nice skyline


Which one isn't a Burro?

Street cactus

Crossed the Colorado River on the way home.  Now in Nevada

Another 1st for Susan

You meet the nicest people on a Harley!

Susan can add another State she's ridden in now.

As she rides off into the sunset....we'll all head back to Arizona now.  If the blog pictures run out, just click on Older Posts and you will find a lot more.