Sunday, February 17, 2013

More "visitor" pictures

Bob, park owner,  had the park sign touched up today.  Looks GREAT!

Winter visitors in Mexico
Lots of Beauty Shops across the border.  This one does a good job on hair, feet, and message.  Nice people work here.

The stolen bike is home!  Thanks to Katie.  She spotted it at Walmart, and Jim and I went down to check it out.  Called the police, and after a long night of paperwork and trips back and forth to get the proper documentation, they let me "hot wire" my own bike and take it home.

Several parts missing: rear fender, rack, and mirrors.  Also my GPS mount, drink holder tail pack.  They used silver spray paint to go ove the frame, swing arm, parts of the engine and even the tank.  This picture shows where I've started removing the paint, but it will take a long time, which I don't have right now

They painted over mud, plastic, and vinyl.  Happy to have it back, but sad that the trashed it.  This bike was in "better than new" condition when it was stolen 3 weeks ago. They also used a pipe wrench to try and remove the gas tank.  Now I can't get it open even with the key.

Nice celery being harvested. Smiling faces

From the field to the truck to the stores.

Artichoke field is growing rapidly!

Fence along the Mexican Border near Gadsden.  The border follows the Colorado River, which runs North and South from Yuma to the Border down to San Luis.  About 25 miles.

Charlie is upset.  Forgot to bring him a carrot today :-(

Stopped at Sun Garderns for a Date shake, some samples, and a video about Date Harvest 

Taken with Ronda's tablet.  Early morning celery harvesting

Inside Salvation Mountain

Village Jazz on Thusday evening

We went to the private museum in Gadsden, but they had 30 some people there for a group lunch and tour, so we weren't able to get in today.

Stopped at the Cocopah Casino to get tickets for the Sprint Car races.  Tony Stewart will be at this speedway for 2 nights in a couple of weeks.  Tickets weren't ready yet, so will try again  next week.  It will be sold out, so want to get tickets as soon as possible
Sherm and Pat by an Honest John missle.

Little church by the Lettuce fields.  This blew down and was vandalized a couple years ago, nice to see it back up.  Freshly painted, but the inside is a little different than in the past.

The old barber chair at Castle Dome City.  Sherm and Preston

Saguaro Bar. One of 4 in Castle Dome City

Pat and Karen inside a hard sided tent. Pat lived in one like this for a while back in the 1930's.

Karen and Preston

Karen, Ronda and Pat trying on hats

Ronda and Karen signing the guest book at the"Lettuce Field Chruch"

Pat, Karen, Ronda, Preston

The Ladies at the US Army Proving Ground

Ronda getting ready to mount Honest John

Damage caused by German weapons on this old War Horse.  A Sherman tank that saw service during WW2.

Lot of history out here at the Proving grounds

Interesting information

Lots of bullet marks, but this was one of the few that penetrated the armor steel

Preston and Karen and some large projectiles
Tanks, rockets, and all sorts of War Weapons are on display out here in the desert. There is also a 7000 sq foot inside museum here on the grounds that is extremely interesting.

One of 4 or 5 Saloons and Bars here in Castle Dome City
Very healthy looking Saguaro

Back in the 1930's up into the 1950's, Pat's father had a music business in Yuma.  He reparied and tuned these old player pianos, and had hundreds of paper tunes for them. There is a very good chance he worked on this piano back in "The Day", since  he would have been the closest person in the area to do maintenance on them.

Preston and Rosita (and her other boy friend)

1950's lunch pail.  I used to carry one of these to school.

Another Bar

A grumpy prisoner

Another Saloon

Window behind the pulpit in the Church. There are 2 small pipe organs in the church, one has wooden pipes!

There are 3 machine shops here in the city.  Ronda is married to a machinist, so she's showing her stuff.  This one's for Bob :-)

Castle Dome is a big rock.  It's over 60 miles from here down to the Mexican Border, but you can see this very easily from down there.

Machinery, clothes, furniture and hardware from the early 1900's up through the 50's

Inside the Bank.  Karen will take you money...

The "Chamber Room" is full of pots and bed pans.  This was pretty fancy.

Two Sherman's and Pat. The two legged Sherman is 3 years older than the tank.

Karen's Coconut Shrimp. We had an excellent dinner at the Hualipai Mountain Resort for the last night of the visit.

Pat had the "New York, New York"

We had a rather long wait for the food, Ronda is keeping the glasses filled.  The restaurant has a sign that says, "If you're in a hurry, we'll give you a list of fast food places back downtown".  The food was worth the wait.

Ronda had the Ribs and chicken

I had the Blackened Prime Rib topped with shrimp and Cajun sauce.  It was excellent!  Preston had balckened Talapia, I didn't get a picture of it.

Ronda playing in the finger bowl. 

The Lodge is 12 miles up the mountain from Kingman.  Elevation at the RR tracks in Kingman is 3300 feet.  Elevation up here on the Mountain top is 6800 feet.  It's a beatiful place in all Seasons.  
It's now Sunday noon, we just returned from Las Vegas where our company boarded a plane to get them to Portland, OR.  It's been a very fun and busy week!  Pa and I will return to Yuma in the morning.