Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend in our RV park

Park activities    Going to do it the lazy way.  I just posted some entries to another blog I keep of our Park activities.  If you're interested, take a look.  Next time I'll get back to posting my normal motorcycle related things to this blog. Just click on the link above above to open some pictures.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

German Fest and others

One of several "Faeries" at the festival.  They were floating around advertising the up coming Two Rivers Renaissance Faire.  It's against City regulations to sprinkle Faire Dust in the streets, so they were empty handed.

The Accordian band was entertaining with comedy and music.  A great group!

The sign

Nancy, of Les and Nancy. They entertained us for an hour.

The German Restaurant that sponsored the Festival

Chicken dance, anyone?

These young ladies were working with a food vendor.  Good dancers!

This man played the Tuba, the Trombone, and Trumpet.  And sang well.  Very talented guy, and could Chicken dance with the best of them!

I think this is a German Do-se-do.

Pat wore her Arizona Riding boots.

Several people enjoyed the dancing

Rod Erickson and Buzz Goertzen.  Dualing Yodelers!  They both are outstanding!  I think it was a tie.

After the busy day, Pat did Maryls' hair for church tomorrow.  These aren't exactly in order, they pics came from 2 cameras.
Saturday at the German Fest in Yuma

Mostly food booths, but some local Artisans were there selling their products

80 degrees, and not much shade.  It was worth it.

h wit
Jimmie Dee's.  Bar with a lot of Old Town.  Close to where the 3:10 to Yuma pulls in.

This couple did an outstanding job!  Good music.

The Idaho Yodeler.  We've know Buzz Goertzen for 26 years!  First met him when he was the lead entertainer at a motorcycle rally.  Since then, we've ridden with him, eaten with him, and enjoyed his music a lot of different places throughout the country.

I thought Jim was blowing on the coals to make them hotter, but he was just taking out the ashes....

I've been riding my bicycle every day.  These cows are just below the canal road where I've been riding. 

Really splurged on my diet today.  This is the first and only burger I've had in a Loooong time!  The Orgega Chili really added some zing.

Redd and I rode the little dirt bikes up to Martinez  Lake and explored around the area some.  We did have a good lunch

Boat harbor on the Lake, which is really just a part of the Colorado River

Big Gun at the entrance to the Proving Grounds. The projectile this baby shoots weights 600 pounds!

Pat visiting with Katie in their Recreation area :-)  Katie is clean Alpaca wool so she can card it and turn it into yarn.  Clever little Mountain Girl.

Katie is pretty "crafty". :-)

The new trailer had a bit of a sewage problem since it has sat with the tanks full for a long time.  Took a little help from this guy, but "Casa Ayers" is now draining properly.

There are a LOT of RVs in Yuma County.  This guy came down from Quartzsite to do his probing.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jan 14 Mexico

Jim & Katie wanted to go shopping in Mexico this morning.  They needed (and found) a nice blanket to cover their new hide-a-bed couch.

Several square blocks of "stuff"

I think I'll have this design painted on the Gold Wing fariing.  Will add some colorful SW garphics to go with it.  Like a Phoenix, Kokopelli will be revived.

Modern day Mexican Serapes

Strawberry season is here!  No room to carry them home on the XT today, but next time I'll strap on  larger tail pack so I can buy some.

The lady that sells the fresh asparagus calls herself "The Mexican Viagra Lady"

Nice flower garden

Over 300 dentists, more than 50 MD's and specialists, and dozens of pharmacy's here in Algodones

These would look good in our yard

Jim (Wrong Turn) enjoying a little sunshine while KT gets her pedicure

Our favorite shop to get pampered.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

El Centro ride and others pictures.

New Year's Day Polar Bear ride

"Apache Redd".  Check his hand, he just had surgery on it, but you can't keep him off his bike

It's not all about lettuce
Red beans and Rice..with some special secret ingredients.  Doesn't appear to be much left!
Katie, the Domestic Goddess, keeps Jim full of good food!
Sunset on Highway 95

Jim and Katie have been buying this on the internet.  We found it in a local grocery store.

Soup and Salad Lunch potluch.  It was wonderful!

There were 8 selections. All excellent.  I liked the Posole the best.

Marlys checking out the Salads and Desserts

Sunset over the park

Palms over the park swimming pool

January 9th.  Leaving for a lunch ride.  About 69 when we were ready to leave

White Lightnin' ready to roll

Jim & Katie firing up "Helen".  This VN1500 Classic is an '03 with over 80,000 miles on it.  Still looks and run good.  She just got new shoes too!

Other than a lot of harvesting and sand dunes, there isn't much to see along Interstate 8 in California

Happiness is Jim & Katie in our rear view mirrow.

Imperial Dunes.  If I wasn't so lazy, I'd photoshop out the lines

We've been ridding parallel to the Mexican Border since we left Yuma

Fresh cut hay. The crops get rotated often, getting 3 or 4 different products out of them a year

Huge Hay stacks, covered to keep the dust out.

Some kind of vegetable.  They grow a lot of carrots near here too, but this is probably some kind of lettuce.

Another flock of sheep.  New the restaurant we're going to.

Our destination. Camacho's Place.

Nest time!  Going for the Red.

These portals...........have passed some very influential people, as well as a lot of us common folks.

Presidents, Governors, and Hollywood stars, among others,  Lots of memories here.  The white haired lady on the middle left was the second generation owner.  Mother of Rosie, who has the business now.

This clock has been keeping time backwards for over 50 years.  Still running fine!

All pictures from the US Navy Blue Angles.  When they stop over in El Centro, this has become their favorite place to eat Mexican food. As you can see, they have been stopping by for years/

Rosie, the 3rd Generation owner, oversees the kitchen crew.  She is a "personality plus" kind of lady.  Her grandmother opened this business in 1946, and remains in the family.  Rosie uses most her grandmothers recipes.
We were there for lunch, so ate lite.  My Chili Relleno was a large fresh green chili filled with Jack cheese and dipped in a light and tasty egg batter. The special sauce on it was delicious!
The largest of a couple dining areas.  We arrived just as the lunch crowd was leaving so had our choice of tables.  They were expecting 2 large groups later in the evening.
More like an empanada, this is the Special Quesadilla was large enough for the 4 us us to share. 
A nice canvas painting

The "good old days" of not so long ago

Where a normal Summer day is 115 degrees or higher, you can be sure these old refrigerators are very important.  These have been installed since the early 50's.

It's January 9th.  I'm sure the Christmas tree will come down when they have time.

Nice T-shirts

Rosie is checking us out at her modern cash register.  Having limited electronics, they aren't set up to take credit cards.

Tommy is Rosie's husband.  He's explaining to Katie that this door they use for security to cover the small entry door came out of the old El Centro railroad depot.  It's on a slide and is very heavy.

Not a replica, this old thermometer has been in use a long time.  It got up to 80 degrees for the ride home. 

Some information about Camacho's Place

Helen and White Lightning.  Jim and I each own 4 motorcycles.  These were the choice of the day. 

Tommy is explaining that before most people had electricity, they came here for ice.  Drive up, blow their horn, and someone would come out and sell them a block of ice to take home to put into their ice box.

This old sign still works.  It's behing the tree that now hides if from the road. There is hopes to restore it someday.

Tommy told us that some people call this tree a Mexicalli Rose (we're only a few miles from Mexicalli). But, we don't think that's what it is.  Not sure.

Depending on the time of year, there are many different crops growing  around here.  The restaurant is not near any close stores or industrial buildings, just farm land.

A good Kawasaki.  She deserved this nice new tire.  Good looking bike!

Little Woolies, about a mile from Comacho's

On the way home.  I'm surprised Jim didn't bring a pair of Arizona Leathers (shorts) to ride home in.  We don't see him in long pants very often.

A Palm tree windbreak

This feed lot smelled like a feed lot!

The All American Canal crossing under I-8.  This canal carries water from the Colorado River to the Imperial Valley for irrigation.  Life giving water to the desert.  We had a nice ride and a good lunch.  Met some nice people too.  This will become a regular destination from now on.