Friday, July 24, 2009

My test ride on the Vulcan took me about 15 miles up the River to Allegheny. Blackberries lined both sides of the road most of the way. I ruined my dinner (sort of:-) stuffed down about a quart of these black beauties!

Fresh oil and filter, engine tune up, and a new rear tire. I'm all finished, it's ready to ride!

Sure is a nice clean looking little bike. The smooth power will surprise you. And the gas mileage is totally execellent!

Last Monday Aug 3, I met Steve (SAG) in Elkton for lunch. I rode the little 500, it was a fun ride. For some reason, it's easier on my shoulder than the Gold Wing is. And, got 67 mpg. Tomaselli's, the favorite place is closed on Mondays, so we tried this new place, "Man Eats Dog". It's all right, but won't put any of the others out of business.

Our destination, but they were closed. Two Vulcan's for a change! Steve is going to sell his very nice 1500 Classic.

SAG with Captain Morgan. Two of a kind!

Paul and Babe the Pink ox.

All blocked up to finishe the 6000 mile service. I don't think I can improve on the running, but I just have to check everything.

Check the balance. 2 bars are within tolerance. When I set it just by feel when I put the carbs back together, I was about 1 bar off. Now, it's pretty close :-) (Check the mercury in the two left columns.

Had to hang the tank from the ceiling and put on a longer hose so I could run it up to temperature and then get to the adjusting screws.

In all her glory! This is one of the places I stopped to graze on wild blackberries on the way home from lunch. Highway 42 is beautiful this time of year. It was 124 miles round trip today.

Pretty much finished, except to put on the side covers which are drying now. A good smooth sanding and fresh paint made a huge difference. All tuned, and running great. Took it for a 65 mile test today, and got and average of 69 miles per gallon. It was a 50-55 mph, very little wind, and no big hills ride. Next week I'll give it a test with more normal riding conditions.

Super tune in progress. Carbs are off the little Vulcan

With this stuff outside, I'm afraid the inside is just as bad. Carbs will come apart this evening.

Most of the dust and dirt is cleaned off, still some work to go. There seems to be no rust, and I only found one bolt that was hard to get out. It's in good shape under the Alaska Highway road dirt.

The beach at Port Orford, Oregon. July 26, 2009.

Battle Rock.

Rest Stop on the way home.

Information about the propeller on the next picture. We're almost back to Coos Bay, so these will be the last pictures of the "Skull Lunch Ride"

Information about the propeller above.

July 25th, 09. A few miles South of Eureka, CA. 51 degrees and very thick fog.

That's SAG back there, he's not far behind, but I can barely see his headlight!

The sun came out between Scotia and Garberville. Scotia is a company town, and home of the Worlds largest Redwood Lumber Products mill. They aren't nearly as busy as they were back in the 50's and 60's when they were busy cutting Old Growth.

103 degrees in the parking lot. We met up with Richard (Pat's brother) here. SAG is all decked out in his mesh steam clothes. :-)

The other side of this sign says, Gateway to the Redwoods. I'm looking South for this picture.

Welcome to Ukiah sign. It's HOT!

Inside Star's. "The Pink Place". The outside of the building is a pale pink. SAG and Skull just met here.

Richard's green dinner salad.

Josh and his Dad, Denny. Couple of real good guys!

Don (vsp) has a steak for lunch. He's still a growing boy.

Starting left: Richard, Don, Steve (SAG) Josh, Denny and Tom (Skull)

Steve braving the lights while paying his bill.

Purple hostess in a pink place!

Denny, Steve, Don, Rich, Josh and Tom

Don, Josh and Tom, this definately was a candid shot

The heart of the Redwoods. We're traveling along the Avenue of Giants. These are some carvings. There are a lot of tourist places selling things like this.

One token Nomad for the VROC event, the Wing and Steve's nice Harley. It's good having a Harley in the group, we get waved at now.

Bigfoot and some loggers. Oh, and an eagle too.

Blondy, this Nomad is the same color as your new one! Very nice!

A happy bear! Look at the size of that ice cream cone!

Richardson Grove has been a popular place for many years.

Last picture of the day. 51 degrees to start, up to over a hundred, and here is back down to 72. Stopped to put on a jacket, in a few minutes we hit the Pacific Fog again, and it dropped to 54 degrees. Skull headed home, and SAG and I are in a Super 8. We'll get home tomorrow...a 800 mile lunch ride for me, and over 1000 miles for SAG. Missed those that weren't there. Was hoping to see Chloe again:-) But, it was great meeting Tom (Skull) for the first time, and seeing good friends again. Worth every mile!

July 24, 2009. Steve Gunn (SAG) rode to Coos Bay from his home in Eugene this morning. We're gassing up for the trip South on Hwy 101. Enroute the VROC event, "Skull's Lunch Ride".

The Minute Cafe in Bandon By the Sea. SAG had "Grilled Cod and Eggs". I ate a diet plate of eggs and vegetables, not worth a picture.

One of the many tourist traps in Bandon. They did have some nice shirts out there, and the wind chimes were making beautiful music.

Nice little Cafe where we ate. This place was closed for a year while it was being remodeled, pretty nice inside now, with a great menu.

The Pacific Ocean, and a Blue Wing.

Steve with his Giant Pumpkin!

Mouth of the Rogue River. If you click on the picture, you'll see a lot of small boats out there fishing. This is the same river that we took pictures of last week, at it head waters.

SAG in the rear view mirror, on the bridge over the Rogue.

I got the camera out quick, but missed most of this deer. He was crossing the highway right in downtown Gold Beach.

Rugged Coast.

Steve has a tee shirt on that matches bike. Strange, he lives in Duck country, but his bike has the colors of the Oregon State Beavers!

Fog is coming in, day is turning gray and cold. It got down to 53 degrees.

California Golden Bear at the entrance to the Bridge over the Klamath River.

Mouth of the Klamath. The ocean is about a quarter mile from here. Years ago there used to be wars among some of the local Indian tribes over fishing rights here.

Our nest for the night, Travelodge in Eureka, CA.

Steve spotted this new Voyager in the parking lot. It was sold at Bob Lamphere's in Auburn , Washington. At least that's where the plate frame came from. When we got back from dinner we went down to take a better look, but it was gone.

Most of the City of Eureka has been renovated in the last few years. This is the back of an old Theater, a place Pat used to work as a teenager. Nice dimensional mural painted on it. It's now a Performing Arts Theater.

The was the appetizer course at the Chinese Buffet we went to. The food was good!

Mural on a large Natural Foods store across from the motel. They have a Deli and WiFi lounge inside. Eureka is a pretty 'upscale' sort of place.