Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bus trip to Coos Bay

His bag matched his underware. He was fully tattooed on his right arm. I have no idea what held his pants up. The was small, but older than he looked I think.

I thought this was a guy, but she's a young lady. She kept talking to herself, I thought maybe a little daffy, but finally figured out that's a blue tooth phone in her ear, so she was talking to some else.

Always long lines. You take a chance leaving luggage there, but you can't check anything. And, if you move it someone else takes your place in line. No guarantee that you'll get a seat. In Las Angeles, it can take a long time to get on a bus.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trip to Bagdad

A bar and the Post Office in Wikiup, AZ

Craig Scott, do you remember this sign?

Ed and Carl Anderson rode the Vulcans today. We went to Bagdad, just for the ride. I did have a frozen burrito, a real taste treat.

Some Fall colors down here in the desert. Very similar to Spring, Summer, and Winter colors :-)

Highways 93, 97, and 96 as well as I-40. Trip was a little over 200 miles.
Very nice riding. Good roads, with a few curves.

We passed a lot of nice Saguaro Cacti

You may have to click on the picture to see it, but if you look at the gauge on the lower left you'll see that the ambient air temperature is 100 degrees. We all have on "cool vests", they work very well.

"Eat at Joe's". Food is just so-so, and it's expensive. Ribs are their specialty.

Po Boys and Chicago style Pizza here.

Some Bagdad ponies
A Horse Motel.

Lupita's Indian Trading post. Lots of Silver an Turquoise jewelry, food, and tourist goodies

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Day!

What a treat!  Passed this 1950's vintage Greyhound on Route 66 this morning.  A blast from the past.

I think everyone with a camera that was there took a picture of the Harley.  Most of the tourists were from other Countries, and spoke limited or no English.

A French lady offered to take my picture.

Another tour bus,  It's fun watching them.  This is my first ride since we've been here that I didn't feel pressured to be home working.  We're about half done putting things away, and at a stand still until the cement cures for the building to go up. So, I enjoyed a ride.

Didn't take any inside pictures today.  It was fun watching them oooo and awww over the Harley :-)

This car came over from France on a cargo plane.  The people spoke good English.  They've been touring America for a month, and have a month to go.

A very well equipped vehicle

To quote PopPop Zimmerman, "It don't get any better than this!"  Perfect weather, perfect destination, nice people to talk to, and a fun bike to ride.  A happy, happy boy today!

Marilyn stopped by the Route 66 Museum and visitor center in the old Power House in Kingman.  I stopped there to pick up some literature and get some information about the mountain ranges surrounding the Valley.  And there she was!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rabbi comes to Arizona

9/11/2011.  Sunset from our back yard in Kingman  
Pat used my mother's biscuit recipe tonight, except she make one big one!  Went good with eggs, bacon, a nice salad, and some good Fig preserves.  First attempt using the new gas oven.  It turned out perfect!
Tommy Willcockson (Rabbi) from North Carolina was in Phoenix on business this weekend.

Lanny, (biglefti) Rabbi, Jennifer, Tony D. We ate at Arriba's Mexican. Excellent food. During dinner, there was a strong thunder storm go through. Blew down a couple trees in the parking lot! The company was perfect, sure wish we would have had a better turn out, but it was short notice, and others had plans. Beside, the weather wasn't good for riding.

The storm was so hard, we could feel rain drops inside the restaurant. This was taken out a window.

The entertainment could't have been better!

This made me sad. There use to be a nice little store here, with a garage and towing service. Between Wickenburg and Wikiup on Hwy 93. I've stopped here many times in the past for a cold drink and a visit with the old man that ran the store. There was a couple of old mobile homes here, one for the owner, the other for his boys family that ran the garage. It's all gone. He kept birds, snakes, and other animals here for the tourists to see.

A beautiful Saguaro in Wikiup.

This reminds me of Steve Gunn. When we were on the way to Tucson a few years ago, I took a picture of him sniffing this very cactus. It still looks about the same. I'm sure Steve looks a little different :-)

This gentleman has greeted a lot of folks to the Trading Post

Love the Boots!

The store if full of this kind of stuff, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures

More triinkets

Very large and unusual shaped Thunder Egg

Friday, September 9, 2011

House and Meadview ride

Starting to get the office set up.  Still need a large bookcase.

We just piled some furniture in the living room. haven't decided on an arrangement yet

Since this picture was taken, Pat has done a lot of work in here.  It's coming together

This will be the guest room.  Trying not to load it up too much.

Many options, where to put furniture to make it work the best

The dining room table will go up this evening, have to put the legs on it.  We can't find the glass shelved that go in the buffet.  They could be in Coos Bay.

Time off from the move to ride with Ed and Carl to Roger's Market in Meadview.  They chose their KLR's today.  They rotate between their Harleys and Vulcans.

Ed and Carl ride up here every Friday.  It's about 50 miles from Kingman, and is nice country to ride in.  That's Ron, the  owner behind the counter.

Very cool picture of the store,in a different day.

Loved this cactus picture in the store

That's Sheriff Ron

Ron is a NASCAR fan, maybe I can get some good tips from him before I choose  my Fantasy team next week
Roger's Market in in Lake Mead City.  I'm not sure if it's a real town, but there are a lot of people out in the  wilderness around here.

The turn off that goes to the skywalk over the canyon

Lots of Joshua Trees around here.  We've close to the West end of the Grand Canyon

Maybe a Coyote Gourd.  We passed a lot of these on the way up to the Lake.  They are called several different  names by the locals.  This weekend in Meadview, there will be a Coyote Gourd Festival

The pretty white flowers were all fresh on the way up this morning, but it's in the mid  90's right now in the direct sun.  they sort of  get floppy until the sun goes down

These buds will be open tomorrow

There are hundreds of these plants along the road

A special Tye Dye Speedometer!

Ed waving to an oncoming rider

The open road

That's Carl back there.  I tried to get him to get closer for a picture, but I don't think he know what  I was doing :-)

More Coyote Gourd plants.

I think this road turns into a small, rugged trail that crosses the mountains and comes out  near Chloride on Highway  93.  I plan to try it someday when it cools off a little.